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  1. Something tells me that there will be no response from the developers as before
  2. What could this mean? Do the developers have any separate data on the number of players? Do they have any information collectors in the game besides the steam counter?
  3. Players do not allow full releases to be released in poor quality. This is allowed by the developers and publisher. Players can only criticize the game on the Internet and make a refund. And regarding KSP2, we must take into account the previous history of delays; for many years there was no talk of any early access.
  4. Did KSP1 really sell well on consoles? Are there any statistics?
  5. I think we also need to distinguish between games made by a division of large corporations and several developers in a garage. The latter can sell one hundred thousand copies at the game's early access release and ensure their existence for several years. Fifty corporate developers are much more expensive and the big boss can cut funding whenever he wants.
  6. In 2k23 it's not shocking, check Redfall, Forspoken or Gollum. But of course, these are far from the best examples and hardly anyone is happy to be in the vicinity of such games. Although they were expected and hyped no less than KSP2.
  7. Specifically, wobbling would not greatly hinder the addition of science to the game. At the very beginning of our careers, we use primitive small crafts, which are not greatly harmed by wobbling. And you/devs can bring wobbling to the level of KSP1 by adding a couple of zeros to the game parameters. But I think that if wobbling is corrected, fans will begin to demand science, which is significantly more difficult and longer to do, and such conversations allow devs to switch attention and buy time.
  8. Really. It’s strange, it seemed to me that before the redesign it was written that there were not enough reviews for a rating and one review from stone-scissors or something was attached.
  9. It is also worth noting that these rules were written by Steam for developers, not for players. If Steam doesn’t feel violated, then why should it sue and fight? Steam earned money on KSP2 by spending 0 bucks on KSP2. There are separate agreements for players. But it seems that according to EULA T2 does not owe the player anything. On the contrary, players owe T2 a lot. Journalists could have made some noise, and Steam would have noticed them. But they didn’t even notice the release of KSP2; there is no rating for the game on metacritic.
  10. I think this is interpreted due to noise in the media. The console version of KSP1 was absolutely terrible, much worse than cyberpunk. At the same time, it was possible to complete cyberpunk, but in KSP1, when the limit of several hundred parts was reached, it was impossible to load a save. But the media hype made cyberpunk a rule breaker, and no one cared about KSP1. Perhaps if KSP2 were popular as cyberpunk, this rule would work.
  11. This sometimes happens in laws. But I have not heard a single example of someone being punished for non-compliance with such rules. There are plenty of games on Steam that violate these rules under any interpretation. But they, of course, almost always belong to one dude and cost $1
  12. Why is this misinformation? He expresses his opinion that the game is of too low quality and therefore should be stopped selling. Is this misinformation because he actually thinks differently? In my opinion, a significant problem was the crowd of fans who looked forward and told from everywhere that the game would soon be fixed. This really was misinformation, because of which many people bought KSP2 and did not make a refund, expecting that everything would be fixed soon.
  13. It seems to me that these are not rules, but recommendations. For example, KSP1 left early access in 2015 on a specific promised date, no one was indignant. And the placement rules should be looked at in the agreement with Gaben.
  14. It seems to me that the majority of such a choice would take a computer, since a car for that kind of money usually absorbs all the free time and money for constant repairs. I recently sold one of these to a young man for the price of scrap metal. He rarely rides on it, but often repairs it with his father. And a normal car (which you wouldn’t be ashamed to take your girlfriend for a ride in) costs much more than the coolest computer.
  15. What kind of computer is this for the price of a car?! A car is more of an alternative to a down payment on a mortgage.
  16. Science in the summer sounds like a good horror movie. If the science does not appear before February, then it seems to me that it is better not to release it at all.
  17. What about the second stage engine, why does it bend so much? I don’t remember having any problems with 3-meter parts; they held up without struts.
  18. No features - nothing to check. I think no registry spam is not a feature
  19. You will be sure whether you should expect anything from the game at all.
  20. Since the release, about half a thousand bugs have been fixed (and how many are left?), some of them probably have an interesting story to tell
  21. I very much doubt that anyone will implement this. To do this, devs need to introduce strength into the game.
  22. For realism, such long tanks should not fold like sausages, but explode in a sea of fire. The lack of durability in the game (more precisely, infinite durability) breaks realism. Probably the most unrealistic part of KSP1/2 is standing the rocket directly on the engine nozzles. It seems to me that no one does this. It should be possible to do this on Gilly, but definitely not on Kerbin or Dune.
  23. To explain the difficulty of fixing bugs, developers could show with a specific example what was done wrong, what difficulties there were and how to get out of them. Since the focus of game development has moved from showing screenshots of new features to fixing bugs, why not expand on this topic?
  24. Am I missing something or has the Kraken already been slayed? I haven’t launched the game for a long time, now there is no spontaneous disassemble of crafts?
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