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  1. Thanks this fixed it. What i dont understand, why does the ckan version matter ? Does it not just pull the list of mods down and then lets you install it ? Why did it need an update ? Thanks!
  2. I cant find this in CKAN :-( Any idea why ? Thanks! (I set the game comp version to 2.0 just to be sure)
  3. Hi There, After a long hiatus i returned to the For Science release. As the game seems to be playable now. And yes it is. It has some bugs and stuff (Even some bugs that are exactly the same as in KSP1) but now i really having fun! I started a play trough of the Exploration mode. Normaly i cant be bothered with a mission report. I just have fun on my own. But Kapy Rock mission was so challenging and it was fun to fail. Just like the devs hoped for. I think. So here it is: My fist mission report for the kapy Rock mission. So i could have just build a plane an fly there. But i would waste most likely 30 real world minutes just flying. Also i don't want to fly. OK so i needed several tries to finish this, I would say 15-20 over all. What i tried: 1. Directly deorbit above it. -> Cant do it. Its not precise enough. Closes i got was 7km from it. 2. Directly deorbit with another 1.Stage to make the last km with a new rocket -> Rocket was not powerful enough. Problems with directions. Cant make manuver node when the game is paused (FeatureRequest!) 3. Deorbit with a plane and fly the rest. -> Problem here is: You need to be at Kappy rock. not moving für 10 sec to do the obersavtions. Not so good in a plane. Otherwise it was ok. I could see it for the first time really close. 4. Like 3 but drive to Kapy Rock with the plane. -> Did not work, Plane design was crap and it kept tipping over. 5. Go for the classic: Rover mission. Deorbit rover, drive there. -> My first design was too top heavy and the wheels where not powerful enougjh for Kerbian Sand dunes. The rover could not go up the sand hills with just 2 wheels. 6. Drag Racing rover. Deorbit rover. Drive there. -> This time! Mission Success! The rover had 6 Wheels. and 12 Sepratrons as boosters so i could use those 6 times to help climb kerbin sand dunes. This worked! I finally got there! Some tips: The best orbit is a 0 degree orbit (Polar orbit) to do this. You want to fly from top to bottom. Orbit at 150km. Periaps to deorbit shoud be 23 km. Anything over 25 will land you in the ocean 20 will land you on the edge of the dessert. The rover needs to have the heaviest part on the bottom. You need at least 3-5 pusches with sepatrons. Otherwise you cant climb the slopes. An autobrake is mission and for no no mod exists so you need to be aware of your brake. Use it in seep slopes. ---- I got pics but i cant seem to integrate them into the post. A diredct upload feature here in the forums would be much better. HDD are dirt cheap... Will update this with pics when i figured it out. Over and out
  4. I 100 % Support this post! The reason we did science in KSP1 was the cool little funny text you get to read when the experiment finsished. This is totaly missin in KSP2. Also The reson to go out there was to place sicne instuments. This made missions harder and more fun. Hands on sience was the reason i player ks1 for 20.000 something hours. This new mod Whre is just click and then most of the time it says "experiment alreadxy in storage" (Why do you blink then!) Well it leaves a lot to be desired to be honest...
  5. Great Mod! Very very useful! Do you plan on updateing it for 2.0? Thanks
  6. This is an awesome mod! But i believe it does not work with the science upgrade. The solar arrays are not in the nodes to unlock. Or did i miss them ? (im only in tier 2 at the moment...)
  7. This is an awesome mod! But i believe it does not work with the science upgrade. The tanks are not in the nodes to unlock. Or did i miss them ? (im only in tier 2 at the moment...)
  8. Ok here is some detailed instructions on how to run mods: Basic Mod Setup: 1. Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/3277/Space Warp + BepInEx https://spacedock.info/mod/3363/UITK for KSP 2 2. Unzip first Space_Warp__BepInEx-1.5.4.zip then UITK_for_KSP_2-2.1.1.zip Now copy everything to: <your steam path>/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program 2/ see: https://ibb.co/syhz85B 3. Activate the mod insertion: install protontricks and dependencies: Arch: yay -S python-vdf protontricks see: https://docs.bepinex.dev/articles/advanced/proton_wine.html protontricks --gui 4. Start the game once Now no mods are actually installed yet just the basic mod supporting structure. 5. Install mods Use CKAN for better experience.
  9. I tracked the issue down. It only is happening when the new player experience is selected and the i use parts from the favourite menu in VAB. If i use the same parts in the normal menu i got sounds.
  10. Hi For path 0.1.5 i needed this to start with LC_ALL=C and not freeze in the loading screen. So my full command looks like: LC_ALL=C DXVK_ASYNC=1 PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATION=1 WINE_CPU_TOPOLOGY=4:0,1,2,3 PROTON_NO_XIM=1 eval $( echo "%command%" | sed "s/PDLauncher\/LauncherPatcher.exe'.*/KSP2_x64.exe'/" ) -screen-quality Fantastic gamemoderun Also i don't hear engine sounds or music ingame. But i hear the menu sounds.... Anyone has that problem ? Thanks!
  11. Thanks! I can test if you want and send you screenshots. Just hit me with a dm with your email
  12. Hi Wow what awesome comunity work! I play with 4 k resolution and the normal writeiing is quite small. Is there a way to make it bigger. Like change the font size ? Thanks
  13. Thanks for this mod! Cant live without it! But: i Play with 4k and the windows and the writeing is really really tiny and i already got glases.... Could you make the font size changeable like with a slider or something ? Thanks!
  14. How to run mods: -> https://docs.bepinex.dev/articles/advanced/proton_wine.html This seems to be the way to run mods. Just found it will try it an report back. ---- OK just tested it. Works
  15. Has anybody experience with mods ? I tried to use a few but the one one i see working is the "no seizure warning" one. All others do not work. Part mods do not show up and the KER clone mod is also not in the AppBar. Do i miss something ? AFAIK there is no ckan at the moment for ksp2 to handle dependencies... right ?
  16. Hi I looked on the internet and found this: https://forum.winehq.org/viewtopic.php?t=30221 Read it but the main poaints are you need the 32 bit libs ob your gstreamer plugins and the versions of those plugins must match together. -> Check that all your GStreamer packages: gstreamer + gstreamer base+good+bad+ugly plugins (32-bit + 64-bit); are exactly version matched Works like a charm! Thanks! yeah KDE is cool because of the customization. The Audio Tab button does nothing for me if i just move the mouse out of the window....
  17. Hi I think the video thing has more to do with codecs than Unity itself. There are very good video codecs out there and it would be insane of unity to not use them. So if you can not play the video file with the codec in your normal DE the video in Unity will not play as well. Here is a good site to read some more: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/VideoSources-FileCompatibility.html I looked around in the KSP2 folder structure and my best guess is that they use webm files with the vp8 codec. I installed a excrementsload of codecs for other reasons and i can play those files (not from KSP2 tho as the have another header...) could you make sure to install those codecs and try again. Its maybe worth ti to install a h265 decoder also. What do you mean with barren Kerbin ? How should it look ?
  18. Hi Guys, So here is my take on the whole Proton thing... Cant wait for the linux version if it comes tho..... System: Proton: 8.02 with steam Arch Linux newest mesa 23.03 Radeon RX 6950 XT 16GB X11, no wayland kernel: 6.2.12-arch1-1 64GB RAM DDR5 (non OC) NVME CPU: AMD 7700x Little bit undervolted -15 via curve optimizer max 5.5Ghz in proc/cpuinfo I start the game directly from steam with Proton 8.02 (set in compatibility settings) All graphics on "High" /Maxed out. 4k resolution. Launch Command: DXVK_ASYNC=1 PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATION=1 WINE_CPU_TOPOLOGY=4:0,1,2,3 PROTON_NO_XIM=1 eval $( echo "%command%" | sed "s/PDLauncher\/LauncherPatcher.exe'.*/KSP2_x64.exe'/" ) -screen-quality Fastest gamemoderun What works: - Video at a new Campaign start (seems to be troublesome with Proton 8.02 for others.) - Tutorials with sound, animation and video. - Build an easy rocket an launch it. Did not test further i want to wait till reentry heating is a thing. Game felt stable What does not work: - Mangohud , when i use it the games crashes when loading the KSC. I used in ingame FPS counter. - When the game loses focus it minimizes. (Useing KDE/Plasma/Kwin) - Tutorials not translated yet to other languages FPS: Menu; 60 , VAB: 80, at the KSC launchpad: 34, in flight low(cloud height): 24 in flight medium high (above clouds): 37-45, splashdown: 35 It does not feel sluggish or anything. Rockets load fast onto the pad. Even in 4k res. So Stutters. Biggest showstopper for me: - need to figure out how to scroll up and down in the VAB, Shift mouse wheel does not work anymore.... - The focus loss is a bummer if you have two monitors like me. - I want reentry heating.... The Launch command i cobbled together from various internet sources, reddit, google sheet for linux players of KSP2 (lost the link if anyone has it would love to get it!), github bug page for KSP, ProtonDB. Explanation: - -screen-quality Fastest = Seems to have a big Performance impact. From the KSP Google sheet. Confirmed in Reddit that it should help with performance. - DXVK_ASYNC=1 = Compile Game Shaders of screen, See: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2809282853 - PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 = Seems to break the game?, but did not try to enable it. Got this from ProtonDB Happy to got it running first. If this is fixed in 8.02 it could give a perf bump i think. More info: https://github.com/zfigura/wine/blob/esync/README.esync - __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATION=1 = Seems to be helping from ProtonDB, more info: https://www.phoronix.com/review/nvidia-t2015-optimizations - WINE_CPU_TOPOLOGY=4:0,1,2,3 = Unity games run with better performance in Proton/Wine if you cap your CPUs, I Guess they are not used to more in the Windows world.... - PROTON_NO_XIM=1 = Fixes input issues I did not do too much tinkering with the options. I think its worth a shot to try out esync but i was happy to get it running first. Options that i also saw but did not try out if the have a perfomance inpact: - LC_ALL=C = I guess this could be helpful in crash situations ? Any info about performance impact ? - PROTON_LOG=1 = Should not have an impact on performance - RADV_PERFTEST=aco = should be enabled by the newer mesa by default. Feel free to test some more and report back. Would love to get some hints to make it even more playable. Thanks! And Fly save
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