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  1. I haven't tried it since the 1.0.2 version, but in that version it was bugged out. There was no way to put data into both labs. If you try it you'll want to test it before actually relying on it.
  2. Make sure you don't hit a wall in your playthrough though. If you restrict science too much and pick things in the wrong order, you might end up with no way to advance. That's no fun.
  3. I got something to orbit! I needed a ton of wing surface, yet stock wings are too fragile to just extend out, so I solved the problem World War I style and made a biplane! It flies pretty well, and I got it to orbit with almost no fuel left, just enough to retro burn back into the atmosphere and maybe a powered landing somewhere that I didn't actually get to try. I might be able to fly it better to save fuel, but it's tricky. Climbing becomes difficult around 11,000 meters, and not only am I impatient, but rapiers aren't very fuel efficient. That's when I've been triggering the Rhino to get to orbit, while there's still a big push through the atmo left to go. I had some problems on the way down. Once I got into the lower atmosphere, my nose pitched up suddenly and snapped off the wings at mach 2. I think it's because I had the airbrakes deployed. I don't really know much about them except that they might be needed, but they are also control surfaces? Since all my airbrakes are on top of the plane, I think they pitched the nose up. It's either that, or its possible that my plane is tail heavy with no fuel. Not sure.
  4. Wow that's a lot of engines. I have a question about that large wing surface. How did you get them not to fall apart? I used little pieces of struts on mine, but I don't know what that did to my flight characteristics.
  5. So here was the plan: I have about 17 Kerbals, lots of tourists among them, on a return mission from Duna. Now that I just obtained all the space plane parts on the tech tree, I thought it would be cool to pick them out of Kerbin orbit with a new SSTO spaceliner and land them at the KSC. I've designed quite a few successful rockets, some with outrageous payloads, so I thought I could design a simple spaceplane with the 16 Kerbal crew cabin. I can't. Wow, either my planes can't stay out of the water, or my engine power rips the plane apart. Forget about orbit, I'm not breaking 5000 meters with my Mk3 plane. All I need is a pilot seat, the Mk3 16 Kerbal cabin, and a docking port Sr. with some RCS control for docking with the mother ship. I can make small planes that fly, but Mk3 parts seem very large compared with the available wing parts. Where's a really good guide for making Space planes? KER is great for making rockets, does it have a mode just for space planes so you know how much lift you need etc? How do you make strong, large wings that don't fall apart?
  6. I find that faceplanting from 50 meters up, on the planets I've been to, is just fine.
  7. 'Hopping' around on the Mun is a bit expensive in my opinion. Minmus can be hopped and cleared of science in one mission but that's a lot harder on the Mun.
  8. Hmm, when you right click on the wheel in the VAB, do you see 300? In 1.0.2 you would see 30. I don't think they fixed that in the latest version though, they didn't mention it in the change log. - - - Updated - - - Light gravity worlds have traction issues, but in 1.0.2 brakes really were not working in any case.
  9. Hmm, I'm guessing that the solar panels are blocking its deployment. I haven't seen this yet. Is there a warning about it in the VAB that you might have missed? I don't know what they mean by 'stowed' in this sense. It sounds like a misleading description of the actual problem.
  10. I don't know how to do that myself, but yeah. The thing is, if you right click on it for any reason it will go back to 30. Also, it's supposed to be 300. 3000 might cause your craft to explode upon tapping the brakes.
  11. Another thing that can be incredibly frustrating is when your target ship is rotating slightly without you knowing. Anytime you bump a craft with a near docking miss it can start to rotate just a tiny bit, then the variables you must mind and adjust go from 4 to 8. Make sure SAS is on in the target craft and that it's stable.
  12. Yeah, that's a bug. You need the stock bugfix mod to correct it. The issue is that the tweak menu has a max value that is one tenth of what it's supposed to be.
  13. Would it be off topic to remind everyone that this landing scheme... failed?
  14. I don't want to register on GitHub right now, but I do have two requests. If craft has landing legs or wheels, suggest lighting. Waiting for daytime to land sometimes takes months, and landing in the dark is suicide. If craft has only deployable solar panels, suggest a supplemental power source that does not require electricity to deploy. Nothing like having plenty of solar power, and then forgetting too long to deploy it until it's too late.
  15. That picture makes no sense to me, but if it's simply a matter of having no fuel in the right tank, you can fix it before separation by right click on one tank, then mod-right-click on the other tank to do a fuel transfer.
  16. You don't have any extra reaction wheels do you? I have seen that too much reaction wheel on very small craft can make the SAS not handle it well.
  17. What I have experience lately might also have something to do with fairly high part count around 200. It wasn't the usual stuff with really small angles or near circular orbits. I couldn't tell that my ship was moving, but something might have been vibrating somehow. Framerate was kind of bad at those times.
  18. I need two more things on the VAB checklist. I don't ever want to build a ship with solar panels that doesn't also have at least one of the 1x1 static solar panels. I hate running out of electricity on a probe and not be able to extend the panels because I forgot to turn off SAS or whatever. The other thing I need, if there are legs or wheels, is lighting! Landing in the dark is only slightly more dumb than having to wait months for daytime to arrive on whatever you're trying to land on, because your design lacks this critical feature. Very easy to get into orbit and make your interplanetary burn without them, which is actually a bad thing.
  19. I tend to put my root part as the command module, which is generally far from the CoM. Where else does root part placement matter? Can I just use the central fuel tank instead, or might that also cause problems?
  20. The thing is, my ship does not appear to be wobbling. Even if I turn SAS off, the jiggling continues, and without SAS I can't imagine what would be acting on the ship to make it wobble.
  21. Alright everyone, tell us what you know! My mothership is probably obsolete now before its big Duna mission.
  22. Sometimes the game seems to struggle with the orbital indicators in map mode. You've probably seen it, where the game flashes rapidly between different orbital paths your craft might be on. For example, you can set a target and the ascending node is jumping around. Then when you create a maneuver node, your target indicator shakes violently so that the SAS can't find it. The effect of this comes and goes, and is mostly an annoyance but can result in inaccurate burns. It's not SAS that causes it, but is it something about my ship design?
  23. It's a shame that they worked so hard to separate heating into different categories, and then forgot to put any in-game consequence to it.
  24. I'm using this with 1.0.3 and I haven't seen any problems. Not sure what was fixed there or what fixes from here are now redundant or possibly undesirable. The wheel fix still works, which is important because as mentioned it doesn't seem to have made it in this time.
  25. Hey, is this true? I did not know that. It's not documented on the wiki in any case.
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