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  1. Or they just do their job. You know, researching stuff and making theories.
  2. What you described already exists, and it’s called electric propulsion. Good news: it doesn’t produce X-rays.
  3. Too vague without context. Maybe Luna-Grob (Luna-Grave)? Luna-25 was originally called Luna-Glob.
  4. The first launch is scheduled for the end of 2025. As I understand, they are still testing the RD-171MV engine. One engine is completed, two more are planned to be delivered before the first launch. edit: ghost quote!
  5. You got it wrong comrade. Both Luna-25 and the Moon itself are orbiting Russia. The spacecraft just has a weird epicycloid orbit, for now.
  6. Yeah, Moon landers haven't been very successful last couple of years.
  7. True. I’ve lost a few months trying to replicate a particularly difficult PCR. Worked once, then never again. Moved on to other things in the end. So we’ll just have to wait, I guess…
  8. What a great use of taxpayer money and launch mass budget, filling the rocket with random toys.
  9. You can see that there are other Greek letters on the screen, psi and gamma for example. From wiki: So ρ here definitely comes from Greek convention about polar coordinates, otherwise they’d use Russian «р» and other Cyrillic letters everywhere else.
  10. Yes, ρ means length in polar coordinates, ῥ with dot means relative velocity.
  11. An obvious solution to this is to use a pre-built reasonably sized rocket (e.g. Kerbal X) and test how well it performs on various PC hardware during launch. Then just publish the results.
  12. Mass extinctions happen every ~100 My, but complex life always survives and manages to repopulate Earth. It'll adapt to the changing conditions next time too, as it always did.
  13. Could it be someone testing a Macron cannon?
  14. Is it still leaking, or has everything already leaked?
  15. If the heat can't be absorbed by the atmosphere, it will accumulate. Eventually things will start melting.
  16. It’s at 50°C already, as per RIA Novosti sources.
  17. BTW, are tiny fragments of destroyed satellites called micrometeorites too?
  18. Just as planned. Didn't need that satellite anyway!
  19. Earlier they wrote that Baikonur will be renamed to Rogozinsk
  20. I doubt Starlink can be jammed at all, by anyone. Both sats and terminals have phased array antennas, so you'd have to fly the jamming device between the dish and the satellite, for every satellite in the sky above the targeted region.
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