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  1. I was watching Star Trek TNG the other day, and they had a moon entering the atmosphere of a planet at apogee. I wanted to scream at them.
  2. in which case the second explosion was probablly the falcon 9 lower stage piling into dragon
  3. I'm still working on the SciDefs for Titanus - and having a bit of writer's block myself. I started into that file three months ago!
  4. Moho has to be that close Moh - I know its close the roche limit - because the hill sphere (area where a moon can be in a stable orbit of a planet) is TINY that close the sun. I agree most of the closer moons should be tidally locked, but locking the further-away moons would make gameplay boring, as KSP only supports 1:1 tidal locks.
  5. or even a hint as to why orbits of the sun automatically become ridiculous orbits around this star instead?
  6. There is still some blowing-up occurring occasionally. This is can sometimes be avoided by NOT equipping the experiment before deploying it. what mods are you using, and what planet are you deploying the experiment on?
  7. i just tried making a star, orbiting roughly 1.54 LY from kerbin. it appeared fine at first. then astroids appeared inside it, moving in square orbits. then i launched a ship and Eve slammed into kerbin and ate the mun. at that point i decided to go here and ask - does anyone have a tutorial on making stars in Kopernicus ? I'm looking to make a single, small star system, complete with SciDefs. - - - Updated - - - a quick image of the asteroids. kind of funny, actually.
  8. I see no reason not to install them both, if your computer can handle it. if it cant, go with Alternis Kerbol or New Horisons
  9. this is probablly a stupid question. but... Do we have a way to generate new groundscatter in Kopernicus? because I would love to see a planet covered in trees.
  10. The experiments should work on the surface of any stock body, or any of the ones added by the outer planets mod.
  11. You were watching my screen again! - - - Updated - - - There is a new procedure for running the experiments, and I think you’ll all like it. Add the experiments to your scientist’s inventory Have him plant them on the ground Run the experiment just like you would a stock one!
  12. I shouldn’t spoil the surprise, but I (the quality control department of albertkerman industries) just played with a new version. It looks pretty promising. Now off to test its compatibility with the Outer Planets mod.
  13. I would Really, Really like to see a kopurnicus port for this mod. I set out to make one with my Insystem mod, but utterly failed. since the new maps kinda disturb the biomes, what about new planets with the custom maps? and lathe has a custom map too.
  14. What sun should be included in New Horizons? I vote for a Blue Hypergiant! the larger habitable zone means more space for habitable planets like Titanus.
  15. the New Horizons mod had a simple solution. they tilted the elliptic of the solar system about fourteen degrees, making all the planets appear to have an axial tilt.
  16. at the moment, it needs KAS to actually run the experiment, but the experiments can all be stored and deployed via KIS. we hope to, in the near future, make it possible to run the experiment while its on the ground.
  17. While approaching Sonnah, I think I found a bug. the point at which the game shuts down timewarp is actually inside the atmosphere, almost at the surface, making it possible to timewarp through re-entry. This might be a Kopernicus bug, though.
  18. the new orbits look great, and I'm going to include this mod in my next career mode playthrough. I'm still a bit puzzled about why this mod tilts the solar system's eliptic to an inclination of fourteen, though.
  19. I was able to get it and OPM to play nice. i had to make some custom .cfg files for OPM, though.
  20. the formatting of the .cfg files is a little strange-they don't store formatting-a quick copy and paste to word usually fixes that
  21. GameData\New_Horizons\KopernicusFiles\Config\VanillaPlanets\Kerbin.cfg i recomend using hyperedit's orbit editor to find the desired orbit, then writing the changes into the .cfg file
  22. If you would be interested in some help with this mod, I’m fairly good at writing sciencedefs. I wrote all the outer planet defs for the Munar Surfaces Experiment Package. (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/86247-0-90-Munar-Surfaces-Experiment-package-%28now-with-Outer-Planets-Mod-support!%29)
  23. I just attempted to land on Serran. unlike half the planet mods I've tried, the ground did not vanish when I approached. the high gravity and thin atmosphere made landing a challenge though ... as you can see. Great work so far. My only suggestion so far is this needs some planets moved around to make it compatible with the outer planets mod, or an Outer planets mod for New Horizons patch. I’m foreseeing that most people who install this mod will have Outer Planets mod installed as well. And maybe move Eeloo to its own orbit. There are already far too many mods that move Eeloo.
  24. I made a similar mod some weeks ago, which also experienced this bug. I'm thinking it's a problem with Kopernicus, caused by using it to manipulate Kerbin's orbit. If you find a fix for this bug, please tell me!
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