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  1. I didn't know this... or maybe I just forgot. Anyway, thanks for the info/reminder.
  2. That''s cuz they're doing it wrong. Separate in orbit and it's all good.
  3. [quote name='NecroBones'][URL]http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/orbital_mechanics.png[/URL] Embedded.[/QUOTE] Too funny. Look at my earliest posts just a few months ago. I'm like "What is this... delta.. v?"
  4. So I was reading the news and came across this article about hypersonic flight. [url]http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/24/aviation/spaceliner-mach-25/index.html[/url] And my first thought was... Pfft. So easy. I could throw this together in under an hour. :D Has KSP turned me into an aerospace genius? I think so.
  5. The issue went away. The problem may be that I started with a fuel tank and then after I added the control module I set that as the root. Anyway, when I went back to it on a new session everything was fine and I could play with the fuel lines and everything worked.
  6. So I have this weird problem with a craft in the VAB rapidly changing the DV calculation between two states. Also I'm having an incorrect DV calculation related to fuel lines that I think may be related. I'm not sure the problem is with KER, it may just be making the problem visible. Has anyone seen a similar issue?
  7. My miscalculation comes from the fact that I've built the ship in pieces. I didn't realize my TWR would be so low because I didn't do the math. I just made a bunch of pie in the sky components for each mission. I can't do drilling because that's against the rules for the Jool 5 challenge (There is a subcategory for that though). My components are all in orbit and all transferable, so I can probably make a new transfer stage and move everything over. I wonder if I can just use Rhinos instead of Nukes. I'll try everything.
  8. So I have been working the last few weeks on a Jool 5 challenge mission, in an attempt to gather all science in the Jool system in one mission. I cobbled together all the separate parts on a transfer stage that has six nukes. It's a huge ship, and its TWR is infinitesimal. The burn time for my Jool transfer ended up being almost 6 hours, and I'm not sure how to approach that! Is it possible to break up a burn time like that; is it just a matter of laboriously babysitting 50 or so partial burns? And if not, is this something that can be fixed by slapping on more nukes, or do I really need more powerful engines? Nukes seem to be the most efficient, dv wise, but maybe when a ship gets too big they become unworkable? What is the maximum burn time that I should consider tolerable?
  9. Verners use lfo fuel instead of monoprop. Is that the problem? Another problem can be that if there is too much control authority, SAS just can't handle it.
  10. The main hazard on the Mun is that the map is rather low res from a rover point of view. Occasionally this leads to invisible sharp angles that will launch one of your wheels and send you spinning. The bottom of a rolling valley can look smooth but geometrically might be like driving into a wall (It's not a U shape, it's a V shape). It would be easy to drive fast there if not for these invisible traps.
  11. It kind of moves them up and down a bit which can be helpful for surface docking with bases.
  12. So I'm building a huge mother ship for a Jool 5 attempt, and after many hours, I have detected a major flaw in my design. I have a row of Mk3 tanks where the nuke clusters were in a certain position, and fuel lines leading from the medial and lateral tanks to the tanks where they were connected. Anyway, at some point I had to move the engines to the outer tanks, and I forgot to switch the fuel lines, so they can only use the outer tanks. Everything is almost ready to go after much effort, and I really don't want to re-launch all the pieces. I have enough for a decent burn in the outer tanks,(650 dv when full) but possibly not enough. Can I transfer fuel while burning the engines, or will that cause problems?
  13. Make sure to know that you can drag maneuver nodes along their path. That makes rendezvous a lot easier than making new nodes all over the place.
  14. Someone around here said that the cargo bays don't actually eliminate the drag of the stuff inside them. Correct me if that is wrong. Do you really not need the fuel lines with Rapiers in rocket mode? I thought that was just with airbreathing engines.
  15. If I have a spaceplane, with plenty of lift, that can land from orbit on Kerbin and get back to orbit from Kerbin, will it also do so on Laythe? I don't care if it's overbuilt, I just don't want to get stranded on Laythe.
  16. What mods are you using, and are they up to date?
  17. Ok, I've done a bit a research on this topic from a map generation project I was once involved in, and there are many different forces acting on prevailing winds. There is geostrophic wind that has to do with latitude, described with graphics in an earlier post. Then there is monsoon wind that has to do with the difference in the way large land masses and large water bodies retain and release heat that creates seasonal pressure differences in the air. Then there are ocean currents that also throw in a few new variables. All these forces and more mix together to determine what the prevailing winds tends to be. There is no rule that the wind comes from the water, even though in some localities this may be largely true.
  18. Hey, I made a discovery! This is how you use a sub-assembly with symmetrical struts: Make your craft and strut it up any old way and save it as a sub-assembly. Then, when you are about to use it in another craft, press F to switch to 'symmetry around parent part' before you select the subassembly from the menu. Then it works without all those problems I mentioned earlier!
  19. I say wait another year. All games get old. Period. You will get more fun per hour spent by letting the game mature. Only play if you really, really miss it.
  20. It's very useful for controlling where you land. Especially when you come down early with not much fuel. Put the airbrakes back down and pitch up. You slow down a lot but can still coast a lot farther due to the extra altitude.
  21. Oh yes, my subassemblies are self contained and thoroughly tested individually as separate craft. That's why it's frustrating when I can't use them without significant rebuilding. If I had it right the first time, I certainly would forget something on the second time. In my experience the system fails about 40 percent of the time. Moving from the SPH to the VAB is especially problematic. I'm guessing that the symmetry rules are enforced differently, and this throws any struts way off. They do not have to be attached to other things to suddenly face the wrong way. Half the struts that supported your undercarriage will suddenly be facing out in space. One workaround is to never use symmetry when strutting, but that's not an optimal solution when so much of the game depends on symmetry. Merging has other issues that go beyond struts. Sometimes only half the craft you are loading as a merge shows up. Sometimes the parts are grossly misaligned. I wonder if it's the same bug, and that the parts are so out of position sometimes that you just can't see them.
  22. It's very frustrating to see designs come unraveled when you want to attach complicated parts. All kinds of problems come up, usually with struts but sometimes whole sections missing or misaligned. So difficult to fix when this happens. That is all.
  23. So I was building a plane with 2 command modules and one of them had to be turned the wrong way, everything was fine as its function is just to carry one Kerbal. Then I decided to switch out the main command module for another one, and now the default module used on launch is the one that faces the wrong way, even though the new main cockpit is the root part. If I forget to press 'control from here' on the main cockpit, the plane crashes upon takeoff. Not a big deal I guess, but it's a bit annoying. Luckily I don't play on hard mode. Is there a way to have a certain cockpit preferred on launch, or is it always the one placed first?
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