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  1. Actually Tianwen-1 was launched by Long March 5, which is a vehicle not included in this mod. There are other mods for the launcher. LM-5 has a fairing diameter of 5m. I checked and it's now on CKAN.
  2. I am not familiar with KSRSS 2.5x, but the TWR seems correct to me. The real thing when reaching Mars orbit is close to 5t and with only a single 3000N engine for capture burn, it has a TWR of only 0.06.
  3. What is the file structure? What should be done is to put the KCHS and KCLV folders inside Gamedata/KIU. The patches inside Common/Extra is to make the parts larger according to their real scale. So if you wish to play under stock scale, you should delete them. On my first glance the scale seems fine to me. The stock size of the orbiter is somewhere close to 2.5m and the size of the solar panels seems right.
  4. Thanks for reporting. This is a known issue and will be addressed in the next update! I am not at my liberty of providing the model source as the author of these models wish to remain the private nature of the source files. I already asked him about making an exception, but he is busy with school, so maybe it could be a while.
  5. We do not currently have the plan. Can you specify how exactly did you install it? By the looks of it you most likely install the mod incorrectly.
  6. It would be great if this mod can have FreeIva support! However, none of our team is familiar with FreeIva, so we would prefer having the FreeIva support in FreeIva.
  7. Are you using Realfuel in stock environment? And how exactly do you install the mods? Will be looking into that. The model of Shenzhou spacecraft is pretty old, and the waterfall patch I made is to my best capability to address the issue. Shenzhou is probably getting a major rework. Also, maybe you can directly insert the image, and use the edit function for our convenience.
  8. Thx for reporting, this is now fixed and should be available in the next update. Can you be more specific? Chang'e 2 size issue is a known problem in 1.0.0, and should been fixed in 1.0.1
  9. Hi there, as of right now we only provide 2 types of config: real (which is for RO) and Stock. 2.7x is not supported. RO weight is, to our best knowledge, as real as it can get. And the stock config is tweaked so that the rocket could perform similarly in stock environment. We optimized them to have the same amount of burn time and same amound of payload capacity by adding addtitional weight to the tanks. That's why it is unusually heavy. For now, we have no intention of supporting different size of the Kerbal System. But you are welcomed to make your own config.
  10. On behave of the KIU team, we wholeheartedly agree with the letter. Please add the KIU team as one of the signatories if it's not too much of a trouble. We developed KIU Chinese Pack(KCLV, KCHS, KCDE) Also, our team are very worried about the performance of KSP2. We tested that KSP2 is barely smoothly running with the latest and greatest hardware, making us hesitant about adding hundreds of parts we developed for KSP1 to KSP2.
  11. As for the explosion problem, CZ-7 needs to decouple the fuel tank first, than decouple the interstage with fairing SRB firing to provide clearance from the first stage, then ignite the second stage engine. Probe control issue is another one we yet to encounter. Did you bring the necessary communication equipment with your payload?
  12. Thank you for what you have done for this community! You are truly a legend. I personally started playing KSP around 0.25 era and only have the privilege and energy of reviving 2 or 3 mods. 286 is just, godlike, and I cannot express how much grateful I am. Live long and prosper sir.
  13. Our team is unable to replicate the issue you have mentioned. Could you please give a detailed step-by-step description of how you encountered this problem? 这个问题我们确实也遇到了,不过我们也不知道怎么解决,考虑到暂时不影响游戏,就只能先这么放着了。 We can confirm this problem. However, attemps of fixing it proves to be unsuccessful. Considering the fact that it did not affect the gameplay too much, we are going to leave it as what it is.
  14. OMG I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience I have caused! Actually, I don't even remember I have ever sent the following post! I guess having a fever have a greater effect then I expected And the version is indeed, I myself don't understand how I figured that out... This is my bad, it is actually a part in the yet-to-release version in my mod, which, if you want, can be found here. I will also make a minimal craft to replicate the issue later. Edit: You can find the craft file and KCLV mod here. I realize that the problem is on the yet-to-release version of KCLV so I included the mod in the link. You may wanna delete all previous install of KIU and unzip the KIU file to Gamedata.
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