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  1. Great name! I may nick it if/when I ever get to Duna. I've got a "Leia" too, as well as a "Luke," both from rescue contracts. Wonder if those names entered the mix with 1.3x, or if they've always been there and I hadn't rolled the right result? ETA: Has anyone else accepted a rescue contract purely for the name of the Kerbal concerned? I know I have! (One time, it was the name of one of our daughters-- how could I not? Another time, it was because the name amused me...)
  2. I notice that a lot of the facepalmworthy moments are due to deficiencies in design-- at least, mine certainly were. I'd just like to add that those moments for me have been reduced (but not eliminated-- there's still room for operator error) by the KRASH system by the indefatigable linuxgurugamer. Not to be confused with the "Kerbal Krash System," KRASH is a simulator that you can run from the VAB to see how your current design will function in different environments.
  3. Launched the next module (Nut, a 'Spektr'-inspired module) for the 'Mir'-type Hotep space station, and managed to dock it. Each time I think it's going to be easy, and each time there's a curve ball... still, mission accomplished. The other occurrence was something worthy of the facepalm-moment thread. I landed an automatic lander on Minmus-- almost but not quite on top of an automatic lander that was already there. Nothing blew up, but the new lander fell over on its side. Still scratching my head on what to do about it. Of course I neglected to quicksave on the way in-- "what could go wrong?" A "simulation" indicated that attempting to take off horizontally merely left me skimming along the surface of the Greater Flats until things started to explode. I notice, though, that I'm pointing at a semi-distant hill that looks sort of ski-slope-y. I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't try that next... I just need to keep the speed low enough to keep the thing intact till I get there.
  4. Personally, I looove KCT. It makes me play in a way that feels more 'realistic'* to me... things aren't ready immediately, the building sequence matters, and research takes time as well as science points. (I have forced myself to limit the upgrade points spendable on speed-of-research to each time I upgrade R and D... this slows it down to a level that's "just painful enough." _______________ *"realistic" in the sense of 'as realistic as a game with little green bug-eye aliens can be, of course'
  5. Side note... After reading most of the items on the above bibliography in the past 6 months or so, I'm re-reading Asif Sidiqqi's Challenge to Apollo and I'm getting a lot more out of it than I did the first time around... Sidiqqi mentions so many individuals that one rapidly loses track if it's the first time through, but now that I'm familiar with many of the principals through other reading, it all fits together much better. (For instance, every time I see Ustinov's name, I think "Uncle Mitya," and when I see Isayev's, I remember Chertok telling about how Isayev's favorite phrase was "blow one's brains out." So they've become people to me instead of just a collection of Russian names...) As a result, while I do think that Sidiqqi's work is absolutely required reading, I would note that it should not be the first thing that someone attempts on this subject.
  6. Yup, that was pretty much it. The biggest pain was that I wasn't very accurate in my landings yet (still not, but improved) and the closest I landed the third lander was 2 km away... walking six kerbonauts over 2 km one at a time was a loooong process. (Since that time, EVA Follower has made that sort of thing easier...)
  7. Mine was landing a second lander on the Mun to rescue the first, and then it needing to be rescued itself... there was quite the unintentional Mun colony going there for a bit. In both cases, it was poor design. The first lander included fuel tanks that were only LF as well as some LFO tanks, so I was sitting there with fuel left-- but was out of oxidizer. Blech. The second lander had the engine sticking out a bit too low relative to the landing legs, and lost its engine upon landing. Building a lander big enough to rescue the first two was a challenge, but it all worked out in the end. But still... ::facepalm::
  8. hm... basically, what I'm getting from that (although that thread's a lot more than I want to read at one sitting, and it started a couple of years ago) is that, at the current time, I should be looking for something with an i5-7xxx or i7-7xxx and either Nvidia or Raedon. (I confess I don't see the connection between bitcoin mining and GPUs, though there obviously is one.) (No, don't bother explaining-- it doesn't interest me...)
  9. It's nice to see that even tractors get to admire the view every so often.
  10. I miss the "locked" option to prevent accidents on long-term landers and bases...
  11. Yeah, not sure what 'ancients' are being referred to. I can tell you that the Egyptians thought in terms of tens, based on the symbols they used.
  12. I never, ever understood the opposition to MechJeb. Space flight is not done manually or by the seat of the pants. Yuri Gagarin did not touch the controls in Vostok a single time; in fact they were code-locked to prevent him from doing so (although in the event, it appears that multiple people told him the code ).
  13. Clipping and rotating tools make your rockets look better. I can't tell you how many times I've taken a "Thud" and turned it around to make it an "inline" engine, especially in clusters. Oh, another one... adding a probe core, especially an OKTO2, into a capsule--- makes nonpilots into pilots and low-level pilots into better pilots.
  14. It's coming up on time to replace my old laptop-- it's going on 5 years now, and it's been a good one but it's starting to show its age in a number of ways. I discovered that I really didn't use it as a laptop all that often-- it sat on my desk most of the time. So I think I'll be looking at a tower or minitower for the next one. Which all leads me to the important question: what things should I be looking for as far as KSP is concerned? I know already that I want to get something with better graphics capability than the creaky integrated Intel stuff I had on my laptop, and know that NVidia/Gforce is a good way to go, but I'm not up on what all the models are. I won't be getting a high-end ultra-gaming machine, just a general-purpose computer, but I don't want to accidentally limit myself... What are some hints for me to look for that stand a good chance of being good in a KSP way?
  15. After a couple of false starts, successfully docked the 'Hapi 2' module to the 'Hotep' (Mir-type) space station. The tourists returned from their 18-day stay aboard the older 'Nedjkhert' station... but failed to pay the promised amount as a bonus. A last crew was sent up for a 90-day mission to finish up some research before the station is de-orbited. Spent some time designing another rendition of an R-7/Soyuz booster-- moderately happy with the results but still have some work to do on it.
  16. I had to go with Tom Baker, although I'd put in a plug for Matt Smith for the 2000's era. (Which is interesting, because I am not sure I liked his portrayal of the Doctor best... but I think the writing during that time period was top-notch and they did some of their best shows.)
  17. Launched the 'Hotep' station base block, then launched the first expansion module ('Hapi 1') and docked it to the rear axial port. That ace of engineers, Alice Kerman (who the ____ is Alice?) is handling the orbital assembly in her orbital tug. 'Hapi 2' is nearing completion and will be launched soon and then it should be ready for habitation. The expansion modules 'Tjehnet', 'Nut', and 'Geb' will be added as they are completed. The tourist visit to the 'Nedjkhert' station is nearing the end of its 18-day run. Evidently tourists aren't any more susceptible to space adaptation sickness than Kerbonauts... Also wrapped up the visit to Minmus' Greater Flats, rendezvoused with the 'Horus' capsule, and parked the lander at the site of the future Delta Base on the Great Mesa (about 4N, 66W). The 'Hotep' launch did have one hiccup... I had forgotten to include a SAS module in the design. I was able to quickly add one to 'Hapi 1', though, so that takes care of that. Very much enjoying the combination of Vapor Vent and Launch Countdown Clock. I sometimes want to call a hold simply to admire the way the rocket looks on the pad.
  18. No... it was worse-- far worse... I didn't have time to KSP at all.
  19. Am I weird for liking to watch the RCS firing as it comes in? It's almost certainly the combination of the solar panel "wings" and the rounded shapes, but watching a Soyuz or Progress come in, it looks so much more graceful than anything else (except perhaps a shuttle, for the same reasons-- wings and rounded shapes).
  20. There are some days when everything's going fine, and then I fire up KSP and my rockets start flipping and exploding. Let's just say that if that inverse relationship holds true, then I am in for a spectacularly successful KSP session this evening.
  21. I'm with you... and, to judge by your avatar, you're probably as excited by the KerSoviet (or whatever) parts as I am!
  22. I took advantage of the roomy 'Isis' crew transfer vehicle (seats a pilot plus four) to fulfill a nice contract: give four tourists an 18-day stay aboard the 'Nedjkhert' space station. It's due to be deorbited soon, to be replaced by the 'Hotep' (Mir-analogue) orbital complex, so may as well get some funds out of it... besides, there were still some excess supplies aboard, so why not? Also landed on the Greater Flats on Minmus-- the last biome that hasn't been thoroughly scienced-- picking up a rescuee along the way. The bank account has been replenished back up above four million again, which eases things up for some future projects...
  23. ooh... I don't think I've seen a Luna III for Making History, come to think of it. That would be all set up for hailing.
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