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  1. Like your evil plan to infest the world with cleavles? I\'m planning to do a book for every nation of the old RP world. Will be interested in this.
  2. Welcome to the page of the Kerbin Linguistical Standardization Society. This arised from the fact that it is impossible to make a complete language on your own. If you want to add a new language please post a reply stating the language, a short description, some grammar (I will define this below, later) and a sample text. If I (or someone in the KLSS) accepts your linguistical proposal you then have to post a second thread that describes the language in detail. (Note: To keep it simple I suggest you only add basic grammar in your post and put everything else in a .pdf. I suggest PDF Editor or Foxit) If you want help grow a language go to the respective\'s thread and add a sample text including the added verbs/words/etc. You can\'t add grammar without the express permission of the author of the thread. If he accepts your proposal you should be notified. Codification: KSL-DDMMYY-HHmm-# <Name> Where: KSL = KSL DDMMYY = Current date (must be specified) HHmm = GMT hour of creation (must be specified) # = Nr Crt Current languages: KSL-190612-1900-1 Laatin (no link yet)
  3. Superfighters Deluxe pre-alpha (which includes multiplayer, and only that) has been released a few days ago at http://mythologicinteractive.com but noone seems to be playing, even though it\'s free to play. Anyone want to join?
  4. Who says they are all 1 barrett tall? I can make them 2-3 barrets tall
  5. What KSP really actually needs is to make you able to 'record' a scene, which means: - saving the scene at it\'s current state (includes throttle, speed, etc) - save a log of what happened (X throttles up, throttles down, etc) - pack it all up in a .rec file (record file) - have a program for viewing such scenes (or have KSP able to open them from a 'records' menu)
  6. I wonder if it actually matters which inv file you use, so you can launch from whichever station you want... Will have to test that.
  7. If noone else is launching I\'ll launch a craft. You should include it anyways. Also, you CAN\'T have multiple space docks, and a kerbin one seems pointless. (to me) A minmus one, on the other hand...
  8. (May I suggest with orbital construction plugin? You know, so we can launch from there?)
  9. I\'d like to say that I am going to launch MiSSA-1 (Minmus Space Station Alpha 1) tomorrow, since it\'s quite late right now...
  10. Already?! wow, wasn\'t prepared will put up my mods in a second and launch.
  11. I wish to register for a flight. I am going to add the Orbital Construction mod and set up a space station in orbit of minmus. If anyone wants they can do resupply runs or launch directly from there.
  12. for the camera Check tge plugin subforum
  13. Ok, I uploaded a video and it should process in max 1 hour. I\'ve added the video in the OP because I have to go to sleep...
  14. Sorry for the bad quality, but that smiley is a spy!
  15. I am going to announce that I will add the Orbital Construction mod and also start working on providing a nice cathedral for those kerbals that launched rockets and didn\'t commit sin. All for the glory of Nonproverglatizers!
  16. I hope they have an option to keep the infini-glide wings Or at least keep the code so I can put the older wings on. No video yet, though I can pull one up if you want (I actually thought of this so probably I will post a vid) Loads of G\'s in a turn, something leaning to the top half. Also, it\'s very fun to fly in 'first person mode'. Believe me this is my fav craft
  17. yeah, it\'s a better idea to do it like that.
  18. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to unveil now, during the R3 convention*... I mean P3 convention** a new advancement in the field of avionics... THE F32 'UFO'*** You may be thinking 'oh another stupid fighter from Hamfis SY`'. That is not the case! (a whispered 'I heard that before' is heard') This plane is an actual advancement compared to it\'s predecessors (a whispered 'I heard that before too' is heard) Would you please stop whispering? As I was saying, this plane looks nothing like it\'s predecessor\'s. (silence for a few seconds, then crowd applauds as they see it is actually different. Someone whispers 'I bet it\'s only a pre-rendered image') You may now be asking 'well what does this actually have new from previous fighters?' Well first of all it runs completely on Nothing`` and a tiny tiny bit of actual fuel to provide actual weight. Second of all it is extremely maneuvrable, being able to strafe to a side``` providing it much needed maneuvrability for shooting targets. WARNING: Do not disengage Precise Maneuvering during flight. Doing so will make your F32 'UFO' spin out of control after a short period of time. Warrant is voided if you disengage Precise Maneuvering during flight or if strafing at an angle bigger than 45 degrees. *R3 Convention = Rockets, Rockets, Rockets Convention **P3 Convention = Planes planes planes convention ***See files attached to your presentation\'s document for images ` Hamfis Space Yards `` Nothing (Chemical symbol: No, 0, 0) was developed by S.M.A.R.T. in the year 5823, that is, last year. ``` Strafing at angles bigger than 45 degrees is not recommended. Mods used: In case of the \'normal\' F32, I used the MuMech Camera Plugin In case of the \'other\' F32 (the one with Nocamera in it\'s file name) it\'s completely stock
  19. Record title: World airspeed record Record Statistic: 2458 m/s (I have a screenshot after that...) Game version when record achieved: 0.15.2 Screenshots: Attached... I don\'t know how to add them here and imgur is not agreeing with me Mods used: Camera plugin (didn\'t use it for screenshots though) Notes: way of transport: Exploding into the ground.
  20. Can you please add 'Smallest plane' category? I want to compete.. also a 'Most advanced-looking plane' (E.g. the one leaning most to sci-fi)
  21. I think you could make the carrier 2km long... that would help a lot. And make it wider.
  22. Oh. *cue dramatic music* THE CLEAVLES! They wreaked havok, and they started in Nexvulch. Remember?
  23. Thanks! By mammoth I mean the real life mammoth. I cite: '\'mammoth\' described in the \'Mystical Realms That Never Existed\'' For me at least it\'s clear that it isn\'t from Kerbin. The only other place that might be is Earth. That\'s what I meant. Though I guess it isn\'t really very clear...
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