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  1. Here comes the beta of the next release. I'm looking for the adventurous types who want to test it and report any issues!

    Kerbal Health 1.6 Pre-release (beta!)

    This is a beta pre-release for the upcoming Kerbal Health 1.6. It is not backward-compatible with previous versions and, being a beta, may have bugs. Make sure to backup your save! Please report all encountered issues.

    • Compiled for KSP 1.12.2. Should be compatible with KSP 1.8+
    • Streamlining of training mechanics. Instead of training for individual parts, kerbals now train for part types (such as Mk1 Command Pod). The new system is more straightforward, intuitive and compact. All training-related UI has received an uplift.
    • Training caps (based on the level of the Astrounaut Complex) have been nerfed. Training times have changed. Training at KSC and in flight now takes the same time.
    • There is a new way to reduce Stress: it is now divided by the number of crewmates of the same profession on the vessel. For example, if you have one Pilot on the vessel with Stress taking 0.8 HP/day, you can add another Pilot to reduce Stress to 0.4 HP/day. Of course, you'll have to provide that other crew member with living space etc. But, in theory at least, you can now reduce Stress to tiny amounts if you are ready to have a large crew. It also gives you a gameplay reason to have multiple crew members of a specific profession.
    • Tourists have a slightly different mechanic: their Stress is reduced by the number of professional crew members on the vessel. If the Tourist is alone, they experience 100% Stress; if there is 1 crew member, it falls to 50%, for 2 crew members, it falls to 33%, and so on.
    • Exhaustion is now semi-random instead of automatic. When the crew member's health falls below 20%, they now have a chance of turning into a Tourist. The mean time to happen (MTTH) starts at 6 hours and reduces as health gets lower. So you probably have a few additional hours to evacuate your kerbal(s) before they give up work. Recovering after exhaustion works similarly when health goes avobe 20%.
    • Connected factor (which gave you +0.5 HP/day for having a connection to home) has been replaced with Isolation (which takes away 0.5 HP/day for not having such a connection). All related bonuses were removed.
    • Confinement factor was reduced from a base of -3 HP/day to -2 HP/day to compensate for the previous point.
    • Many parts' Living Space has been updated (usually with slight nerfs) and Recuperation increased. SSPXr and some other mods now have Recuperation parts.
    • Mod's settings have been overhauled: instead of setting manually each factor's HP per day, you now change their relative effects between 0 and 200%.
    • A setting to allow Decontamination when not at KSC has been added (off by default) as well as a setting for minimum required health.
    • Many other small and not-so-small changes and bug fixes.

    A few words on updating Kerbal Health in an ongoing game. It is possible, and the mod will do its best to pick up your old settings (such as familiar part types from the old training system). But due to KSP's limitations and the nature of some updates, you should (1) check your settings, especially if you've tweaked them; (2) load all your manned vessels at least once to update their data. It is recommended that you return and recover all your kerbals before updating to ensure your vessels don't suddenly become unsuitable for the missions.

    Download here (first read the above!)

  2. 23 hours ago, Back0 said:

    Hi, first I want to say great mod. I've really had great fun with it and it made me consider missions more carefully than before when a rescue mission can be done anytime I want.

    But I have a question regarding the training mechanic. I saw that there is both TRAINED_PART which is for the crew module part and TRAINED_VESSEL. Does TRAINED_VESSEL matter in terms of stress reduction or is it just trained part?

    Reason I ask is because I noticed that if I rename a vessel it starts tracking on a new altogether from zero. So if I have a Kerbal that has experience with a certain rocket, next time I launch him with the same rocket I have to keep the same name in order to keep TRAINED_VESSEL high without re-training .

    Renaming the vessel shouldn't restart the training, in theory. But the old training system was bugged and confusing; this is why it will be replaced by a much more intuitive one in the next release. The vessel's name will only stay for UI and immersion purposes, all the training will be done for part types, not for individual vessels.

  3. 3 hours ago, panarchist said:

    Did you check to make sure neither of them have a hatch? The Command Pod might. (it's not likely, but it would cause that behavior) On the parts I've looked at, I'm not seeing that behavior - but I didn't check the inflatable.

    They don't as far as I can tell (from the part.cfg files at least). And the problem is apparently not in the stock Mk1-3 Pod, because I've tried attaching to different parts. If you attach a Hitchhiker instead, they are considered connected.

    Maybe the problem is due to the parts being inflatable? By default, they have CrewCapacity = 0 and use a custom part module (ModuleDeployableHabitat) to change that. However, as seen on the screenshot, the part is recognized as a habitable, it just isn't getting connected to its neighbours.

  4. Hi, I want to report an issue I encountered between CLS and SSPX. I don't know which side this problem is on, so I've reported it at the SSPX thread and here too.

    The problem is, CLS doesn't recognize SSPX parts as passable even though they seem to be configured this way and the part info tip says they are passable. Here is an example screenshot: the two parts should form one CLS space, but they don't for some reason. The same thing happens to other SSPX parts and for both top and bottom nodes.

    I've had a superficial look at the patch (provided by SSPX) and the part config and compared them to those that work correctly, and I don't see any obvious errors. Hope you'll have a moment to look at it.

    I'm using KSP 1.12.2, CLS 2.0.1, SSPX 2.0.6.

  5. Looks like CLS doesn't recognize SSPX's nodes as passable. I attached a PTD-E-1A to the top of a Mk1-3 Command Pod (see screenshot). They should make one CLS space, but they are considered separate.  I tried it with other parts and with the bottom nodes; the result is the same. However, CLS' part info tip says that all nodes are passable.

    I've seen a similar issue reported in June 2020 and it looks like it wasn't really resolved. Is it something you could look at when you can? Or is it a problem on CLS' side? Sometimes it's more then mere nuisance, because some mods (Kerbal Health included) use CLS data to change many gameplay things.


  6. 1 hour ago, flart said:

    I just wanted to remove some quirks from the save file, and found TRAINED_PART and TRAINED_VESSEL for every kerbal and probably every part, though the training is disabled in the settings.
    if there is a quick fix for not saving it, the savefile with be lighter for 10000 lines

    A lot of this stuff will be gone in the next release (only the trained-for part types and the current vessel will be saved). You probably had Training enabled before, and this information was kept in case you'd re-enable it.

  7. 4 minutes ago, panarchist said:

    How does it work when there are multiple tourists on a vessel? I.e. if 1 tourist and 4 crew = 20%, what is it if it's 2 tourists and 3 crew?  Or 7 tourists and 3 crew? Seems like tourists might take comfort in a group (or not - some groups are toxic in a crisis) as well as taking comfort when the pros are onboard.

    Presence of other Tourists doesn't have an impact on Stress. Of course, they still require Living Space and they would hate to be left completely alone. But what matters for Stress is the availability of a professionally trained crew.

  8. So, my little training streamlining project is turning into a full-scale overhaul of many Kerbal Health's systems. Here is a breakdown of what I'm changing so far:

    1. You will now train kerbals for part types (e.g. Mk1 Command Pod), not for specific parts (which used to be tracked by id assigned when you placed the part in the Editor). It is more intuitive and involves less micro-management.
    2. Training interface has been significantly improved. You can now choose any number of kerbals to train with a few clicks.
    3. Training takes the same time, whether you do it at KSC or during a mission (60 days per 1 unit of complexity by default, adjustable in the settings).
    4. Many training-related values have been changed. In general, training has been nerfed: for instance, at the maximum level of Astronaut Facility, you now gain 75% reduction of Stress instead of 85%.
    5. But there is a new way to reduce Stress: it is now divided by the number of crewmates of the same profession on the vessel. For example, if you have one Pilot on the vessel with Stress taking 1 HP/day, you can add another Pilot to reduce Stress to 0.5 HP/day. Of course, you'll have to provide that other crew member with living space etc. But, in theory at least, you can now reduce Stress to tiny amounts if you are ready to have a large crew. It also gives you a gameplay reason to have multiple crew members of a specific profession.
    6. Tourists have a slightly different mechanic: their Stress is reduced by the number of professional crew members on the vessel. If the Tourist is alone, they experience 100% Stress; if there is 1 crew member, it falls to 50%, for 2 crew members, it falls to 33%, and so on.
    7. Exhaustion is also overhauled. Instead of automatically turning into a Tourist upon reaching 20% health (and recovering when going up to 25%), it will now be a semi-random event. When your kerbal's health falls below the critical level, they will have a chance of a breakdown. The lower it falls, the higher is that chance. It will be inevitable if you leave your kerbals in the critical condition for too long, but you may be just lucky enough to get them home in time.
    8. I'm also considering replacing Connected factor (which is one of the few positive health factors) with a negative Isolation factor. It is a bit odd to allow an overall positive health balance on a mission. Isolation's impact will depend on the (presence and quality of) connection to home. It can be further reduced by certain vessel's parts (antennas etc.).
    9. These changes may require rebalancing of all factors and many part stats. I will try to keep the overall balance more or less the same.

    Let me know what you think! Like I said, you can pick up the latest dev version from Github and see how it works for yourselves (but stability is not guaranteed and reverting back is impossible).

  9. 4 hours ago, panarchist said:

    Checking that one out now - looks good so far. BTW, how much radiation is lethal to a Kerbal? (i.e. what does "K" mean in the units? Is it kilo- for thousand, or does it stand for something else? Is it still banana-equivalent doses and K means so many thousands of B-E-D?) Just wondering since I sent all my unshielded veterans up there to sit on the new space station.

    Yes, I'm using SI prefixes for radiation: K for 1000, M for 10^6 and G for 10^9. Per default settings, 1M BED = 1% of health, so your kerbal will fry long before you see that G (not to mention T) prefix. But you can adjust it in the mod's settings.

  10. 19 hours ago, OldMold said:

    Awesome! Ran into weird issues when re-enabling the mod via the in-game settings, like menu buttons failing to work, not being able to enter the VAB, toolbar button not showing up. Had to edit the save to flip mod enabled to true and reload the game for it to work as expected.

    Can you share a game log or at least the exact steps to reproduce?

  11. Kerbal Health 1.5.6

    • Compiled for KSP 1.12.2
    • Changed: Updated SSPX config
    • Fixed: Factor multipliers (e.g. artificial gravity effects) weren't saved and therefore didn't apply if the vessel wasn't loaded
    • Fixed: Error in KSP 1.12.2 when another mod (such as Ship Manifest) uses CLSInterfaces.dll
    • Fixed: Some edge cases for loaded but packed vessels (hopefully)
    • A bit of optimization of the health update loop

    Download here

  12. 22 hours ago, Daniel Prates said:


    Sure. Just explain me how/where from extract the logs.


    @garwel I am asking because I don't know how to make different logs. As far as I know, the player.log file is made when I exit to main menu, isn't it? How do I make two logs, one in ksc and other commanding the station?

    I will try loading the game, reverting to desktop with the game running, save the log, go back to the game, go to the station, go to desktop again and save the log again. I hope that generates two different logs.

    If you use Windows, just open the game's Steam folder and take KSP.log after enabling debug mode in the Kerbal Health's settings, jumping to the vessel and back to KSC. This file logs everything that happened from the moment you run the game.

  13. 6 hours ago, lookolookthefox said:

    Is there any way to add the meditation and R&R modules for the new 1.875 en 5 m cupolas of SSPX? I've been able to do it for the 1.25 and 3.75 meter once, since those get mentioned in the SSPX patch, but adding in the other cupola's doesn't work for me.

    It will be in the next release. If you don't want to wait, you can download the new SSPX patch now and replace the one in your KerbalHealth\Patches folder.


    11 minutes ago, Daniel Prates said:

    Man this is aggravating....  here is a Mun station, complete with a centrifuge. Internal space and artificial gravity is enough so that the Kerbal can stay there indefinitely, as the monitor states.  But when I return to the KSC.... the data on the monitor changes. Confinement and microgravity for the very same Kerbal on the very same spot have worsened, so that he no longer has positive health increase, he has health deficit and will eventually die. When I return to the station, the monitor again shows the correct data.  

    Anyone has a clue on why, on the KSC, the factors are being computed differently? 

    Can you enable debug logging in Kerbal Health settings and share a log (when inside the station and when at KSC)?

  14. 1 hour ago, linuxgurugamer said:

    So what about just making the DLL be in the same folder that it is when the actual mod is distributed?  That would mostly solve the issues.  Would also make it easier to remove (or not install at all)

    You mean putting the interfaces DLL into GameData\ConnectedLivingSpace\Plugins and distribute it with my mod? Sounds interesting unless it causes issues with CKAN or MM.

  15. 2 hours ago, linuxgurugamer said:

    The solution would be to distirbute it, but have it in the exact same location as the original mod.  That way there would only be one DLL found.  Of course, you then have the issue of is it the latest version.

    I understand about your reluctance to have a hard dependency, but you already do, and by including the dll, you are now potentially breaking the game if any other mod also includes the dll

    Well, for Kerbal Health, CLS is a soft dependency and I definitely don't want to make it mandatory. I will rather have to drop CLS compatibility altogether, even though I spent a lot of time coding it and personally I love CLS.

    Having a standalone mod for API (that will then become a hard dependency but at least won't change gameplay for those users who don't want CLS features) can probably do the trick. Still, the perfectionist in me is scared to think of what will become of GameData folders and CKAN lists if all the modders implement their API as separate mods.

  16. 3 hours ago, Gotmachine said:

    This has drawbacks and would be a breaking change. Standardizing CLSInterface to be a separate mod is a better solution.
    If CLSInterface is distributed by everyone as "GameData\CLSInterface\CLSInterface.dll", the likeliness of end users having duplicates becomes quite low.

    Having a separate CLSInterface mod is still a breaking change: all mods that use it will have to add that mod as a hard requirement. Unfortunately, I don't see any clean options here unless someone finds a way to fix KSP's new behavior.

  17. 22 hours ago, micha said:

    Hi @Tacombel, not entirely sure what you're asking? CLSInterfaces is just a really tiny wrapper which exposes the CLS functionality to other mods. Only the latest version of CLSInterfaces should load and be active even if multiple mods have it installed. If that's not the case then I'll need to take a look into that.

    If you're asking about making CLSInterfaces a separate mod in CKAN that's a possibility although won't really remove the issue - for people not using CKAN, it will still be need to be bundled with mods.

    Indeed, this problem popped up with Kerbal Health, which ships with the CLSInterfaces DLL: an error message during loading notifying of multiple DLL files with the same name (also from ShipManifest in my case). If you delete all the extra DLLs, it goes away. I could remove the DLL from the Kerbal Health install, but then CLS would become a hard dependency (because I'm referencing the DLL).

    The only solution I can come up with is to replace the DLL with a wrapper class that we can include directly in the source code. It's the way things are done with Blizzy's Toolbar, for example.

  18. On 10/19/2021 at 3:41 PM, linuxgurugamer said:

    I have JNSQ installed, had UC installed with default settings.

    I also have a lot of other contracts installed, would have to go look to see which ones (can do that later if  you need).


    The problem I have been having is that I was getting DMagic contracts which required being in orbit for a period of time to do a scan, say, 44 days, but the contract would expire in a much shorter time, like 20 days or so.

    I can't do it now, but let me know if you need me to get you a log file, screen shots, etc, I can do that this evening.

    I'm playing with JNSQ too and, while the deadlines I for ScanSat get there are challenging, they are not impossible. But if you could share a screenshot + a list of mods you use, I'd take a look. You can also tweak some numbers in the settings.

  19. On 10/2/2021 at 8:03 PM, Daniel Prates said:

    @garwel, please a couple of quick doubts:

    1 - I understand kerbals can be 'trained' on a specific craft, and can become 'familiarized' with crewed pods. Both contribute to improving their endurance. Here's my doubt: the training applies for a saved craft, and it stays effective even if I later change non-pod parts on that same saved craft, right? So imagine i have a kerbal trained for a ship, then  later on some new solar panel technology appears, better landing gears, new science experiments. I open the same craft the kerbals already trained in, then change the panels on the existing craft, I replace the gears, I add new experiments and save the craft file under the same name - for all intents and purposes, an 'improvement' of the previous craft. Training remains effective doesn't it? As long as I dont change 'pods', which would be messing up too much. Did i get the rule right?

    2  - Imagine I create a ship, say the appolo spacecraft, name it 'appolo, save it, and then I train a kerbal for it. Ok. Then I take the saturn V subassembly, attach to it, and create a new save file, lets call it 'saturn + appolo'. The training done in the other save file (just the craft) also applies automatically to the new save (same craft + subassembliy), right? 

    Training doesn't care about ship names. Instead, it relies on KSP's internal id for parts. This id is generated whenever you put a new part in the editor. It also only takes into account parts with non-zero training complexity (which is usually 100% for crewable parts but may be different for some parts like airlocks).

    So if you add or remove parts that have no training complexity (you can check it in the part tool tip in the editor), it doesn't impact training of your kerbals, no matter how you name the crafts and how many times you launch them. But if you rebuild the same vessel from scratch, the parts will have different ids and the kerbals will have to train for them again (although it will be faster as they are now "familiar" with these parts).

    I know it's not exactly the simplest and most intuitive system, and maybe I'll change it in the future. You can mod some of its elements now. For instance, if you want your kerbals to have to train for new engines/solar panels/whatever, you can add KerbalHealth modules to these parts with some positive complexity values.

    On 10/9/2021 at 12:32 PM, tonimark said:

    i updated this mod to 1.5.5 but it doesn't work afterwards

    I will need a more detailed description what went wrong and a log (with debug mode enabled).

  20. It looks like the setting not to show notifications for solar weather events doesn't work. At least, in my game it's off, but I still get notifications (and, what's much more annoying, time unwarp) every couple of days about a detected CME and then again when it hits Kerbin. I'm playing KSP 1.12.2 and Kerbalism 3.14 with JNSQ 0.9.0.

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