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  1. I have no idea of what I'm doing...
  2. Today, I went for a short flight. .
  3. Today I made a huge stupid plane that actualy flies...
  4. I'm looking back on this forum on all the stuff I did a few years ago. Now I'm back, being a newbie once again and not having so much time to stick into the game. I used to play KSP daily for 8-10 hours straight... Now I have a lot off other stuff to do and I just don't have the time to do what I want to do: Long adventures on Kerbin...
  5. I keep having trouble designing a simple rover that doesn't flip... Maybe I should build a tank.
  6. Without mods. Give me some time to make some vehicels, I'll get back to you.
  7. To be honest, I want to do the Pole2pole rally again, but then from south to north...
  8. You don't even have to use that, I just want a perfect 2 seater rally car that we can build to perfect with other gearheads. It is all about innovation. In short: we build a non modded racecar together, race it against each other (with RACES! mod) And keep trying to improve it.
  9. Ok, This may sound crazy but I want to work with some gearheads on building the perfect stock (unmodded) racecar. We are going to design the perfect rally car and then we are going to race THAT rally car against each other. How we do this ? We wil share our base design and all work on improving it. First step will be the base. I will start with sharing a simple base and we will use it to improve it. Everything is possible, everything about this base can be changed just as long as you improve it. We will use this thread to share our ideas and try to make the best car we can make, discussions will be hot but we will all have the same goal: build the perfect car for a rally. So I need gearheads, let me know if you are interested. Don't start with building a complete car, we best start with ballance and the engine. Are you up for this ? https://kerbalx.com/crafts/77997/edit
  10. I think I will go for the option of using a plane or a boat to get me across the water...
  11. Thank you, setting the mass more forward really helps. This is still just a testcar, but thanks to the forward mass it's allmost impossible to flip it. I still have to slow down for jumps, cause it's nose heavy now...
  12. I've heard about this before, I might even have tried it before... Can it be done without mods ? I need to test this, thanks, it's a very good idea. I use a toothpick to hold the 'W' key down...
  13. I'm planning a east to west Elcano challenge now.
  14. Hi man, I'm back, you still here ?


  15. Ok, i'm getting somewhere... the yellow lines is the boat that needs to get my car across..., BUT the boat can't make it all the way so it has to go back OR I send another boat from the base, but that would be cheating no ?
  16. Thinking about it, i tink the best route should be this: By car and boat, both flown in. Ok, the plan is coming together, the yellow lines are where the boat should pick up th car and bringing it across the kand.
  17. It has been a long time ago, but now I want to plan a trip from west to east all around kerbin .
  18. Thank you, I have lot's of plans, except for goning into space.
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