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  1. As a side note, it's better to do your count once outside of the loop as well as Initialize your loop variable, if you are looking to produce the cleanest fastest way to loop. Like this: var count = xxx.Count; int loop = 0; for(loop = 0; loop < count ; loop++){ } Geh
  2. Thanks, I'm looking through the scripts and replacing all references to SHIP: to vesselx: I hope it works Geh
  3. Hi guys and gals. I've been getting a strange error "Undefined Variable Ship" in one of my library files, I can't find anywhere that has Set Ship to or Local Ship, and the script runs fine when called on it's own. I'm not looking for support, just someone who might give me some other idea as to what to look for so I can debug it myself. Thanks Geh
  4. If you use the flexible docking port jr, you can hide it in the nose cone and it will extend past when deployed.
  5. And just as a bonus, there are other fairings in other mods but they sometimes are not in the correct category. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ProceduralFairingSide]] { @category = Payload } This fixes that, so all the fairings for the procedural fairings show up in Payload category. Geh
  6. This is the one that has the three bases and auto ajusts to the payload. And for the textures. Hth GEH
  7. Thanks for the clarification RoverDude, I was under the impression that you needed engineers as I never got any progress ;-) GEH
  8. Hi, As far as I am aware, you need kerbals, because it's hard coded into the dlls, ( USI and Extraplanetry Launchpads ). There is nothing to stop you creating a part with a resource converter to create the Material Kits and Specialized parts from raw resources. Here's one I knocked up, not tested. Geh @PART[*ISRU]:AFTER[Squad] { MODULE { name = ModuleResourceConverter ConverterName = MaterialKitsBuilder StartActionName = Build MaterialKits StopActionName = Stop MaterialKits AutoShutdown = true GeneratesHeat = false UseSpecializationBonus = false INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Ore Ratio = 0.1 } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 0.5 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = MaterialKits Ratio = 0.01 DumpExcess = false } } MODULE { name = ModuleResourceConverter ConverterName = SpecializedPartsBuilder StartActionName = Build Specialized Parts StopActionName = Stop Specialized Parts AutoShutdown = true GeneratesHeat = false UseSpecializationBonus = false INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Ore Ratio = 0.1 } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 0.5 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = SpecializedParts Ratio = 0.01 DumpExcess = false } } }
  9. Hello, There isn't one simple solution for your request. So here goes. For planes For takeoff For docking you need Navyfish docking alignment and do it manually. I usually use IVA ASET with the Docking Port Alignment and a docking cam. it's really easy. I don't have problems with mechjeb myself, make sure you are using the latest version for your version of hope this helps KSP. Geh
  10. I recompile 1.3 mods for 1.2.2 regularly. The first thing you should do is comment out any errors, If you are lucky, then it should compile and work under 1.2.2, although any localised strings might not work at all, So edit anything that doesn't work with some psuedo strings. For compiling 1.0.3 to 1.2.2 most will work if you reference the correct dlls in your project, there are some changes in the api, so you will have to make a best guess at the extra values that you need to provide. The big problem is parts, I don't have the correct stuff or the knowledge to convert a part in one format to another format. Hth GEH
  11. Mechjeb can show you drag, But your best bet is to look in the part config for the off angle drag value. Are you building SSTO's? if so put foldable arrays in a cargo hold, or one of the nice Mk2 expansion service modules. There are also special solar arrays around that have shrouds that hide the drag while stowed. If you are doing 1km/s at 15km on kerbin, you don't need solar panels just then the alternator should be generating enough ec for you. Geh
  12. The problem is more to do with the static constructor, I'm guessing that it's passing in the ticks since the application started and not the number of ticks since 1970, the static constructor will always fire at the same time, unless module manager is slow for a while. I work with a developer who loves to put Random in unit tests, all his tests work on his machine, but don't work on the server.
  13. In my version of contares the engineID is there as ClosedCycle, the multi mode switching is working, just not the effects, I will try copying the effects and rename it when I get home, but as you say, that is a very sad thing. Thanks GEH
  14. @PART[E_ATV_Engine_4N]:AFTER[Contares] { MODULE { name = MultiModeEngine primaryEngineID = ClosedCycle secondaryEngineID = ClosedCyclex } MODULE { name = ModuleEnginesFX engineID = ClosedCyclex runningEffectName = running_closed thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform exhaustDamage = True ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 140 heatProduction = 200 fxOffset = 0, 0, 0.1 PROPELLANT { name = LiquidFuel resourceFlowMode = STAGE_STACK_FLOW_BALANCE ratio = 0.9 DrawGauge = True } PROPELLANT { name = Oxidizer resourceFlowMode = STAGE_STACK_FLOW_BALANCE ratio = 1.1 } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 280 key = 1 200 } } } Thanks, it's the ATV engine from Contares, it's using the same runnningEffectName and thrust, just different propellants. I'm completely stumped as to why it's not working.
  15. Hi, I've created a MM patch that adds a MultiModeEngine to an existing engine. So I have the MuliModeEngine entry, the Original engine and the copied engine with different propellants. The engine works in both modes and switches correctly. However: When the engine is in the modified mode, the effects are displayed and we have plumes and jet cones, When the engine is in the original mode, the effects don't show. The engine still fires and thrust is produced but no effects. What do I have to do to get the other mode to have the exact same effects as the first mode? Thanks GEH
  16. After my first playthrough, I now edit my save game to give me 20 mil credits at the start.
  17. Because you learn from doing, not from copying. Module manager is referenced from where you did the copy from +PART [$name$], so you are creating a psudeo element in the same directory as the original part . you can't copy SQUAD assets into another directory and distribute it, or most any other mod. But using module manager gets around this, because you are not redistributing anything.
  18. I get this as well, the menu is still there, you can click on start game if you know where about it is. And the second menu will appear. I've narrowed it down to being 2 things. * Eve * Screen saver / lock screen happening before you focus on the game window again.
  19. One of your part mods is out of date with the version that you are playing, it's got infinite drag. Try launching every single par attached to a small solid rocket booster to figure out which one is causing the problem. I had one pod that was doing just this, the version I was using was 1.0.5 on a 1.2.2 install.
  20. do have a fuel switch mod active, ( I run 3 different ones )? In the past when I have modded a tank with a fuel switch, then removed that mod the tanks contain nothing. Geh
  21. Hi Don't change the file in the squad directory, make a copy of it with modulemanager. @Module[liquidEngine1-2] { @name = MyNewEngine @description = fell of the back of a competitors rocket @title = A second hand engine @manufacturer = South end scrap } take a look at this page https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki/Module-Manager-Handbook for descriptions on how to do stuff.
  22. That's what my patch does, be warned though if you dock a Jr to the regular sized port undocking will be tricky. To get to the port you have to focus the camera on the port then rotate it to JUST the right position to right click the JR port. My main use is to dock, Contares - CIDAS-A9 Androgynus Docking Port to a standard docking port. GEH
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