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  1. Shouldn't be. If there are, can you submit a bug report, please?
  2. OK, I can make no promises. This was a group decision, and changing it will also have to be a group decision. It is already way too late to change anything for 0.2 (a new name would have to be re-localized and all that) But if this is going to be an issue for some players, then I will bring it up to the team after the Christmas break and see what they think.
  3. I'll expand on this a bit more. First Time User Experience, and it's acronym FTUE, just looks kind of awkward. For lack of a better word. And it looked even worse translated into some of the other languages. So after a surprisingly long (but fun) discussion, we decided on Cadet Orientation. It sounds a lot nicer.
  4. I can swap out a string in minutes. But all the writing has to be done (and approved) weeks in advance so it can go to the localization teams to be translated into all the other languages we have in the game. That deadline already happened. So any changes, except for really bad text bugs, will have to wait until the first For Science! patch.
  5. Yeah, that does read a little awkward, now that I look at it. Unfortunately it's a little too late to do any string polishing for the For Science! release, so I might not be able to do anything until the first science patch.
  6. I cannot recommend Night Court enough. It was a brilliant classic. As for Matthew Perry. If you haven't seen Friends, you may still recognize him from a gaming classic: Fallout New Vegas. Matthew did a character voice... And not just any voice. Matthew was Benny... Yeah, Benny. The jerk that shoots you in the head during the now famous NV intro. RIP both of you... You will be missed, but never forgotten!!!
  7. @Kuzzter moved on to bigger and better things. I don't really remember the details, but I think he got a new job, or something like that. I'm hoping some day he'll return to finish this KSP masterpiece.
  8. I don't know about that. I think getting to write them 8 hours a day, everyday, kind of gives me an unfair advantage... lol
  9. Hmmm.... weird. I think I may have accidentally deleted it??? I was just agreeing with you
  10. Have no fear. Over the last several weeks I've written a mind-boggling huge batch of unique science reports, just for this.
  11. RIP Rudolph Isley https://www.tmz.com/2023/10/12/rudolph-isley-brothers-founding-member-dead-dies-singer-motown/
  12. I was on vacation when it released, so I had a few days to do nothing but goof-off and play... lol Agreed. It's not KSP. But I've still been having a lot of fun customizing my ship(s), once I got the hang of how the ship builder works.
  13. CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) W-2133 CPU @ 3.60GHz RAM: 32 G GPU: NVidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super I've been playing about 70 hours now according to Steam, and I'm having fun. No game breaking bugs to report. But I'm not sure how compare it to Fallout 4. Yes, the gameplay mechanics are very similar, so I was doing ground combat at very hard difficulty right from the start with no problem. Outer space combat reminds me a lot of a game called Freespace that I played before finding KSP. So that was pretty easy to get the hang of. But the tone, the atmosphere... the writing. The entire universe is so vastly different from Fallout 4 that I don't know how to really say which I like best at this point. Starfield is a lot more laid back than FO4. There is some combat, yes. But the overall feel of the game is a lot different, so I can easily see myself switching back and forth between the two depending on what mood I am in. But I don't know which one I like better yet. Would I recommend it? Probably. Depends on the person I suppose.
  14. Anyone else watching ST: Strange New Worlds???
  15. Then we have to get Jack Nickolson as Gene Kerman! Jeb: "I want moar boosters!!!" Gene: "You can't handle the boosters!!"
  16. hehehe OK, since we're going there. the first album I ever bought (with my own money) was the immortal "A Night at the Opera" But after listening to it a few times my favorite song was not Bohemian Rhapsody. It was this tragic little gem. Bonus points to anyone that knows what it is really about. (without googling it)
  17. Very pleasantly surprised to hear this classic gem on our local (oldies) radio station this morning.
  18. (Quick disclaimer: We do not sell the kapy's or the kraken. I bought them on Amazon.)
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