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  1. I like screenshots. I like my desktop. My desktop's images however are getting old (especially since it stopped shuffling them and it's stuck on one creepy image of the Curiosity rover staring at you... from Mars), and I want a refurbish. So yeah, contest!

    The goal is simple: make a good wallpaper (or wallpapers!). The best will be made into a collection and notified here (and on reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/1n8kt7/wallpaper_contest/ )

    Rules are slightly less simple: It must be KSP related. If you have a nice screenshot of your space station sunrise or anything of the sort, YES PLEASE! If it's your artist rendition of mining Kethane on Minmus with the Moon and Kerbin visible, YES PLEASE! Anything beautiful basically.

    So yes. Get launching/painting!

  2. Welcome back to the Quote Altering Game! This is a revival of an old forum game, made in April 2012, defunct in May. I found it hilarious (after an year+) so I decided it deserves a second chance.

    The rules are simple. You quote the above, alter the content without losing the initial idea (so, keep it as close as you can, don't go from "I was on a trip last year" to "I eat hamburgers for breakfast". Instead, try something like "I ate a hamburger made last year". After that, you reply to the quote.

    The example from the old QAG was the following:

    Caesar: Maybe i shouldnt thane kicked monk from the SPQK....


    Maybe i should've also stolen all the prototypes from monk's factories before I kicked him...

    Caesar, don't be evil. Though I think your idea deserves credit.


    Caesar, don't be a baddass. Though I think your idea deserves credit.

    I can't help it!


    I can't help altering quotes!

    I'd like to see you try, first!


    I'd take that as a declaration of war!

    Oh god, all men to battlestations!


    Oh god, all men to the toilets!

    Hmm... I don't exactly agree with that...

    Also, please remember this is just a forum game. No flaming and no actually meaning something. Saying something with the intention to insult someone is not allowed. However, since intention can't always be accurately proven, I will request the following:

    - Try to avoid saying negative things about others in your post

    - If you feel insulted by something, ignore it. It's just a game, it's not meant to be taken seriously.


    Since I do not know when the full version of KSP will be released, my GOTY is currently Europe Universalis 4

  3. Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is StelarCF and today I will be doing a bit of shameless self-advertising!*

    I play and record KSP, FTL, CK2 and EU3, and I currently have 20 videos, of which about 3 are of KSP (but more will be coming, since I am officially coming back!... like anyone cares)

    My channel is at http://www.youtube.com/user/StelarCF

    I also do videos in collaboration of The Cobbler, also known as ElCobblerissimo, who probably makes better videos than me. Or at least more videos. You can view his channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ElCobblerissimo . He has nigh 100 videos and 135 subscribers, which is definitely more than what I can say.

    I also have almost 3 hours of footage I will have to upload, and probably will mostly upload after my upcoming trip to Italy. (But of course, they will be of better quality and edited, unlike my previous videos)

    I hope you will enjoy my videos, please leave helpful comments here or on my videos, and I'll see you.. next time!**


    KSP LP:

    (More coming! About 70 minutes of footage)

    KSP w/ Cobbler:

    CK2 LP:

    FTL LP:

    EU3 LP:

    * Excerpt from a video I never made

    ** Did I say that every single video?

  4. As of a few minutes ago I posted a thread discussing my friends ban. (see below)

    Me:'It has come to my attention (quite late) that my friend, Caesar15, was banned for a post that included an image from the series 'My Little Pony'1 on the offtopic \'games games games!!\' subsection in his game thread, \'Control-v game\'. It is in my opinion unjust for the moderator (whose name I won\'t say except to other moderators) to ban him for such a post, especially permanently.

    Even more stupid is that it was on his birthday...

    1 No comment.'

    Skunky: 'He was banned for repeated rules infractions. End of discussion.

    Capt\'n Skunky

    KSP Community Manager'

    I reposted the thread asking which were those repeated infractions and asking not to lock the thread until the subject was clarified. He immediately locked the thread.

    I do not believe you fulfill your moderator/community manager role by locking threads as such without giving a response. I do not think it would take more than 1 minute to tell me what rules he didn\'t respect. I have all the respect for Skunky but this isn\'t how I believe a community manager should act.

    Edit: Skunky answered that they do not discuss details about user bans. I consider this abominable. If I believe a ban is unfair let me know why it was fair (if it was). Simply stating you do not discuss this is stupid and shouldn\'t be a rule. It should be the complete opposite of the rule. If someone has an objection let him object until we find out why someone was banned.

  5. Well, depends on how much money you have.

    If you have enough money you could buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 (not sure if they\'re available everywhere yet, though)

    Otherwise I\'m not really sure what phone.

    When I saw your grammar mistakes and the fact that you are british I was going to correct your grammar. Then I read your name.

  6. 1) Scent of the weapons as in gunpowder, fuel, etc. Cleavles attack what they don\'t recognize.

    2) I\'m not villainifying the SPQK. Kachzen is just very... emotional and has extreme social/temper problems.

    Anyway, the danger doesn\'t lie on Kerbin. It lies with something BIG...

    Just don\'t take it too personally. It\'s a fanfic, not RP. Kachzen probably insults people in anger as much as HarvestR (in the fanfic, not IRL) gets mad because the Kerbin Secret Government messed up everything.


  7. [...]SPQK as a scapegoat[...]The cleavles caught the scent of their weapons[...]

    Ok... I can put the SPQK part aside but SCENT OF THE WEAPONS? Weapons don\'t smell. Also, Niveusan soldiers cleaned their weapons 2 times a day.

    Also, you seem to be villainifying the SPQK. O...k?

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