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  1. This year, the first year of the Niveusan Air Contests, the challenge is going to be the following: Build the fastest bomber that carries as many bombs as possible (The winner will be contracted and his bomber be used in the military) Scoring system: Max Bomb Weight * (Max Speed w/ Bombs + Max Speed w/o Bombs) / 2 + Extra points + 150 - Takeoff Speed Extra points are for maneuvrability: + 100 - Plane can do backflips without stalling + 100 - Plane can do 180 turns by banking at near 90 degrees + 100 - Plane can do barrel rolls + 200 - Plane can do quick barrel rolls ( < 3 seconds) I am still taking suggestions for maneuvrability tests Please attach your plane files so I can test the maneuvrability My entry: B1 Bomber In the image below you can see it can hit things effectively Scoring: 1. StelarCF - B-1 Bomber - 1.2 * (95 + 125) / 2 + 300 + 150 - 50 = 232 points 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  2. Nice! 20 points for that since you went and landed on the mun and returned safely
  3. Yeah, post the craft file. It\'d be interesting. Also, I wanted to tell you after I realized like an hour later that you wrote 'from small to large' instead of 'from large to small'
  4. I mean that you should have your fuel lines go from your main\'s back end to the outer front ends (if possible) I will download your craft and see what is wrong, if you give me a link or post it
  5. 1) The main 1 should have it\'s back end connected to its front end 2) Are you sure the fuel lines are correctly placed?
  6. Correction: Damned Robotics Correction: You can still use struts.
  7. In the latest version (0.15) it tells you where you will be captured by the mun/kerbol/minmus/kerbin
  8. I don\'t even know what to say. I now feel like a complete retard. And I\'m serious. Anyways, there should still be a [!Mun Spoiler!] tag (or [!Minmus Spoiler!]) so that people know what they get into when they enter a thread. Now, here\'s the thing: when you see the title you don\'t immediately go 'Oh, so there are arches on the mun' you go 'WHAT? ARCHES? WHAT ARCHES?'. If it stated it\'s something on the mun I would be developing more things to orbit the mun. Now that I\'ve stated how dumb I feel and that I stated something (hopefully) more mature, that arch looks like the one from Star Trek: TOS (don\'t remember the exact episode)
  9. No, it isn\'t. Anyways: If you want planes there\'s still C7\'s Aviation pack. Download that, though you won\'t have the runway.
  10. Simple as that: Make an SSTO that can also return safely (not necessarily in 1 piece) Points: 10 - complete the mission safely 5 - get into Keosynchronous orbit 2 - orbit minmus 5 - land on minmus (doesnt stack with orbit the mun) 5 - orbit the mun 10 - land on the mun (doesnt stack with orbit the mun) 10 - land at KSC 10 - land on minmus then orbit the mun 20 - land on minmus then on the mun 30 - after doing the mission, do it again Note: I am aware of the K-Prize. This is a separate challenge since it also gives you the possibility of not only going to orbit but to the mun Highscores 1. mager42 - Skylon3M - 20 points
  11. I want to be added for one (1) new Mun base (current name, location undecided) and one (1) lander on minmus ( The Lake of Broken Landers)
  12. and c) should be at least given spoiler tags until i even though I had seen pictures of minmus I hadn\'t seen the whole thing. However this was a feature of the mun unknown to me and is part of 'exploring'. So it should at least have a warning.
  13. Since .14 trying to go through the sun is impossible.
  14. This thread should be removed. I hadn\'t seen the arch before and this is basically spoilers that remove the fun from the game. If you want it not to be removed (altough it should) place BIG SPOILER SPOILER DO NOT READ EVEN THE TITLE IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILER
  15. It\'s all stock... no mods. It even says AT THE BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO THERE
  16. I do not recognize the existence of such a thing as 'Lunus'
  17. You do realize 2-3 months is half of the entire span of the RP? The prerequisite should be 'was there before reboot', which Niveus was. Also, Niveus would have lasted A LOT LONGER should have the RP not been taken down.
  18. That\'s not india, that\'s Niveus Res Publica.
  19. Niveus lasted from 21 February prereboot, 23 March post reboot to 1 April. Itaalicia lasted from 1 April to 21 April (wait, it was that little? didn\'t realize) SRE lasted like 2 days Niveus then lasted about another month. I\'d say Itaalicia lasted enough to warrant it being included, and the SRE was an important event.
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