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  1. I am glad I have the chance to say that I am really sorry for what happened. I should have counted to 66865 before posting Unfortunately my KSP.log is gone, I started a new game and noticed that the negative weight of parts (only thrust parts for what I've seen: RCS and engines) was coming up right away. My career log was saying something about the impossibility to create config files for Tweakscale and it started by affecting my saved spacecrafts: while loading a spacecraft there was a warning of a missing tweakscale module, yet the spacecraft was loadable and editable; the "only" problem I encountered after that warning is that all the thrust part I was attaching to the spacecraft had negative weight. Anyway after a day of "cool down" :P, i decided to go a for a stock/modded career also to try out some new mods and the last expansion, there's not much space on my ssd so I had to remove the RO/RSS/RP-1 installation... I should have kept the log... silly me The first thing I've noticed it's how much you were right about the "weird" interactions between the RO suite and tweakscale. For instance in RO i didn't get any sanity check warning window / tweakscale support withdrawn at the game start menu. Thanks for you availability I will for sure ask for you support if I have any problem during my actual gameplay and about Windows 95... I miss those times when games were running like clockwork or not run at all
  2. I'd love to see a tool equivalent to Transx in Orbiter: http://orbiter.quorg.org/ either stock or in a mod and then permanent footprints on non atmospheric planets and and global dust storms covering my solar panels on Duna! (RIP Opportunity)
  3. You can safely remove the TAC life support from your gamedata folder. CKAN usually must be launched twice before it detects the removal and updates the mod list accordingly. For future issues you may have: I usually create a folder called Backup in the main KSP folder (not the gamedata folder) and when I want to remove a mod but I am not sure if it will break the game, I just cut and copy the mod's folder inside the backup folder and start the game to see if there is any problem. If there is I just copy back the folder into Gamedata.
  4. [snip] I mean my savegame broke 4 months ago, It broke again today.. it's clear enough to me that if the problem wasn't fixed within 4 months it's not going to be solved anytime soon. And about RO not supporting Tweakscale:
  5. I am having a bit of a discussion on the Tweakscale thread because for the second time (once 4 months ago on 1.3.1 and now on 1.6.1) tweakscale (I think) broke my gameplay. I always used TS before 1.3.1 on stock and RSS/RO and never had issues. In RO i never scale engines or RCS only science parts, solar panels, antennae mostly to have an easier life balancing the weight on my spacecraft. Today I was 10 years into my career I scaled an antenna and after that I found all the RCS parts with negative weight. Reloading the game didn't help, that savegame was broken. [snip] Please do not consider this post, it just makes no sense as it is right now.
  6. I am a long time user of RSS and RO, I never had such game breaking issues before 1.3.1 and I always used tweakscale. On the main page of RSS there's an advice about not using Kerbal Joint Reinforcement and no mention about tweakscale. Same thing on this page.. or am i supposed to scroll every post to see if there is some info about it? By the way the issue is #11 not #9 as I stated above. Anyway it's the negative weight of parts ( increases attaching parts) . If I look at the issue #11 there's no mention of RO at all.
  7. Ok I might have exaggerated in calling it a virus, sorry. Is not certainly written with malicious intent but it works hidden until i call the debug or look at ksp.log and about propagating to new host: I scaled a science part on spacecraft and I found all RCS parts (I never scaled them) with negative weight... so I disagree on point 2 and 3. I tried it 4 months ago with RO/RSS/RP-1 and it broke the game. Then I tried it in modded stock, it broke the game. Recently I did tried it again with RSS/RO/RP-1 a new and guess what? It broke the game again (issue 11). As a matter of fact is not working properly, this thread is full of log reports, in my opinion it's not appropriate to release it on platforms like spacedock, ckan and so on. It should be a Dev/Test build. I do have backups, but still I won't play without tweakscale working properly, is an essential mod for me especially when it comes to put science parts on a spacecraft and scale them to balance the weight. In RSS/RO you don't have powerful reaction wheels, everything is done with RCS and weight balancing is fundamental. Anyway to be clear: I am not asking for the mod to be removed, the developer should do what he/she think it's proper, that doesn't mean that I shouldn't be entitled to have an opinion about it. Put yourself in the shoes of a long time KSP user. He wants to play KSP after a break, he installs most of the mods via CKAN and then in the middle of the gameplay, 10 years into a career, comes the message that the game might break up because of tweakscale. It's like saying: "Be careful! You just got a kick in the teeth"... oh well, thanks of the advice.. you could have told me earlier or not at all.
  8. In all honesty I don't think that this mod, as it is right now, should be available for download as official release. With all these bugs it works way below any user's expectation. In 7 years of playing KSP I've never experienced something like that, right now this is not a mod is a game-breaking virus. And that's a pity because it is indeed a great mod when it works fine.
  9. I started a new career with RO on 1.6.1 plus the test version of RP-1 and I was just about to report the same issue. It's caused by the smokescreen plugin 2.8.2 installed via ckan. I replaced it with the 2.8.0 version and the log spamming is gone. Thou I still have to test the gameplay. I will update soon. Edit: Yup I confirm that smokescreen 2.8.0 seems to work just fine.
  10. Today I've been awarded with the Image of the Day on astrobin! Yay!!!
  11. Hello fellow astrophotographers! It's quite some time (about a year) that I don't post any of my pictures here. Not that I've been inactive... quite the opposite, I have 18 new pictures and many of the old ones have been reviewed. Let's star with a couple I took in May last year, I hope you like them! NGC 5963, NGC 5965 and other galaxies in Draco (14,2 Hours integration) The Draco Triplet - NGC 5985, NCG 5982, NGC 5981 and other galaxies (15,3 Hours integration) A pic of my gear from about a week ago, since last year in August I got a new focuser, bought a DEC counterweight and I upgraded the handles of my mount:
  12. Yes, is the one I was looking for. I wanted to use a specific set of legs for landers in micro gravity and suspension is not really needed.
  13. Actually I've tried it and it works perfectly, reentry is not affected and I don't see why it should be. Maybe your problem comes from another mod.
  14. It seems like anything related to AIES has been removed from the forum. If I search "AIES" here I get an error, if I search "AIES aerospace" I get only the "aerospace" results and on Google there are no results directing to the KSP forum. Moreover I usually dig deep before asking for help , I even ended up on Reddit and tried the landing gear cfg file from this version: https://github.com/deimos790/AIES_Continued/releases/tag/v0.2.1 Obviously, it didn't work
  15. Hello everyone! I'm back to KSP after more than a year and I'm doing a career with 1.3.1, RO and the dev version of RP-0. I have a very simple request: once I made a cfg patch to fix the AIES landing gears by copying it from the AIES thread, which isn't available anymore... maybe some of you have it? Thanks in advance, Epox
  16. The Mu.. ehm Moon! (Watch it in full screen!)
  17. Hello everyone! I've been in lethargy this winter and woke up just one month ago. The weather has been nice lately and managed to do 3 targets: M 101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy Tech card is here: https://www.astrobin.com/341057/T/?nc=user M 13 - The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules Tech Card is here: https://www.astrobin.com/343253/K/?nc=user M 51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy Tech card is here: https://www.astrobin.com/342678/M/?nc=user I am also working on two more targets until the weather holds, these are very peculiar ones.. not often photographed. I hope the outcome will be good!
  18. Hello, I installed Sigma Binary v1.6.2 on KSP 1.2.2 with Realism Overhaul and RSS with RSS Expanded. Everything was going fine until I used Kopernicus but as soon as I installed the backport version the game stopped to load: it goes on "infinite loading" as soon as I hit settings, try to load a saved game or start a new game. Since RSSVE works fine only with the backport version of Kopernicus I had to uninstall Sigma Binary. I there any way to make the 1.6.2 version work with the backport version of Kopernicus?
  19. Are you into Astrophotography and good music? You may like this video, a certain guy I know just made it...
  20. Would you like some galaxy? A little preview of what's incoming soon... [/img] So.. here's the color version, The Perseus Cluster. The tech card is here: http://www.astrobin.com/313782/D/?nc=user I definitely need more data, there are a lot of faint details, I bet I missed a lot of them because of bad transparency. I had mist both nights
  21. I have a (for me) a career breaking bug with RO on KSP 1.2.2: both KER and MJ don't display delta-v correctly. KER has completely wrong values while MJ ones are correct, but it doesn't show the delta-v added stage by stage and sometimes it misses whole parts especially if staging is complex. Is there a fix for KER? I really can't play without it, there's no fun in losing precision The version i use is the Edit: It seems that KER goes crazy when the rocket has a manned pod. I had this rocket I built for a manned moon flyby, KER and MJ were giving completely different values so I took the pod off, placed a probe core and KER and MJ shown the same values with just 1 delta-v difference. Edit2: I've found a workaround: placing a procedural avionic part as 1st part of the rocket and then the pod solves the issue.
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