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  1. Hi man, I'm back, you still here ?


  2. He landgenoot.

    Ik ben op zoek naar de TouhouTorpedo's MMW mod (voor MuscleCarParts), die is niet meer te downloaden.

    Ik zag dat jij had gereageerd op die thread.

    Heb je die mod nog ?

    Hoe gaat het trouwens met de drag moter ? (raar om hier in het nederlands te reageren,ff omschakelen :lol:)

    1. Triop


      Ik bedoel deze:


    2. Azimech


      Die heb ik misschien nog wel ... Overigens is een privé bericht handiger voor die dingen ;-)

      Zal even zoeken.

    3. Triop


      Lol, ja ik weet het, ik loop te kneuzen...:blink:

      BlackHoleSun heeft 'm al voor me. :lol:

      Kijken of het nog werkt...

      Ben je nog bezig met die moter mod ? Ik zit te wachten, gne gne.

      Ik heb nog geen tijd/zin gehad om de cfg van de wielen over te zetten naar andere, maar ik heb wel veel fun met je mod. FLAMES DUDE !


  3. Hi dude, not my mod, but I can't find it again on the internet so I uploaded it for you:


    It contains the wheel modified by me, made it bigger and faster (52 m/s = 187 kph, realistic to me for a buggy)

    Let me know what you think if you use them.

    Happy racing. &)

  4. Those two idiots are soooo ruining all the fun for me... :mad:

    I'm going to troll on there challenge thread... :lol:

  5. Awesome work, you realy capture what the Dakar is all about, great inspiration.

    I've put your truck picture on top of my challenge:


  6. Hi dude, I saw your screenshots, how did you move the navbal ?

    Is that a mod, I'm looking for that for ages !

    btw, great car, time, upload times, you will be an example to others I hope.

    Who do you think will be your competition ?

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    2. Triop


      Sorry dude, need more specs. can't find a option in the menu...


    3. SpannerMonkey(smce)


      Turns out to be in game settings, i did it ages ago and forgot where the slider was, but see below in game options right at the bottom


    4. Triop


      Lol, I never knew this, thanks !


      Oewwww, scaling to, Thanks dude. ^_^


  7. Welcome dude !


  8. Lol. just saw we both are about to get to our 1000 post :lol:

  9. Just subbed to your youtube channel, you design some cool stuff. :cool:

  10. Hi, thanks for the craft file.

    Here's mine:


    It's tuned, so I suggest replace the AI flight computer for a neutral fight.

    I have to go to sleep now, I will do some simulations tomorrow and keep you posted.

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    2. Kuansenhama


      Dang, those Ghosts are good fighters. I simmed two 2v2 fights and you won both of em without losses. (First fight dragged on awhile, and was pretty intense, second fight you killed my jets right off the bat.)

      I'll bet I could optimize that design a little, though. If I were to take some of the fuel out they might be more nimble. (Might also upset the COL/COM) and make them unstable. I'll see what I can do.

    3. Triop


      So far, Ghost is the only fighter I have at the moment that has a chance. All my fighters are guns only, so I have to get used getting back to missiles, great fun though.

      I replaced the flight computer of the ArrowHead and my planes, using original settings for sims.

      ArrowHead still beats most fighters...

      You can be my wingman anytime :cool:

      Going to try some smaller fighters now.



    4. Triop




      Working on it...

  11. Triop

    Thanks for complementing me ^_^ Great work on the Talon. F-5 is my favorite fighter.



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    2. GDJ


      I live within a few kilometres from CFB Edmonton, and there is regular traffic from there to Cold Lake Air Weapons Range. A lot of CF-18's and C-130's fly over my place. The CF-18's are fairly quiet, the C-130's are a long loud BRMMMMMMMMM.....and the last time a CF-105 flew over my house it shook the windows and plates in the house. It's a fast plane, but it's crude and brutal by todays standards.

      Loudest plane my ears took a punishment with was the Concorde. Around 1997 it flew into Edmonton for a airshow. Eventho' it was a tiny speck in the sky, the engines were so loud that anybody indoors on the phones were asking "What is that noise!?" :D

      When you were within 600 metres of that plane, you have to have hearing protection, and they say keep your mouth closed. Apparently a ground crewmen lost their hearing when they opened their mouth at the wrong time. Sound got in, damaged their inner ears.

      But she was a beautiful machine.

    3. Triop


      The CF-18's are fairly quiet :o

      I've seen F-18 at airshows and I love the noise !

      AWACS are the loudest here because they fly low for approach.

      Do you use BDarmor btw ?

      I'm looking for fighter challengers.


    4. GDJ


      I do use BD, but I'm kind of taking a break from it. I found that the challenges favoured planes that flop around, and I hate planes like that. I tend to build planes that fly...like planes, and they can't seem to compete with armed floppy birds.


  12. I love your planes, do you also fight them with bdarmory ?

    1. manni01


      I sometimes play around a little with BDarmory but not too often. I do admit, its pretty fun.

    2. Triop


      They look fightworty, but the are not configured for battle ?

      I love kerbal paint btw, should be improved and in the game.


    3. manni01


      I never really intend my crafts to be good with bdarmory. I may occasionally slap on some missiles and hydras and turrets and have fun, but I don't really configure them for fight. I make them to look like the actual jet and be fairly maneuverable, but thats harder nowadays because of the new aerodynamics system. 

      I love kerbpaint too. I'm very happy that selfish_meme (can't give him enough praise) fixed the masks and added new ones. He updates kerbpaint fairly often, too. 

  13. Ok. that was embarrassing...put your shuttle on top for this...^_^

  14. Hi, by accident @NotAnAimbot, @Mordecai_Ender and I started a little private fightclub.

    Do you still build BDA fighters ?

    Would you like to join our conversation ?


    1. SasquatchM


      I am currently working on fighters for Bad T, so they have all been FAR based light prop fighters

  15. Should we continue here ?

    I don't know if people like us filling up the tread with our conversation.

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    2. NotAnAimbot


      Hm, I should design a new fighter then. The current ones are all too big to be as maneuverable as the tiny ones.

    3. Triop


      I thought so to untill:





      Give it a shot !

    4. Triop


      I invited you to our conversation.

  16. Triop

    You have closed my topic "parts I hate" because:

    "This is not a constructive topic guys, closing down, sorry."

    I do not want a ban, but could you please specify that ?

    I seriously want to know, because we have a right to be critical on KSP here no ?

    Just that freedom of speech is important to me you know.

    Once again, no trouble maker, just want a explenation.


    William Brands (Triop)

    1. sjwt


      You are not being banned, but the users who were attracted to the post started making trouble by posting personal attacks against specific mod makers, so it was not good to let it continue. 

      A more positive wording of your post might work better, such as "Parts that I feel could be improved" but just by specifying hate it has attracted those who have strong feelings and wanted to attack others. 

    2. Triop


      I see, thanks for the clarification.


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