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  1. Thursdays are such a drag... Binging TMRO episodes while I work on spreadsheets. Why didn't I know about this before?

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    2. CobaltWolf


      It will likely all get done, it just is more a matter of what excited people the most.

      If you are ever interested in using any of my stuff for a video try to let me know in advance if you can. I usually have plans to add more polish to almost every part in the mod, and it's a matter of prioritizing stuff. Usually I lean towards adding new things.

    3. OTmikhail


      Will do! I feel bad because I have a demo video halfway made for you, but I didn't finish it because of so many new dev builds changing the way I used the new parts. I want to finish that for you to at least show all the interesting probes I made with your parts. But yes, If i ever use your mod for any videos I will give you a heads up first, and of course credit you in the video and link to the mod.

    4. CobaltWolf


      ... yeaaaaaaah I made a lot of breaking updates by accident. T.T

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