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  1. Spaceplaneaddict, Hyperedit is as far as I know not allowed under any circumstance except for testing. May I ask you how many parts your rover has? If you can't design a launcher which can get you there in once you should do it in multiple launches. Launch the transfer vehicle first, then rendezvous and dock the rover on the transfer vehicle. You can even send the transfer vehicle up without fuel to save mass and thus parts.

    hope this helps

  2. So I was just driving around on Eve and found this:


    I knew they existed, however I had never seen one before. So I made the screenshot afer which I thought we needed a topic to show off these pictures. I do want to say it is totally NOT meant as critique (don't know about what, but a disclaimer is always safe :P), I just think it can cause some pretty fun pictures.

    So post some floating rock pictures!

  3. nigelvn - Master Mariner - Wow bud, just the image of all those parachutes lagged my machine. My sincere congratulations on achieving Master Mariner. You have earned the fear of every barnacle and a place of honor amongst your fellow circumnavigators. Well done.

    Thanks haha

    now let's see if I can manage to do another circumnavigation in sticky Octobre XD

    btw, I have got one stupid plan for when 1.1 comes out, not 1.05, but 1.1

  4. I'll first make sure to grab fengist's attention XD


    The water circumnavigation of Kerbin is done. I thought I was further away from the end, and that I had more screenshots (apperently the more screenshots I have, the more time it takes for me to get into the mood of uploading to imgur). I'm not making a separate topic again, as not many people seem to read it in the section, this is more the target group. Anyway here it is:

    Javascript is disabled. View full album

    That's it, this should be master mariner.

  5. Fellow circumnavigators, your comments on this entrant to our group?

    as I did some circumnavigations, I think I am allowed to share my opinion: I agree that the craft must have been airborne for quite some time, however I also vaguely understand why it was, maybe as it went so fast, but maybe as you can safely go faster while airborne. Hope this helps in your decision, Fengist.

    Furthermore, I am around 2/3 around Kerbin for my master mariner badge. I had some delay as I have been a bit ill, it will probablybe online before monday.

  6. Well, now this has been stickied I should circumnavigate a body to honor it ;P

    Probably doing a Kerbin water circumnavigation, using your mod. Perhaps even my yacht with minor tweaks. Have to think about a solution for that land bridge though...

    EDIT: Fengist, am I allowed to put a buggy on the yacht, and then when I have arrived at the land bridge use it to cross the land? I do leave the yacht at that point, this is why I ask the question

    EDIT EDIT: I reread the text and apperently I don't need to cross the part for master mariner, I'll do that instead XD

  7. I'm lucky in a way as I have only played since KSP 1.xx came along and so haven't had to relearn anything with the new realism.

    I do not completely agree upon that... I started playing in 0.23 and it took me about 100 to learn every aspect of the game. The relearning only involved in the athmosphere, outside stayed the same. 'relearning' only took me 2 hours

    my advise to the OP is: keep trying, watching some youtube tutorials doesn't hurt either

  8. Great ship smjjames, I hope you will make it this time!

    before I continue I will grab the attention of Fengist:


    that should do. What I wanted to share is that I have finished my circumnavigation on Laythe, here I have the link to my post: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/133624-Laythe-Circumnavigation?p=2182008#post2182008 (don't know how to shorten it by using a word or picture yet though, hehe)

    to be sure i'll add a picture as well, it also makes this post more colorful :P


  9. Hello,

    This is another attempt at the Elcano Challenge this time circumnavigating Laythe. I have used the Maritime Pack for the entry and sort of commented on the pictures, don't know what you will think about the comments though. I have got two imgur albums which should be embedded, nontheless you can click to go to imgur for the full images, i don't really mind. Everything should be explained, if not, too bad the albums will provide enough information. Anyways enjoy, or click through it furiously at which point you should ask yourself: "why am I looking at it at all?"


    Javascript is disabled. View full album

    Actual trip:

    Javascript is disabled. View full album

    Edit: turns out to read the full comments you'll have to go to imgur, ahh whatever

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