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  1. I also have an issue with date being displayed incorrectly (the day of the month is replaced with the day of the year, so I have something like 255th of September). I have installed Kronometer and I don't have JNSQ\JNSQ_Plugins\Kronometer folder. KSP is 1.12.2 and JNSQ is 0.9.0.

  2. On 8/25/2021 at 7:06 PM, OldMold said:

    I'm taking a stab at making some MM patches for OPT space plane and Planetside Exploration Technologies, @garwel is there a methodology you use for the balance or is it all subjective? I will try to submit a PR once I figure out how github works. 

    edit: also is there a way to set a static living-space/lounge configuration for a part with confinement factor? 

    Use this spreadsheet to calculate necessary values and, if needed, even generate the config for you. Note that some values there are quite arbitrary but for most of the stuff you can find analogues from other mods.

    On 8/25/2021 at 7:14 PM, flart said:

    I couldn't find an option to disable killing time warping for minor injury condition.

    When you have large orbital station and kerbal are very safe, to have warp killed on every poisoned/loss poison is frustrating.

    There is no such separate option. IIRC, you may either disable all timewarp killing or none.


    On 8/28/2021 at 1:42 AM, eatU4myT said:

    Do you have current plans to re-work the Station Parts Expansion Redux patch to incorporate all of Nertea's new 1.875m and 5m parts?  In other words, if I spend time trying to do that myself (and then learning how github works), is it going to be totally wasted/duplicating work?

    I will get to it as soon as I resume playing KSP again, which may be tomorrow or may be next year. If you use the spreadsheet I linked above you most likely will have the same results as I would.

  3. On 8/1/2021 at 7:29 AM, StarkRG said:

    Is there a way for the "Connected" health factor to consider the Remote Tech connection to KSC? Ideally, this should scale with signal delay (if enabled) since feeling connected to home is a lot easier when you don't have to wait minutes or hours for a reply.

    Sorry, but there are no plans to support RemoteTech connection state. I hope that eventually RemoteTech 2.0 will be released that is expected to be compatible with stock CommNet. If you only want RemoteTech for signal delay, I suggest that you try my other mod, aptly named Signal Delay (see link in my signature).

    On 8/1/2021 at 7:29 AM, StarkRG said:

    Additionally, and I'm not sure exactly how you might go about implementing it, but a connection to a base or orbital station with a crew compliment above a certain threshold (maybe 10 or 20) should count as some fraction of a connection to KSC. This would make it so that you could send a massive ship to Jool orbit where the signal delay might otherwise make the "connected" factor too small, but having so many kerbals in one place would give a boost to anyone exploring the Joolian moons. Similarly, being aboard a vessel with that many kerbals might be considered "Home" or potentially be worth some fraction of the "At KSC" factor.

    The idea behind the "At KSC" factor is to allow kerbals to rest and recuperate at home, go on vacation, see their friends and family (if kerbals have a family, that is), you know, this kind of laid-back stuff. The "Home" factor means that kerbals are in a natural, familiar environment. Staying on a station packed with lots of other kerbals doesn't exactly count as that, because you are still in space, away from home.

  4. On 7/23/2021 at 5:38 AM, linuxgurugamer said:

    Love this mod.  One thing, could you add the names of the crew members to the achievements and/or ship logs?  Would make it easier for keeping track of missions

    Eventually, yes. It will require quite a few changes to the code though, and I'm not sure how better to display long lists of crew members without exploding the UI.

  5. On 7/6/2021 at 9:04 PM, pp3d said:

    can you change settings mid game (not a fresh one) ? on a backup copy (1.11.2) of an active game i installed this and when adjusted the settings - e.g. disabling radiation or change the HP rate - it had no effect even after restart.  The 'connected to home' for example shows 0 for kerbals in orbit with antenna's and all... so either this is not possible or i am missing something in the game play.

    Can you share your save file and log with Debug Logging enabled?

  6. Kerbal Health 1.5.5

    • Added: Nuclear engines now emit radiation in proportion to their thrust. It can get really high (e.g. more than 15M banana doses per day for the NERV engine) but it's fortunately short lived
    • Changed: All health modules now show "Health Module" in Editor's part info instead of their type to hopefully reduce confusion
    • Fixed: NRE for kerbals in loaded but inactive vessels when Connected Living Space integration is active
    • Fixed: Non-stock antennas didn't apply health effects and spammed log with Connected Living Space integration

    Download here

    4 hours ago, -MadMan- said:

    Thanks! I've just released a version which should fix this issue. In case you're wondering, it was due to my sloppy handling of Connected Living Space's API: I used data for the active vessel when in fact I could be dealing with another vessel in the loaded range. As a result, the mod couldn't find the CLS space for the kerbal and everything stopped working. Now I search for spaces in the appropriate vessel whenever possible and added another null check in case I still missed something.

  7. On 5/28/2021 at 8:06 PM, -MadMan- said:

    I have null ref spam when EVA

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
        KerbalHealth.CLS.GetCrewCount (ConnectedLivingSpace.ICLSSpace clsSpace) (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        KerbalHealth.Core.GetCrewCount (ProtoCrewMember pcm, System.Boolean entireVessel) (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        KerbalHealth.ConfinementFactor.ChangePerDay (KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthStatus khs) (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthStatus.CalculateFactors () (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthStatus.get_FactorsOriginal () (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthStatus.get_Factors () (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthStatus.get_HPChangeFactors () (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthStatus.get_HPChangeTotal () (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthStatus.Update (System.Double interval) (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthList.Update (System.Double interval) (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthScenario.UpdateKerbals (System.Boolean forced) (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        KerbalHealth.KerbalHealthScenario.FixedUpdate () (at <35844b481c8c42fc8967e0e9e2faee4f>:0)
        UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
        ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
        UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)


    Can you enable Debug Logging in the mod's settings and, when you next experience this issue, share the full KSP log ?

  8. 14 hours ago, Caerfinon said:

    Is it possible to have kerbals who are injured or below say 80% health to be marked as "unavailable" in the Astronaut Complex in the same way that the mod Crew R&R does to give recently used kerbals some down time? This would be a "nice to have" kind of feature. 

    I don't want to impose hard restrictions like these. Instead, it's your call if you are willing to risk sending a not-yet-recovered crew member to a mission.

    6 hours ago, Frostiken said:

    So, ignore the area radshield... I do feel kind of "cheating" when I dump structural tubes to load up on radshielding. It'd feel nicer to have a dedicated part for that. Really this is minor though.

    But on the topic of this, the K&K Planetary Base System has a few items that could use radshielding... I don't have them fully unlocked, but so far I've seen the MKSWorkshop and OSE_workshop can hold 2 and 3 crew respectively and have no radshielding.  They're located under GameData\PlanetaryBaseInc\ModSupport\Parts.

    Actually, on second thought, I may try to do something about area effects. But no promises or ETAs, and it may be quite buggy.

    Looks like KPBS has been updated and I haven't caught up with that. Thanks for flagging it. I'll take a look at next release.

  9. 18 hours ago, lookolookthefox said:

    Wow! That was incredibly fast! Thanks very much. One little question, is there a way for me to make it so that the shielding is living space specific too? It seems logical that the shielding gets installed on specific parts to me, though I may also just not understand the design philosophy behind the mechanic :)

    The reason why shielding from all parts in a vessel counts is that cosmic rays travel from all directions, and they hit and can be stopped by al sorts of things on their way. So if you attach, say, a shielding panel to your vessel, it will still help protect your kerbals even if located far from them. For technical reasons, the mod doesn't check actual relative location and orientation of parts, so it assumes they cover the vessel more or less uniformly.

    Oh, and to be honest, I didn't make the CLS update in a few hours. I'd been working on it for a few weeks and was about to release it when you very timely asked for it. Perhaps, you have some telepathic abilities.

    12 hours ago, Frostiken said:

    I really like this mod, but I wish it had a very expensive, heavy, high-level, power-obliterating part to generate a local magnetosphere, maybe even for everything in a radius, so you can plop one on an outpost and operate vehicles that are otherwise unshielded with vastly reduced radiation.

    This would require some very serious changes to the mod and would affect performance. If you are playing with some far future, you can for instance make some advanced parts provide large amounts of shielding as a substitute for such a generator.

  10. 6 hours ago, lookolookthefox said:

    Is there any way to integrate this mod with connected livingspaces? for example, don't count radiation shielding or living space for non-connected parts?

    Here you go!

    Kerbal Health 1.5.4

    • Added: Integration with Connected Living Space. When enabled, your kerbals will only benefit from the parts they have access to (e.g. living space and bonuses). Shielding and part-emitted radiation are an exception (as well as some special parts like broadband antennas): they are affect the whole vessel. It may make your game a bit harder and will force you to think better how to connect your parts together. You can disable this feature in the settings.
    • Added: Kerbals now have a chance (100% by default) to have their lifetime radiation dose completely erased when they discover an anomaly. Note that it works only for one kerbal per anomaly
    • Changed: KerbalHealthModule configs now support affectsAllCLSSpaces value, which makes the part module ignore Connected Living Space's compartments (i.e. work as previously in the game). At the same time, partCrewOnly value has been deprecated as it was barely used. MKS medical bays now affect only one kerbal.
    • Changed: Shelter Exposure is no longer displayed in Health Report when Kerbalism radiation is enabled as it has no use there
    • Fixed: Mod settings should now correctly reset when switching between difficulty levels
    • Various optimization and bug fixes

    Download here

  11. Space Age 1.3.5

    • Added: New achievement for Total Science Collected (for relevant game modes, of course) and the related ScienceAdded event (not displayed in the Chronicle but can be used in achievements)
    • Added: Search feature now recognizes phrase search and looks for whole words only. E.g., when you search for "Eve", it will only include the entries related to the planet, not everything with "eve" inside (such as "achievement"). Put phrases in quotation marks to search for them (for instance "Apollo 11" will find all entries with this exact phrase while Apollo 11 will find anything with words "Apollo" and "11").
    • Added: Button to quickly clear search box and return back to unfiltered results
    • Added: Space Age window now automatically updates to reflect new achievements
    • Fixed; More data validity checks to prevent issues if you load a corrupted save
    • Various small UI and performance improvements

    Download here

  12. Space Age 1.3.4

    • Added: Setting to use default (stock or mod-provided) date & time format instead of Space Age's own
    • Changed: Unwarp time on Chronicle events when notifications are enabled; removed redundant setting
    • Changed: Vessels are now marked as destroyed at a celestial body if they are destroyed in the atmosphere, regardless of altitude
    • Fixed: Incorrect messages in Chronicle for achievement-related events

    Download here

  13. I had an Apollo 13-like situation recently. I'm playing a career game with a rather challenging set of mods (JNSQ, Kerbalism, KCT, Kerbal Health, Signal Delay, OhScrap, no reloads etc.) and I was sending a mission of two kerbals to land on Minmus. They reached LKO without issues, but during an inclination correction burn there was an out-of-plan staging (a.k.a. OOPS). As a result, the two astronauts were left stranded in a tin can 300 km above Kerbin with no thrusters (only monoprop, but too little of it) and no solar panels. They were going to run out of power in two hours and then freeze/suffocate to death. I had to bring them home, and quickly!


    "KSC, we have a problem!"

    First, I disabled the scrubber and pressure control. It helped save power and won me 3 more hours. Then I looked for ways to save the guys. Like I said, I play with KCT, so building a rescue vessel wasn't an option. Fortunately, I had foreseen such a turn of events (my "foresight" was actually a lesson learned from untimely deaths of previous astronauts) and I had a rescue ship ready for launch. But it only had one seat, and I wanted to save both my kerbals. So I started to look at all vessels I had in orbit.

    I had quite a few old satellites in orbit, but how would they help? They were all unmanned and they wouldn't be able to push my command pod into a descent trajectory (it requried delta v of about 150 m/s). I could salvage them for solar panels, but even with electricity my kerbals would run out of oxygen and water and die in 2.5 days. I kept looking.

    Luckily, I found the vessel I needed: a dummy payload from old tests of launch vehicles. It was 15 game years old (more than 1 real life year old!) but still working. It was basically a big fuel tank (for the weight) with a probe core, an engine, a few solar panels and a docking port which I put there "just in case". Now was exactly the case for it! After a few burns and a lot of RCS maneuvring the dummy docked with the stranded capsule, recharged its batteries and put it on a correct EDL trajectory. It even had enough juice to go back into orbit. Who knows, maybe I'll need it again?


    The help has come!

    My asronauts safely landed on kerbin and are getting ready for another try.

    Conclusion: Kessler syndrome can actually be beneficial. You never know what that piece of garbage can be useful for one day!

  14. Space Age 1.3.3

    • Changed: Asteroids and comets are no longer included in vessel's mass for achievements
    • Fixed: Issues with tracking of flag plant event (they weren't added to the Chronicle; achievements didn't record the kerbal's name)
    • Fixed: When switching to a vessel's log, the page number wasn't reset to 1
    • Fixed: NRE when loading invalid or corrupted (e.g. empty) achievements
    • Various small UI and localization improvements
    • Code improvement for better performance, maintainability and compatibility

    Download here

  15. Thanks. I had a quick look and apparently your your save contains some corrupted SpaceAge data, which results in the mod not loading correctly. I don't know how it happened in the first place, but I can fix this issue. If you also share your persistent.sfs, I'll be able to take a closer look at what happened there.

  16. Yes, I will need the entire log. You can upload it to a file sharing platform (Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, whatever). What I can see from these parts is that something is seriously wrong with the way Space Age is initialized in your game, but I don't know why.  It may be a version mismatch, a mod conflict or something else.

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