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  1. Here is log and persistent save file, I should rescue Magbeth with her debris. My game is quite overmoded... As i understand, error is in this part: CrewMemberInfo { name = Magbeth Kerman lastUpdate = 2221727.7717033071 lastFood = 2221727.7717033071 lastWater = 2221727.7717033071 vesselName = Magbeth's Debris vesselId = 6d1e45c0-99d4-4f37-b386-373b0f1f36ca vesselIsPreLaunch = True hibernating = False DFFrozen = False recoverykerbal = False crewType = Unowned } And it should be "true", and later recoveryvessel should be true. Maybe because it's part from mod.
  2. Looks like this mod doesn't work properly with saving kerbals from space if they wait for us in some pod, which we should recover with kerbonaut inside. My kerbonaut died when I came for her and her pod, but everything ok with other simple rescue contracts.
  3. There is integrated SigmaBinary settings in RSS, just remove your settings from the GameData folder
  4. Looks like you double something - there are two barycenters
  5. I created small addon for RSS, it adds 4 Pluto minor moons. And then I visited Pluto and all its satellites!
  6. Have you any plans to create some big batteries, monoprop tanks, solar cells, reaction wheels etc? Can you create some single 10 m engine? Its so annoying to place 42 vectors to thrustplate...
  7. I had the same thing, I reinstalled NH2 and Kopernicus and checked KSP consistency and now mod works! I think NH2 is not so colorfull than NH1 and it is not so challenging than first version - Leouch lost it atmosphere, Tidus became easier, Derso looks like has not so challenging terrain...
  8. I tried to make settings for some planetpacks. I don't understand coloring the atmospheres. As I understand BETA_MSca, m_betaR and m_mieG supposed to control recoloring the atmos. What does this parameters mean? I cannot change it in the game and it's too boring to restart game every time for researching
  9. Layer2D properties in menu work? I changed it but looks like nothing happened...
  10. Looks like 1.13 and 1.14 Or console version, but it's great news for Squad, not for us...
  11. As I understand, in 1.12 it's impossible to use rovers on Eve? I put two types of rovers to Eve, motors cannot roll rovers, everytime I just roll down hill. Another guy said that rovers cannot work in RSS at all.
  12. Module manager is gone, so most of mods stop working now
  13. Starting NH! New Vanor and Moch textures! Well, thats not my textures, I just stole it from the internets
  14. It's bug of mammoth engine, it has bigger collider than visual engine and after decoupling it makes phantom force. Of cource I can solve this bug with some way (long decouplers, I don't remember it's name), one guy said this is quite old alpha bug, which was fixed in release. I created big rocket in 1.05 for Eve, it worked fine but now hydraulic separation of the first stage destroy rocket in a moment. Here is test craft
  15. In 1.1 there is bug with decoupling stage with mammoth engine
  16. I used 0.5.8 - Jool has no clouds, other planets are OK
  17. Well, there are no clouds on Jool in the last version
  18. I found strange bug on Ete. If I land on it, save and reload then I will face endless autosaving. It means slideshow. I can stop it in three ways - put kerbal on ladder, start to move with acceleration or just go away from Ete SOI (yes, it works)
  19. It's quite strange that current version has less tasty thing than 7-4...
  20. Maybe something like RD-180 or RD-191 should work somehow on Venus in theory. There is atomic jet engine from atomic age, it should work, but I want Venus rocket...
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