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  1. That will be cool to see! deploying a big solar panel around a small moon should rightly risk pushing you out of orbit, or out of the SOI.
  2. I see. unfortunatlly, i lack the abilitiy to open mesh files. i think I'll stick with the simple but in-elegant solution.
  3. okay, this is probably a known issue, but I'm running a partial copy of new horisons, a planet of my own making, and OPM. from orbit, all the non-stock rocky planets are covered with swirling lines, and the gas giands are just solid swirling lines. i copied the cloud texture for kerbin onto the aired words. I'm assuming this is some sort of Noob mistake. i' never installed EVE before my modpack OPM Kopernicus Larth (my planet) New Horisons StockVisualEnhancements PlanetShine DistantObject CustomAsteroids
  4. just a little announcement - the current version still works in 1.3.1. it has a bug for the control buttons (there's two of em, only one works, and a third labeled science relay that does zip). but the collector woks fine, and there's no unintended function. I'm working on the update. i kinda lost my inspiration to mod, or even play, after take-two bought KSP. having the owner of rrand theft auto own KSP just feels wrong. hopefully, I'm getting back into it now. a properly working release SHOULD be forthcoming.
  5. It's cool you managed to integrate the braking effect. and is that a particle effect? i'm off to take a look at your source code.
  6. I may do that. I've only ever made one MM patch, and it was a disaster. I don't have 1.3 installed yet so I can't actually test anything. Can I use the patch you made and credit you?
  7. If anyone is interested, a new version for KSP 1.3 is in the works. I'm waiting for the 1.3 version of dmagic orbital science, just to ensure there's no strange compatibility issues. The working list for the new version New unique descriptions for each size of buzzard collector. A update to the “hydrogen lovers version”
  8. that works, thought i had to do a bit of google-ing to figure out what you were talking about. I'd never heard of hydrogen-1 being called "protium".
  9. That's a very interesting idea. how would you generate the electric charge for the dish?
  10. And (though I have not thoroughly tested it) here is a patch for those who use the CRP https://spacedock.info/mod/1374/Buzzard Collectors "Hydrogen Lovers Version"
  11. the simplicity of this mod means a CRP version is easy. look for a "Hydrogen Lovers Version" soon.
  12. nowhere near infinity. the best dish produces around two liquid fuel an HOUR. with this installed, the fuel tanks act as a buffer, allowing a burn every few days. it's also heavy enough to significantly hamper the amount of delta-V that burn produces.
  13. I must have mis-phrased my earlier post, I DO want it to be an end-game thing. It generates fuel on an in-flight craft, so it’s a little cheaty. The end of the tech tree is the perfect place for nearly-cheaty parts. Adding more power wouldn’t have much effect, for there's only so much hydrogen in front of the dish. But mostly, I don’t think the resource converter module can do that.
  14. Thank You I did a quick check to be sure, but as usual, Spacedock automatically made it available on CKAN.
  15. The Mis-spelling is quite deliberate. I pronounced "Bussard Collector" as "Buzzard Collector" for many years till my physics professor (who wasn't a native English speaker) corrected me on it. So it seemed a very Kerbal-ish name for the mod. The in game parts are referred to by the correct name, however. Glad you liked it.
  16. that source code looks like it has potential. I'll begin exploring two potentials for a future update. the the possibility of "building up a static charge" (overheating) the dish. Resource conversion from a "Interplanetary Media" to fuel. no matter what way I go, I want to keep this mod fairly light. I dislike the idea of introducing a new mechanic in the endgame.
  17. ideally, the resource could be tied to the planets, with the sun getting a very generic distribution. I'd like to make high-risk high-reward atmosphere-skimming missions a thing. unfortunately, I've never played with resource distribution, so i don't know ANYTHING about it.
  18. I was shooting for gameplay more than realism, but it needs to be realistic enough.
  19. Okay, some recent gameplay testing has shown that it takes about 45 kerbol days to totally refiel two normal liquid fuel tanks. Is this too quick? should I slow down the rate of gathering? or is it too slow? I ask because I've been able to refuel the tanks twice on a Jool flyby.
  20. Yep. Just a carefully balanced resourse converter right now. If the'res intrest, i might be able to come up with a more complex system. MODULE { name = ModuleResourceConverter ConverterName = Busard Collector StartActionName = Start Collector StopActionName = Stop Collector ToggleActionName = Toggle Collector FillAmount = 1 AutoShutdown = true GeneratesHeat = true UseSpecialistBonus = false INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 5 FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = LiquidFuel Ratio = 0.0003 DumpExcess = false } }
  21. It doesn't really need a separate soure code download, as i wanted to keep the mod resource-light (it was built on a older system, for use in that system). it only consists of three .CFG files. As the mod is situated at the very end of the tech tree, it seemed better not to introduce a new mechanic. in my experience, by the time you max out the tech tree, the game is starting to have glitches crop up due to the size of the save file that said, if someone could advise me on a simple way to vary the collection rate, i would totally do it. High-risk high-reward edge of the atmosphere fuel-skimming missions is something I would love to see.
  22. How odd. this is the first thread I've ever made not to receive a single reply. I should like to know what people thought of the mod (and especially any bugs or balance improvements).
  23. Buzzard Collectors There has always been a desire to get beautiful pictures of rockets launching. This has be frequently been hindered by the amount of buzzards circling over the pad. So the public relations crew cooked up a massive metal grate (now we know what they did with all the sink strainers) to grab buzzards out of the air. It was a dismal failure. Looking at that dish however, may have given bob some ideas. The Buzzard Collector mod contains three sizes of Bussard Collector (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bussard_ramjet). These, when deployed safely beyond the atmosphere, and not stressed by even so much a slight breeze, and provided with a massive supply of electricity, will catch the Kerbol Wind, and use magnets to turn it to tiny amounts of liquid fuel. How is this even slightly balanced? It’s literally on the last node of the tech tree. It only generates liquid fuel. It’s huge and heavy. It generates fuel very, very slowly. It requires lots of constant electricity. The Mod spotlight by the wonderful KottabosGames https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuSO5TORxi0 Download links Warning! Dmagic Orbital Science is REQUIRED for this mod to function. this mod is totally dependent on it! DMagic Orbital Science: https://spacedock.info/mod/128/DMagic Orbital Science Buzzard Collector Mod: https://spacedock.info/mod/1307/Buzzard Collectors Compatibility versions Buzzard Collectors "Hydrogen Lovers Version" for the CRP https://spacedock.info/mod/1374/Buzzard Collectors "Hydrogen Lovers Version" And a final shot of a buzzard collector being used on a mission to transfer a lander to lathe.
  24. I have to say, finding a Dunrana Region while working on the Surface Experiment pack configs was exciting. Might it have anything to do with the Gorgoroth Plateau biome?
  25. I was just messing around with the new Apollo parts, and my lander came in a little fast - 300 meters per second or so too fast. it proceeded to spin up in the air and crash several more times before skidding to a halt, undamaged. I think the impact resistance is a bit too high.
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