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  1. I think the programmer in me will make me "comment them out" by temporarily renaming or moving them and see how things run.
  2. I use the HECS-2 from Asteroid Day for a lot of my probes. Nice and roomy. I also have used the dish antenna a few places. My "B612" probe is still enroute to Eve-ish orbit; no sign yet of a kraken. (crossing fingers)
  3. Kerbal Alarm Clock MechJeb Aviation Lights ScanSat Kopernicus Outer Planets Final Frontier KAS KIS Asteroid Day Corvus Stockalike Station parts KAX Distant Object Enhancement oops, and [x] Science Universal Storage ETA: I'm really not hugely concerned that it's a game-breaking bug or anything; it was easily solved by the restart. It was just odd and I'm curious.
  4. After playing for some time, I had just reverted a flight to the VAB to correct a problem, then sent it to the launchpad... It was weird. Instead of going to the launchpad, I was in the space center view. KSC was there, in space, with the Mun visible below where the "ground" should have been-- I wondered if Davros had stolen Kerbin to help make his Reality Bomb. Also, oddly, my rocket was visible, in a small way, apparently with first stage engines firing, but suspended motionless at an angle just off the pad. Getting out of KSP and back in again, everything was nominal; but that was an odd experience. I'm too much of a n00b to recognize the types of Kraken on sight; wondered if that was one of the known types.
  5. Knowing that something like this was in the works for stock, I've delayed on d/ling RemoteTech... I'm waffling over whether I should wait or not.
  6. I've noticed that I have three versions of the ModuleManager.dll file, installed by various mods-- is it fine to let them be, or should I only keep the most-recent/highest-version-numbered one? (Do they interfere with each other, or work together?)
  7. LOL... Well, what would one expect from a race whose primary characteristics are "Courage" and "Stupidity"? I'm in the middle of my first official rescue contract... sent Jeb up to retrieve someone who is apparently stranded in orbit in just a Mk1 Cockpit. It wasn't immediately apparent what to do once I'd rendezvoused, though the image of just a cockpit stranded in orbit was somehow so very Kerbal that I couldn't help but laugh. (I pictured a gigantic rubber-band slingshot...) Jeb EVA'd and did a couple of loops around the cockpit to let the rescuee know he's there, and they'll do their own transfer EVA today. (I had to look up on the boards to find out how to actually rescue them... it didn't occur to me that I'd suddenly have control over a "NPC" Kerbal... glad I did that before simply shoving the derelict into a reentry trajectory!)
  8. Finished my on-orbit refuelling station in my Science Sandbox campaign, test-ran a few mods, and restarted a full Career campaign.
  9. Sometimes it's a difficult choice: do I add a comment to an older thread on the same topic if I have something to say and get accused of "necroing" a thread? Or do I start a new thread and get accused of not searching to find out if there's an existing thread on the topic? D**d if you do, and d**d if you don't...
  10. Had some trouble trying to dock a big orange tank with my new refuelling station; redesigning the tug to put its RCS closer to the combined COM. Also poking around with some mods.
  11. My principal pet peeve is, as has already been noted, not enough time to play! The camera rotation/movement is sometimes a little awkward in a way I have trouble describing-- sometimes when I'm trying to get a close-up view of a particular end of a long vessel, it seems it always ends up hidden by the altimeter. You wouldn't think that would be a big problem, as small an area of the screen as that takes up, but I seem to bump into it a lot. It's more than likely the result of my relative inexperience with the interface, though. One pet peeve I have is that it seems that every time I attempt a surface landing at night, the ground becomes more steeply sloped than in the daytime! I've resolved never to land on anything but the dayside of anywhere, including Kerbin... tired of seeing my landers and recovery capsules bouncing or rolling downhill to a fiery end!
  12. I didn't have a lot of time yesterday between house and kid stuff, but I did manage to launch my new modular refuelling station core into LKO using my newly-developed heavy booster. Had some momentary difficulty shaking it out of the cargo bay (I had to launch it that way as it was turning out to be too fragile to launch unprotected on top of the booster) but it worked out. Construction Phase II commences this evening...
  13. I've not been KSPing for too long yet, so my "to-dos" are a bit more modest: - I'd like to build a modular space station on-orbit. My first station was Salyut/MOL-inspired, and my second was Skylab-inspired; they've been nice but I want to get more ambitious. To that end, I had to work on developing my heavy-lift capability, which is what I've been concentrating on recently... - I'd like to probe the other planets in the system. To date, I have brief partial scans of Moho, Eve, and Duna from flyby probes, and I have twice attempted to drop probes into Eve's atmosphere, so far to no avail. I have a pretty good idea of what I've done wrong so far, though (success is nice but failure is often a better teacher), so it's a TBD rather than a how-the-heck-do-I-do-it? item. - Spaceplanes. I've been concentrating on the VAB and the launch pad; there's a whole 'nother aspect to KSP I've basically not touched yet. Edited to Add: Another thing I'd like to do is mine older "paths not followed" in our own space program history, like early plans for Mars exploration in the 1970s and 80s, and try to make them work in KSP. There are some neat-looking design studies out there...
  14. I've been on a launch-vehicle-standardization-and-development kick ever since I learned how to save subassemblies... last night I put the finishing touches on my 40-tons-to-LKO launch vehicle, which makes some of my space station plans practical.
  15. My Kerbal log only has a few dozen space-hours in it (IRL, not counting time warps.... IG, I'm rounding out Year 1), so I don't have tons of wisdom to impart... but perhaps a few "For Newbies, From A Newbie": 1. Take all advice you read or watch as general guidance, instead of gospel. Quite a few things may have changed since the advice was written. 2. Ignore the MechJeb controversy and get it. Even if you don't use it for autopiloting, it's worth it for the "Orbit" and "Surface" info screens alone, all of which is basic and useful information (including the parts you don't understand yet-- but will). (An old Orbiter junkie like me misses the MFDs and finds the piloting information in vanilla KSP woefully sparse.) [Further: I find some MechJeb modules more useful than others. Having kids and dogs in the house, I don't have the luxury of spending uninterrupted hours with KSP, so it's worth it to set up a launch, go do something else, and then come back to find my payload in orbit-- especially if it's a design I've already launched successfully a dozen times or more. On the flip side, I much prefer to do my approach and docking manually, and also prefer to set up my own Hohmann transfers, even if I then tweak them in the MJ node editor...] 3. Otherwise, go easy on mods until you are comfortable with vanilla. (Though, being a bit of a space probe junkie [Hail the Probe!] I did install ScanSat very early on.) 4. Don't be afraid to fail. Failures typically teach more than successes do. Oh... and regarding the Kessel Run... the version I heard was that, yes, the apparent confusion of "parsecs" as units of time rather than of distance was deliberate, but it was supposed to be an obvious blooper that would tip off the audience that Han Solo was trying to dazzle his potential customers with his brilliance, but Obi-Wan knew perfectly well that Han was trying to baffle them with bull... Han was originally written as a bit of a sleazier character, but became so popular (thanks in large part to Harrison Ford's portrayal) that everything the character uttered about the Millennium Falcon was immediately accepted as canon, including the parts he was lying about!
  16. I kept bumping the spacebar and accidentally staging at inopportune times... so I changed the keymap so I need to hit pipe/backslash instead. Pipe works in my brain as a "stage/division" marker, and it's a lot tougher to fatfinger unintentionally...
  17. The "Outer Planets Mod" seems to be well-spoken-of, though I recently found that you need to install another mod (Kopernicus) first, which I haven't done yet. (But since I've only successfully landed on the Mun and Minmus so far, I'm not in any immediate danger of running out of planets yet...)
  18. Finished out the Tech Tree in my Science Sandbox campaign. While I was doing it, it seemed like it was going to take forever... and now that it's done, I'm like, "What? I'm through it all already?!?" So now I think I'm going to start all over in full-blown Career mode, now that I think I've got a good handle on how things go. I also stepped back and looked at the boosters I'd been using, which I had pretty much created ad-hoc for each new launch, ordered them into payload-weight classes, and selected the best from each weight class as 'standard' designs, which I saved as subassemblies. I'm still struggling in the over-25-ton range, so I need to spend some more time designing some heavier launch vehicles. Also started playing around more with spaceplanes. I may be "done" with the Tech Tree, but I've still barely scratched the surface of what you can do in KSP...
  19. Ugh. Ever have one of those days when you can't get into orbit? After six failures, I ended up launching something I didn't actually want to launch because I wanted to orbit something.
  20. Launched another Multiprobe, this time just around Kerbin-- so now they're deployed around it and both the Mun and Minmus. Next step: Duna. Experimented with boosters to get my new nuclear-powered exploration vessel (Isis Mk II) into orbit; it's a heavy vehicle, but even so I kept overestimating the booster power I'd need, so I kept reverting and scaling back, to the point I think I'm set up for success later today.
  21. Not really surprisingly, reversing the direction of the fuel ducts worked. I guess it's the same principle as reversing the polarity of the neutron flow. Thanks for the tip!
  22. I deployed my improved Multiprobe in Munar orbit, and my first probe arrived at Eve. It was something less than a total success, but I got some data back. The second of the pair of probes arrives two Kerbin days later, so I'll try something a little different to see if I can improve. (Love the trial-and-error aspect of KSP!)
  23. Hm... since I wasn't aware of the directionality of the ducts, that's the most likely explanation (I haven't used them often so far). Will check and let you know.
  24. I was trying to add fuel capacity to my "Nerv"-powered stage by clustering multiple Mk1 Liquid Fuel Fuselages and linking them with each other and the core stage with external fuel ducts. But no matter how I arrange the ducts, either directly to the core stage or in a spiral series, the only fuel that's registering is that in the central fuselage (the one the "Nerv" is attached to directly). Is there a way to do this, or is it some sort of limitation of the nuclear engine?
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