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  1. One does (the atmosphere one), but I'm not using it. Instead, I have the "Lantern" which has 2 modes- LF high efficiency and LFO high thrust. Also, the engines still consume fuel so it's not true infinite power like MechJeb says
  2. Haha, catchy title. I built a ship using stock, porkjet atomic age and quiztech aerospace engines and now I have issues. Mechjeb says that I have infinity delta v while Kerbal engineer says that I have 0. This is for all engines, no matter which one I select it always says this. I have fuel and oxidizer left over in the tanks connect to the engines. Note, this problem only appeared once I entered orbit, so before the delta v calculations were fine. Any suggestions as to what to try?
  3. As soon as I started having issues I went back to regular. I still have the "KSP 64-bit" launcher, but the game cannot refrence it since it is not actually titled ksp.exe. I promise you the game is 32 bit!
  4. Ok, so I found that the mod also crashes when I go into the space center from being in flight with a vessel that uses your parts. This is the latest mod that I have installed onto this save. The other mods that I have are: EPL, KAS, Kerbal Engineer, Kerbaltek, KIS, MechJeb2, RemoteTech, Trajectories, USI Life Support.
  5. Hey, author. I found that reverting to VAB causes crashes when using these parts!
  6. KSP: 1.0.4 Windows 7 32bit Problem: Switching vessels causes the game to "crash" leaving a still image of where the vessel was at the time of the "crash." Note: The game does not actually "crash." I can still access the space center, but when i go to the tracking station, I get the attached image. Mods Installed: See image of mod folders http://imgur.com/UHz8R3j,y5AmUTC,HQTWA8g#1 Reproduction Steps: Build a rocket and get it into space. While in space, go into map view and switch to another vessel. Vessel disappears while nav ball has the retrograde marker over the radial marker. http://imgur.com/UHz8R3j,y5AmUTC,HQTWA8g#0 Press escape to go into menu. Go to space center and tracking station. Get attached image. http://imgur.com/UHz8R3j,y5AmUTC,HQTWA8g#2 Second method: Press F9 to revert quicksave. Same thing happens. Log: I don't actually have a log as the game does not officially crash, just the UI gets destroyed as does the image of the vessel. The vessel is still present in the tracking station.
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