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  1. Oh! Neat idea! I like the concept. And the picture too! Maybe some more screenshots to show it off/attract the users here? Good luck for your project! Daf
  2. For me here the top post of page 2500 is Vanamode, as it should be
  3. Thank you for getting back! I never messed with GitHub, nor log files for that matter. And I resolved the issue by building my play-throughs around FTF now. But when I find the time I will try to replicate the issue on a fresh install. Thanks for your time!
  4. I was at the launch event in Berne, as some of our related workgroups here contributed to some of the instruments. Godspeed JUICE!
  5. Some nice screenshots you have there. May I plz ask where that skybox is from?? Looks gorgeous
  6. Yes, this. While I never actually checked, it was always my assumption that Duna is on a rail around the Sun and Ike is on a rail around Duna. If it WERE in the game, it could explain encounters going amiss when you timewarp and such things. How could one properly check this anyway??
  7. Depends on your hardware. But for what it's worth, on my system (which is a 5yr old rig now) Parallax does not really make a noticeable difference in load-up times. You can see how much it takes to load up all the different parts and textures, and the Parallax files flash through in a snap on my dated system here. (not running the colliders though, never tried them yet)
  8. Indeed. But to be fair to the OP, the common center of mass being outside the parent body might be considered unusal... at least in the context of KSP.
  9. As an addition to my post above: FTF works perfect, but FTL gives me the "false" tag, no matter what I try. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Any idea why I get the "false" flag on all my science modules?? Thanks in advance!
  11. I stand corrected. Apologies for the misinformation.
  12. You are more than welcome. A good place for EVE support is also the EVE section of the Kopernicus Discord, btw.
  13. Yes, I would have said this look good. I cant see why it shouldnt work. Sorry I cant be of more assistance. Let's hope the mod author or somebody else with more knowledge than me will chime in here. If you dont get their attention here, you could post this in the E.V.E.redux thread.
  14. Well, there is always full size RSS too
  15. The folder for the stock configs (or rather the original configs) is called Buolder Co. and should be in the Game Data Folder. If this appleis I dont see why it shouldnt work. If you cant get those configs to work, maybe try some other available configs? Like the ones that are included in Astronomers Visual Pack, they are quite popular. The issue you are describing has nothing to do with Scatterer, btw. Those are independent mods. You should get nice clouds without Scatterer at all.
  16. Both. Originally it is meant to be stock size (and I enjoy it that way). But it can be scaled to 2.5x by Sigma Dimensions I believe.
  17. Neat stuff. Keep em coming. Enjoy your narrative voice too, good job.
  18. Welcome to the forum! Just in case you really meant Mars, here's a link to the Real Solar System numbers:
  19. Brother, here you go. Was one of the top hits of the google search "list transfer window days kerbal" https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fSr2UUYdcWf1ioJmYdF8a-qo0lA_ujC9kKfS1m5Q--E/edit#gid=0 maybe the above link helps you more?? the angles you can find by fiddling around with your maneuver node.
  20. that is literally THE go-to place for transfer windows. been for ages, too. Has all the info you'd need. I think it covers your initial question perfectly. What else are you looking for exactly?
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