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  1. I\'m measuring up to full parachute deployment because otherwise there\'d be just 30 seconds extra just because of slowly going down through the last 300m Up until now my best is: 1:40
  2. That happens to every single game they look at - honestly if they didn\'t post it first I would\'ve seen the game from Kurtjmac. Not to mention that honestly most people watching are just trolls
  3. This got me laughing a whole minute
  4. You know there\'s an edit button, right? edit: RIGHT?
  5. Anyone who posts after me is declaring themselves cowards, and not worthy of the name Kerbal.
  6. Yogscast (I don\'t watch everything they post, just bits and pieces; tbh I don\'t look on youtube that much lately, this video I clicked on because it said ... Space ... and I said 'Well something with space right? let\'s see it') Then I saw Kurtjmac made videos on the game too.
  7. You\'ve started invading this place haven\'t you... At least you haven\'t been leaving burnt SRB\'s everywhere... yet.
  8. Hi I am StelarCF and I am pretty new to this forum. I have already posted some threads but I felt that I forgot something First off let me introduce my favorite ship of all I built, the Satoorn Mk2-9: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=6924.0 It is made out of stock parts, though I usually replace decouplers with Adv. Decouplers and the winglets used for moon landing with Lander Legs. I also made a challenge but it\'s REALLY hard and pointless IMO. I can\'t wait for new planets and stars.... http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=6928.0
  9. Well, I have no idea how I could get an orbit like winston\'s, but my best orbit was a 700x500m orbit around the moon.... but I crashed while trying to make it better
  10. Don\'t say it before you tried it - I tried it and I think I could try to get it working. Maybe. Who Knows.
  11. Well, at least you agree it\'s possible. And yes, that\'s how much it would be. And the craft would go at about 4999 m/s at its best if there were no air or gravity and its mass wouldn\'t go down. I\'d say about 8000 m/s if it would go down, and using gravitational wells you could get well above kerbol\'s escape velocity.
  12. I sent them, hope you enjoy. And don\'t tell anyone, it\'s my top secret project 8)
  13. Thanks, it\'s my pride Well at least for now, I\'m working on a project that is going to blow people\'s mind IMO. If you want I can give you some screenshots and a description through PM
  14. I was working on that. ATM the stage that is supposed to get my DSEV in orbit is still a fog dispenser... :/ But do not dispair, I\'ll make it fly in no time.
  15. So I was looking at other challenges today and suddenly it struck my trek-filled mind: What if someone made a Deep Space Exploration Vessel? So here it is, the Deep Space Exploration Vessel Challenge. You have to do the following to be presented with a badly well made Jebediah Sculpture: - Make an liquid fueled rocket that can go at full throttle for at least 3 in-game hours (this must be just the last stage, can only go online after getting into space) - Stock parts only (Probodyne parts allowed ONLY for the antenae and other scientifical parts) - Must be able to get back to earth Must include pizza - Show pictures of the craft at 1 hour intervals.
  16. I was thinking that might be a problem Try attaching some detacheable fuel tanks on the side and connect them to other fuel tanks with the fuel connectors, that might help.
  17. My design is quite simple so it wouldn\'t be too hard to rebuild it. it\'s basically: (using symettry ofc) decoupler // Don\'t 1x RCS tank // really 3x RCS thrusters // need those 3 decoupler tricoupler 3x fuel tank 1x liq engine 3x lat. decouplers 1x fuel tank 1x liq engine here would be a stack decoupler, but I don\'t really use it. 2x fuel tank 1x liq engine now addons: struts between the 3 fuel tank clusters and between the fuel tanks in them, 2x wings (the ones that can move around)
  18. Maybe I could help - I\'ve tested my Satoorn Mk2-9 with heavy loads and suffice to say it can take it. Here\'s a link: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=6924.msg95903#msg95903
  19. The Satoorn Mk2-9**** is the 4th in the innovative cicle of Satoorn rockets. It has been tested in both munar landings and space station deployments. Here is a picture of the innovative craft in Munar configuration: - requires Adv. Decoupler and (for munar module) Lander Legs * Here is an image after the first stage has detached and before the stage we call the 'Korbital Assigner' comes online: The Munar Module nearing the mun: An... unsuccessful landing - but it\'s still a landing. And at least it\'s in one piece... considering this other landing***: Staging description: Stage 1: 9 high power liquid fuel engines with 2 fuel tanks to get in the air - contains 3 other (accidental) liquid fuel engines that help at lift-off (1 fuel tank only) Stage 2: The 'Korbital Assigner' - this is the part that get\'s you into a stable orbit. It has 3 liquid fuel engines with 3 fuel tanks each. It also helps you get at the required altitude Stage 3: The Munar Lander - this is the hardest part in my experience since you got to be careful at what angle you land. This is probably the part that stays the longest. From being into orbit the Korbital Assigner only does a small push towards the mun and this does the hard part of finalizing the transfer burn, getting a good landing vector, landing and getting home. Altough I didn\'t get back, that\'s only because I wasted fuel on circularising my orbit... (or in a different occasion I lost control of my engine - I still don\'t know why) (you could try to replace the lander legs on this stage with stock wing landers, but it\'s hardly recommended - or at least I had a bad experience with them...) Stage 4: Pod - This part contains Jebediah. You have been warned. 8) OFFER! BUY NOW AND YOU GET AN PERFECT STATE RCS BASED ROCKET**: - requires Sunday\'s punch pack for the SRB\'s (not in this picture) *You can find them both on this page: http://www.kerbalspaceprogram.net/kerbal-space-program-mods **Guaranteed to get you out of the atmosphere alone, but you might require the Satoorn Mk2-9 instead of the SRB\'s to get into orbit so you can fully exploit it\'s potential ***Those landings are the results of my inability as a pilot... ****NEW: I have remade the rocket to be a good stock Munar Lander/Heavy Lifter. Picture here:
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