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  1. Currently on a long hiatus and I am trying to find time to release the proper update. Thanks for all the bug reports, hopefully now that things aren't as hectic IRL I'll find time to work on this. Keep the reports coming. I suspected this mod will eventually be used with Luna Multiplayer so I wonder why this is causing some crashes. It'll need further investigation. Its not the muffling that causes the lag spikes, its the sound system itself. The current release version has performance issues, if you grab the plugin on the master it has the fixes.
  2. @Vandest thanks for letting me know! you can give new build a try and see if it works well for you https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/tree/master/GameData/RocketSoundEnhancement/Plugins For everyone else, do not set MachEffectsAmount to zero as its broken in the current release, just use Muffler Quality: Normal for now if you don't want mach effects.
  3. RSE_Module doesn't do anything in particular on stage events so I'm not sure what might be an issue. Log also indicates that the out of bounds happened on PlaySoundLayer so I assumed the error might have been there. RSE_RCS code is short enough though so it should be easy to spot what might be the issue : //RSE_RCS LateUpdate() var thrustTransformsCount = moduleRCSFX.thrusterTransforms.Count > 0 ? moduleRCSFX.thrusterTransforms.Count : 1; var thrustForces = moduleRCSFX.thrustForces; float control = thrustForces.Take(thrustTransformsCount).Average() / moduleRCSFX.thrusterPower; foreach (var soundLayer in SoundLayers) { string sourceLayerName = soundLayer.name; if (!Controls.ContainsKey(sourceLayerName)) { Controls.Add(sourceLayerName, 0); } float smoothControl = AudioUtility.SmoothControl.Evaluate(control) * (30 * Time.deltaTime); Controls[sourceLayerName] = Mathf.MoveTowards(Controls[sourceLayerName], control, smoothControl); PlaySoundLayer(soundLayer, Controls[sourceLayerName], Volume * thrustTransformsCount); } Particularly my references to moduleRCSFX. Is it possible that either moduleRCSFX.thrusterTransforms or moduleRCSFX.thrustForces length could have changed during staging events ? it shouldn't be empty because they are initialize on soundLayer parsing, I left it unguarded so its easier to spot if you assigned the wrong clip path in the configs. the only way it could be empty is if audioClip is empty or incorrect in the config. I'll do this and then just log an error on soundLayer creation when the it fails to load an audioClip. thank you!
  4. @linuxgurugamer that narrows it down to possibly only happening after launch. The only array that is unguarded in PlaySoundLayer method is the audioClip array because I assume this will never be unloaded. These are loaded during part's OnStart(). can you take a look see? https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/blob/e80aa384fcae223c66c4be68d07ddac52142a065/Source/RocketSoundEnhancement/PartModules/RSE_Module.cs#L290-L296
  5. You can only disable it in RSE's Settings > Advance Settings > Mach Effects and set to zero or Set Muffling Quality to Normal. This will disable Mach Effects entirely though not just remove the Sonic Boom. You could manually remove the sonic booms in RocketSoundEnhancementDefault/Configs/ShipEffects.cfg by deleting the entire SONICBOOM node I can't seem to recreate this error with ReStock and Near Future Launch Vehicles installed. But I do have a suspicion of what might be causing it and have a quick fix for it.
  6. Rocket Sound Enhancement Default Preset Modding Guide is now up! : https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancementDefault/wiki Alongside this, I made an online tool to help create configs with a balanced volume: https://ensou04.github.io/RocketSoundEnhancementDefault/PresetConfigurator/ If anyone has any questions on using RSE Default on your own part mods, please let me know!
  7. Now that plugin performance has been dealt with (mostly) and the config pack more streamlined. The next update will be finalizing Jets and Turbines so consider the existing sounds for those as marked for update, change and/or deletion. I'll also be working on a Wiki guide for Part Sound Modding Parity with RSE Default with its new "preset" system inspired by RealPlume for engines. I might as well list which sounds are gonna stay and which ones will probably be changed or updated: These are Final, existing Sounds from these won't be replaced/changed. Might be slightly updated but unlikely. New Sounds maybe added but shouldn't break anything. Atmosphere Decouplers Engines RCS Propellers Might be updated/improved but no file name change. These are low priority. ElectricMotors Wheels Will be updated and changed. JetsTurbines (High Priority) Physics (Maybe, planning on replacing the sounds for better quality ones) Other Config plans are swapping out stock AUDIO nodes to use RSE_AUDIO for several parts that don't need RSE Modules. These are parts like some of Breaking Ground parts (Robotic Arms, etc). On the plugin side, I'm planning on tackling servos, resource converters and parachutes. Let me know if I missed something. After all of these and after any bug fixes that we'll have to deal with. The mod will now be finally "Released".
  8. New Update Availabe! Rocket Sound Enhancement v0.9.6 (Plugin) Download: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases/tag/0.9.6 Changes Improved AirSimulationFilter Performance Added RSE_KerbalEVA with support for jetpack sounds. by @pizzaoverhead in #16 Added alternative "SOUNDLAYERGROUP" Node for SoundLayer Groups in RSE_Engines, RSE_RotorEngines & RSE_Wheels Renamed "EnableWaveShaperFilter" to "EnableDistortionFilter" Tweaked Global AirSim Settings Removed "RSE_AUDIO_LOOP". assign a name to "RSE_AUDIO" if used more than once in a single EFFECTS subnode Rocket Sound Enhancement Default v1.2.4 Download: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancementDefault/releases/tag/1.2.4 Note: Delete the old Rocket Sound Enhancement Default folder to prevent any conflicts. Mod Support Cryogenic Engines Changes Re-balanced Engines Loudness Converted Engine Patches to use "Presets" Decoupler and Docking Port Auto Patcher Added KerbalEVA jetpack sounds. by @pizzaoverhead in #1 Updated Sepratron to only use one Thrust Layer Updated LES to only use one Thrust Layer
  9. its probably getting the version on github repo itself (i updated the .version there). that update is still WIP
  10. I'm not sure what's happening here, can you take a video of it? it's really hard to describe audio bugs sometimes with words and weird sound issues don't usually present themselves in the logs.
  11. New updates available! Rocket Sound Enhancement v0.9.5 (Plugin) Download: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases/tag/0.9.5 Changes Fixed OneShot Samples playing with the wrong pitch value Fixed AirSim Filter not taking effect sometimes. Fixed SonicBoom SoundLayer Support Removed AirSim Filters from SonicBoom sources Rocket Sound Enhancement Default v1.2.3 (Config and Sound Pack) Download: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancementDefault/releases/tag/1.2.3 Mod Support Kerbal Atomics Near Future Launch Vehicles Changes New Engage Sounds New Sonic Boom Sounds (Near and Far) New "Liquid_Burst_Heavy", "Liquid_Burst_Bass" and "Liquid_Burst_Lifter" Samples New "SRB_Burst_Heavy" and "SRB_Burst_Light" Samples Removed Unused RCS Samples Fixed Jet Engines having stock spool sound with RealPlume installed Added missing RealPlume Plumes
  12. well i never intended for you to watch your rocket from the bottom :P. but you have two ways to not have mach cone effects: 1. go to RSE Settings and see the Advance Page, set Mach Effects Amount to zero to disable mach effects completely while keeping other neat effects like realistic distance attenuation. 2. Or, Set Muffling Quality to Normal. this quality setting is the regular Muffler.
  13. @mateusviccari@Vandest AirSim Quality does two muffling effects, one is for Atmosphere Density and the other is for mach effects. Mach Effects Muffling is dependent on camera angle and speed. It also causes sonic booms when entering the mach cone. What you are hearing is expected behavior from AirSim, Mach Effects muffling tapers just before existing the atmosphere to have a smooth transition from Atmosphere to Vacuum if Vacuum Muffling is not set to Silent. This behavior results into a last sonic boom sometimes and ship becomes audible again because the mach angle is expanding back to normal. You wont hear this transition if Vacuum Muffling is set to silent.
  14. Those are sonic booms, you can tweak the mach muffling effects through the advance settings, setting it to zero disables sonic booms. Or you can set Muffling Quality to Normal which don't do mach effects.
  15. Interesting, assuming you meant that the camera is stationary on the side then yeah probably its the atmosphere. Also there's two sonic booms happening just like in real life. AirSim simulates Two Cones, tip and rear.
  16. I'm in the process of creating more Bursts and new Engage sounds for engines. What do you guys think of having an "Idle" sound for rocket engines? like a sound of the coolant running and flowing, maybe even turbines etc. It's gonna be quiet and sound more like ambiance. something like the sound on this video (0:04 - 0:17) before engine ignition
  17. I don't think there's really any fix the sound stuttering though, it happens because the game itself lags during those moments with or without RSE. Usually its not a problem with sound but with an audio mixer, somehow the game's entire sound gets affected regardless if the sound was using the mixer or not.
  18. Hi, I was planning on doing a PR for this. but might as well share the code here: // KSPAddon.Startup.Flight void Start() { FlightCamera.fetch.AudioListenerGameObject.transform.localPosition = Vector3.zero; FlightCamera.fetch.AudioListenerGameObject.transform.localEulerAngles = Vector3.zero; } https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/blob/f09584dab89537b2a21c6f527310cdec460d0ae3/Source/RocketSoundEnhancement/RocketSoundEnhancement.cs#L77-L78
  19. Rocket Sound Enhancement Plugin Update. Downloads Rocket Sound Enhancement v0.9.4 (Plugin): https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases/tag/0.9.4 Rocket Sound Enhancement Default v1.2.2 (Config and Sound Pack): https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancementDefault/releases/tag/1.2.2 Rocket Sound Enhancement v0.9.4 (Plugin) Changes Added MachEffectsAmount config Settings Panel now closes when Save button is pressed Fixed RSE_AUDIO AirSim Filter being disabled first before the audiosource causing unwanted behaviour Fixed Stock Audio Disappearing bug Temporary Fix for Sound Stutters when changing scenes
  20. yeap its fixed! I would love to contribute the fix to the community instead of just having it in RSE though. its literally just 2-3 lines of code
  21. ikr, was constantly switching back and fourth to cause the stutters and see if it improves, that's when i started seeing the bug pattern of the disappearing stock sound bug. the stutter seems like a DSP issue, it only seem to happen when the mixer is loaded. the nuclear solution works fine though. I just set the listener volume to 0 every scene change and luckily, the game resets it back to normal after loading. it's a temporary fix until I find a better solution
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