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  1. Which place is better? Just don’t talk about the great goals of the developers; today, where can I see, touch and check this better simulation?
  2. It's a survivor's mistake. I prefer not to have my head in the clouds, but to look at what has been done since 2017, when development of the game began.
  3. What's the difference? I remember that in the fall of 2016, many KSP1 developers left and among other complaints there was a statement that the developers received the minimum salary for Mexico per month, something like 200 bucks. Could this be the difference?
  4. I think 0.1.5 will be at the very end of October or beginning of November, and then by Christmas the developers will try to present the science. If science is also very early access, then the option of stopping development is possible
  5. This is about as relevant as releasing videos after features are released, rather than before.
  6. Maybe then we can imagine that the same game from 2019 has been ready for a long time and T2 and Nate are just mocking us? They take the same game, remove features from it, add bugs and laugh evilly at the whole of Seattle! But I'm afraid I won't be able to drink enough alcohol to believe this. And I have no doubt that there is a deadline. It just might give some fans a heart attack. It’s good that the developers take care of us and don’t say that science will only come out in ***er 202...
  7. Yes, that’s exactly what I wrote and gave an example of a video on a feature that they are still preparing to release in December. This is a million times better than one obscure screenshot and blurry phrases. Deadlines? Maybe managers who know nothing about who will do the work and how?
  8. Communications broke down after the release. As far as I remember, there was only one gameplay video of KSP2 and for the screenshot of the moment with the inscription “fail harder” I was punished by the moderators. And these Chinese comrades release new videos even after the early access release. DSP is the level of early access that everyone should strive for. Five developers created a great game, which is now played by 20 times more people than in KSP2. And KSP2 is at the opposite pole of early access, which is better not to take as a model.
  9. Here is an example of a game in early access, how to show the progress of the game forward. I'm 99% sure that the idea of colonies in KSP2 was taken from this game (and from Surviving Mars). Today they announced the release of a long-awaited feature. Why not take this approach to communications in KSP2? Will we see science in winter? Why not show some video about science, rather than a pathetic screenshot?
  10. Presentations for us from each of the developers? If once a week we receive a presentation from a developer, then for this developer it will be one presentation a year, which doesn’t sound very scary. If Nate demands a presentation from each developer once a week, then nobody should be surprised at the state of the game. As far as I understand, two persons in the company were hired for communications with the community. Surely they cope with the presentation of all that huge amount of content for us and do not misconstrued anyone?
  11. So have they shown progress or not? [snip] But you can blame other fans
  12. If instead of rare statements from developers we receive patches and updates, then silence will also be good PR. Now the community only talks about the developers’ intentions to do something, and not about what has been done and what will be done. Once they told us and even showed us scattering on planets, but they couldn’t add it to the game. For some reason they promised us a video in August, but apparently they couldn’t do what they were going to show us. The strategy of overpromising and underdelivering continues to work for unknown reasons. really? What exactly?
  13. https://twitter.com/KerbalSpaceP/status/1690131686565318663 I wonder if it's a good communication strategy to promise 3 new videos within weeks on August 12 and release only one by September 21? Changing the communication system with users now is like rearranging furniture on the Titanic - if the developers can't show anything except plasma effects in the editor, then no PR department will save the situation. And the PR department is far from the best.
  14. How interesting, you are active on the forum and have your own opinion, but you haven’t even played KSP2?
  15. Did you previously hide the bugs you found from the developers?! That's why they haven't been fixed yet!
  16. Oh this bad community! They constantly write about the problems of the game and the poor work of the developers (including their PR department), why don’t they talk about the merits of the game in a variety of ways with good arguments! Or fantasize about the fact that there is a magnificent game hidden somewhere in a closet that is being hidden from us
  17. 0.1.0 was not perfect? Not perfect is BG3 and other games. The developers knew very well what they were releasing and they hardly expected to receive so many positive reviews in advance. Even now they know very well at what stage of readiness most of the features that never appeared are at, and only fans are engaged in fantasizing that everything is actually good. If in August 2023 the developers only showed us plasma in the editor, it is obvious that many of the basic blocks of the game have only recently begun to be developed. If you were to release a game like this, what would your expectations for player ratings be? 80? 90? If the game is only a quarter complete, then you can hardly expect a score of more than 25%. Well, some people write that the community does not deserve this, the community manager is not at all active and is generally on vacation.
  18. I didn’t notice any suffering from the developers in this regard; perhaps they expected 4.8% positive feedback. After all, the developers knew perfectly well what they promised and what they did
  19. This was my question. Did not you notice? For a game of this quality, 48% positive reviews is a great honor, don't you think? Or will you just write sarcasticly?
  20. But the question remains And I agree, I wrote before - if players are willing to endure and consume low-quality goods, they will receive it. So the community is indeed to blame, but not from the side you think.
  21. Probably the community doesn’t deserve KSP2 at the level it is now? This reminds me of the speeches of that religious lady from the movie "The Mist" Communications is also a kind of product of the public communications department
  22. I'm aware, I've flown with stock parts to Mercury and back. But in real life, such inefficient rockets delayed the space age by a hundred years.
  23. The developers themselves promised communication, as I understand from the title of the topic. They themselves gave their word, but they themselves took it back. I'll take a screenshot of this message This is where the complaints are that the developers are not very nice to us. Is it possible to somehow convince them, or are they not obliged? I've heard the idea that you need to speak to people in their language. If a person speaks Japanese, then in order to reach him you need to speak Japanese. If someone says that he is not obliged, that he did not say such a thing, that you never know what he promised before, then communication should, at best, be dry and formal. Treating everyone as friends is unfair to friends.
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