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  1. 1.0.0 Changelog Angle Snap Added a hotkey (Left Ctrl or Left Ctrl+Shift) to cycle through snap modes. >Free>1º>5º>10º>15º(default)>20º>30º>45º>90º> Added a notification to tell the player what angle snap he's currently on Symmetry Modes Added a notification to tell the player what symmetry mode he's currently on Fixes Fixed symmetry modes not working on KSP2 0.1.4 Fixed custom size labels not working on KSP2 0.1.4
  2. Mesh based plumes have been giving me headaches, so i made them Volumetric, here's some beauty shots on the next update of LFO
  3. Progress update so I've been working on a mod that will do the same as KSP1's B9 Part Switch! Below, along with the new landing legs and the Kheap-01 Remodel, you can see Reiptor-12's, Reiptor-12 Vac's and Kheap-01 Vac's new collar options, that can be toggled on the OAB (just like B9PS). These are selected with a Dropdown on the Part's OAB.
  4. Yeah its the same as making any other engine, pretty easy! Not planned for any of my part mods as of yet tho
  5. 0.3.0 Changelog Fixed mirror symmetry exceptions Fixed exceptions on odd symmetry values Now you'll need to press **Left Control** to enter the LOABE Symmetry mode!
  6. I modded them, i did it before there were any announcements of them in game, once the developers release theirs, i'll probably just fill the gap with mine (Ie: theirs are Medium, i'll remove my mediums and only add large and small) or leave it as is, theres no problem with that i think, the part bloating in editor can be solver easly with something like Community Category Kit (which i'm also working on) https://wiki.spacewarp.org/wiki/Resources made by me its all the current resources in the game, even the ones not implemented Parts can pretty be done w/o the "competing standard mods". Those mods, as of now, are pretty much just for player enjoyment and have no real use to modders. As for tools, there's currently only 1 set, mostly developed by me, munix and Cheese. and for tuturials, theres a few tutorials, but also only 1 set.
  7. Yes, KSP2 Unity Tools made by Cheese, just set up your parts in unity, hit "Save JSON" and ur done
  8. 0.4.1 changelog Added MK2 RCS Block localization Fixed Typo on Mk2 Vtol ("Persina" -> "Pursina") Fixed the lights flashing on MapView Removed flares from engine's light sources Fixed audio not stoping when the game is paused
  9. 0.2.1 changelog fixed plumes not being created when loading a craft in flight mode. Basically i forgot to remove commented lines
  10. I can quite confidently say that it will be very rare the case where a game update breaks mods (depending on the mod obviously), but most of us use the game's provided Modules so parts and ui wont break with updates so theres no need to uninstall them
  11. I should also add that the mod WON'T be loaded if you have missing dependencies. And LFO 0.2.0 is a dependecy of the mod
  12. I second this, remember that KSP2 is a totally diffrent game, it might behave similarly, but the game was mostly refactored. This said, its easy to create parts in KSP2, If you have Unity knowledge you can do it with a few drag and drops. I can guide you through it if you wish.
  13. We already have that, its the BepInEx folder, it holds configs, modded game files, Dlls and everything else... Also config files will not need to be put into addressables, but these configs are not the same as the KSP1's, KSP1 part configs dont exist anymore. Parts are described via Jsons and you still need the prefab for a part to work. So again, the way that KSP1 created new parts no longer exists. You can't just copy a model, a texture and write a cfg and put it inside a GameData anymore, you need to put them into addressables.
  14. 0.2.0 changelog New loading system using Spacewarps Loading Actions. All plumes will now be under ModFolder/assets/plumes Added support for: child plumes, to keep your plumes organized shader specific configuration Maintaining present Throttle VFX As many meshes as you want
  15. my guess is that its a common folder on all computers, and its commonly known as the "all the data your app needs folder"
  16. unfortunatelly i dont think i can talk about the Hows to do it here, come to the KSP2MS discord server! we're more then open to help you there! https://discord.gg/ksp-2-modding-society-1078696971088433153 but about the parts JSON configuration, that is not yet as simple as modifying a file, you'd need to repack the files in unity, We on the KSP2MS are developing a ModuleManager a like for KSP2 tho!
  17. amazingly said, MM is not of IG's interest. Their interest is to make KSP2, not the modding community tools, thus reinforcing my point of the Official modding support being only a generated documentation, some tools and a handful of tutorials, that's what we've seen from most mod heavy games, and thats how it will most probably be, i cant see the devs diverting from that too much. We're working on that! but it will be only for development purpouses since enabling it for production builds would mean a BIG hit on KSP2's loading times. I mean just look at SORRY's early builds, the game almost doubled its loading time because of the 2k-4k textures, SORRY it self was taking about 5-8 seconds with only 6 parts, Its not feasible to allow for the KSP1's loading style for production, else we'll have the same problem as KSP1's loading times. We gotta remember that the game now runs in a 3 textures per part(minimum), and each texture being at least 2k. even tho i would love for this to happen, i can't see the devs doing this, mostly because as you said, they have more important things, and also, i don't think its good for them to endorse something that they didnt work in.
  18. Sure ok. if you think so, but most, if not all, recent games that have modding support follow that pattern
  19. Sure! What most devs mean by "Official mod support" is mostly just a publicized API for modders to work with, along with some tools inside the engine (or even inside the game) for modders to play with. The API would be something like a set of classes that players can extend from to create their own mods, modules and more. As for the methods, it can be a vast amount of things, but would mostly just help programmers. As for tools, we expect them to be all inside Unity, since thats what they work with, they'll probably make available some of the tools that they already use, such as ie. a tool to create the part's icon, or a tool to test engine plumes, or a tool to create new planets. Modding support rarely means that they'll develop actual mods or helpers or even frameworks for the community, because that would mean that, other than supporting the game with new content and bug fixes, they'd have to support something (often) very complex. As for doccumentation, i also dont expect them to give us a detailed documentation, just the basics of each class and method, which is more than enough for most programmer modder. Usually they also provide guides and tutorials on how to do various things modding related and some sort of channel to communicate with the devs on methods that you need or questions that you might have. You gotta remind that, anything they do provide us, has to be maintained and public ready, so they can't be creating new things, since that would mean that, on top of the complex and massive game that they already have, they'd have to maintain and update also those newly created things. TL;DR Basic API with public methods and classes, documentation of the game's code, Unity tools that they already use will be available The most probable outcome to creating a new part mod would look something like Download Unity Download IG's provided Unity addons Open Unity and setup addressables (guided by some tutorial made by them) import model into unity, add every module u need to the part press "Export" on IG's provided addon copy to KSP2 folder which is already pretty close to what we do currently when creating part mods As for config only mods, i can't see them making such tools/framework for something like that, its not as simple as "load all configs", specially now that the game is based on .json configs and prefabs and not just a simple text file. remember, what they create they'll have to maintain. As for .DLL mods, the work will be easier with the API's, but dont expect it to be THAT easy. I dont think that Officialy, all types of mods can be done, Ie. @munix's UITK for KSP2, it loads DLLs before the game even starts, which you can't possible do from whitin the game, such mods would be an almost impossible task to make officially (w/o the right code, which they don't have currently). Other than that, everything is possible officially.
  20. to add to this, IG won't provide most of the tools you need to make parts, they will provide the basics, don't expect them to give you a parts switcher, module manager, waterfall nor none of the tools that were made by modders in ksp1, thus the purpouse of this topic, so that we, modders, can make such tools early and in a way to meets your needs
  21. Its been a while, well im back on track, and here's the progress so far! Mirlin-07Vac plumes! MK2 VTOL Plumes not on the scope of SORRY but surely can be done for another parts mod! I'll look into it!
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