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  1. I want to thank the modmaker for this wonderful mod, as it is one of the few I feel I absolutely need to be able to play due to KSP's method of physics wobble. You are the best, sir/madam.
  2. And I've met my first hilariously (data already sent on to Squad) bug. Be careful when trying to land on a planet- or at least Duna, I dunno if it includes others yet. I turned on infinite propellant for a few to and tried to land myself on Duna.. And some sort of trigger got flipped I guess, around 20km. You know how you pick up a bit of speed as you fall to a surface, gravity and all? I started falling so hard and fast that I was gaining enough speed to recreate my orbit. It got so bad that I kept picking up speed at an exponential rate, within seconds I was going over 3000m/s, and around 4.5k m/s I blew up from overheating! Reloading an in-atmo quicksave gave me a respite but it happened twice more before I was able to land. e: but I was able to fly a 226 part ship all the way to Duna with only a few brief lagspikes, which only happened when the aerodynamics kicked in, so I don't even care!
  3. It's already great for me, I can actually have reasonably high part count ships without my game crapping out on me! Now if Kerbal Joint Reinforcement would just update so I don't need a billion struts...
  4. So I'm playing the 1.1 prerelease and I've noticed something amazing. I CAN ACTUALLY BUILD A 100+ PARTS SHIP WITHOUT MY GAME CHUGGING LIKE A RUSTY OLD BUCKET, WOOOOOOOOOO! To quite Gray Fox, I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS PAIN *said as he crashes the ship which is a piece of crap*
  5. I think there might be some compat issues between SC and RoverDude's UKS stuff- I had MKS installed and couldn't do jack diddly, but now that I've taken out MKS and I'm relying solely upon SC? Works like a charm. I suspect part of the issue is that RocketParts are now MaterialKits in MKS's stuff.. e: never mind, for some reason UKS's "MaterialKits" and "SpecializedParts" requirement is overriding SC's "RocketParts" for construction, trying to figure out how to fix that without just getting rid of all my favorite USI bits..
  6. huh.. ..Somewhere along the way, I completely lost track of how the mod was doing, and only saw some confusion and complaints. So uh. ...Is it still going well? Or are there major problems, or is there just a lot of brainstorming stuff happening?
  7. The repulsors yeah all that made sense, I wasn't sure about the tracks and KF-wheels and such. Thanks Aqua, that's handy to know.
  8. If I might ask and suggest- is there a reason why the information we have about the wheels and treads and whatnot is so much different from the stock wheels? Like all that RPMs and whatnot, seems.. Well superfluous. Is that information necessary for anything? I mean I dunno I'm just asking if it wouldn't be easier to have the info readouts read like stock.
  9. I just unzipped the mod into my gamedata folder, as I do with all my mods, Angel. Uhh I'm afraid I don't have any logs, though, I tend to clean those out with regularity, and I'll be back on the road moving very soon.. It does only seem to be the Penderosa though, using the other bits I don't have any problems. Aside from my rig being fussy about large part-count stuff, of course.
  10. Two problems I'm having, 'Dude. 1) I can apparently EVA Kerbals into the Scout Workshops but not Transfer them there, and if I EVA them there they don't show up in the right-click list. 2) While I've noticed I can repair broken UKS parts, non-UKS parts are also being affected by the Wear and Tear issue and I have no options to Perform Maintenance upon them and thereby fix the problems. e: looking at my base, the Workshops don't appear to be adding any Productivity, either.. Picture. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009901970/screenshot/544175911133989689
  11. Oh, my bad, Golden. I thought the Wear and Tear stuff was part of LS! I'll take this query over there.
  12. Something odd, here.. I built a base using EPL, after finally getting all the stuff I needed for it to Duna. But then it says the Wear on all the parts is Broken? This is particularly problematic, since the only reason I have any vessel productivity is because I took one of the Survey cans off of my Duna rocket, and put it onto the colony base.. Is there any way to repair these?
  13. Sorry for being a pain over it 'Dude, I wasn't grasping which negatives would be worse and whatnot. I think I have a general understanding of the whole thing now though.
  14. I can't see how it's "too many kerbals" to be honest here, 'Dude. You need at least 5 in there to begin with so that your other Kerbals don't suffer from loneliness. Adding a couple more for a rounded team of research personnel and construction/maintenance/hydroponics shouldn't be that painful.. Unless the idea is to make more disconnected bases which have smaller crew counts each to begin with I guess?
  15. Setting the NoHomeEffects to 0 causes Habitation to be "indefinite" so yeah that's the easiest way to turn it off.
  16. I know screw-all about Linux, Windows works just fine for me otherwise.
  17. If it was possible to increase the sustainability of the habitats (maybe build replacement parts out of material kits? Or something) then I'd be fine. But until I get more RAM or whatever it is I need to make my PC run the game smoothly with "large part count setups" it becomes an exercise in frustration to build a thing that won't last very long..
  18. Yeah that's what I'm doing, pretty much. I'm only willing to gut so much of the thing, because I do love it, just.. Urgh. Standard hab times, without any ability to replenish them, sending anything to anywhere requires so much stuff my game chugs hard.
  19. Hrm. I'll ask a different question- how does one turn the habitation limits stuff off? e: never mind, found it in the Kolonization stuff. Much as I love all your work RoverDude, the habitation limit thing is just painful for me to juggle.
  20. I've just been tooling around in the VAB so far, RoverDude, haven't actually designed any ships yet. I have MKS-Lite installed, I don't know how much that affects things. I've noticed that a single Hitchhiker will support 1 Kerbal for about 1 year 55 days, or 4 kerbals for 120 days. I know, having lots of people living in space, huge deal, I'm okay with that! Challenge is great and all. But I'm trying to understand how to make it work, how to make long-lasting bases. As it stands, without using tremendous part counts (subsequently requiring tremendous rockets to transport them, which kills my framerate because for some reason my PC doesn't like ships with more than 70 parts), I can't see a way to send a crew of more than 2 or 3 to any location outside of Kerbin, short of mailing an entire (significantly large) station across the void. Would I have to go back to standard MKS to get longer lasting bases and ships?
  21. Okay I'm a bit puzzled by this, 'Dude- I see that the Hitchhiker module adds a LOT of habitation time, whereas similar modules from other game mods.. Don't. Is there a list of which hab modules specifically add the most time to habitation? Similarly, is there a way for us to "reset" habitation time- like if I've only got 10 days left before the kerbals are fed up with this ship, can I have them do something to reset that timer? Short of using workshop stuff from other mods to build more things to tack onto the ship. So far it seems like, right now, to send any sizable crew anywhere, they'd need a dozen hitchhiker habs..
  22. Ahh. So I require significantly larger amounts of living space then? Like what, one Hitchhiker hab module per Kerbal? More, less? I mean my ultimate goal here is permanent colonization of planets, but if I can't even send my Kerbals TO those planets because their Habitation value runs out less than halfway into a trip to Duna..
  23. Here we go. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=607788518 This is a prototype Duna base that I'm designing. It needs to house 4 engineers, 2 scientists, and 1 pilot. Has enough space for 13 Kerbals. But the Life Support Status button on the Toolbar says that it will only support my Kerbals for 60 days..
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