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  1. As a long time user of SD, its great to see you taking over this project!
  2. Just checking in after reading the Steam reviews... the natives are restless it appears.
  3. JNSQ has the optional patches for 10x as well. Although honestly I would prefer and highly recommend a native 6.4x rescale mod to this. 6.4x is what I have personally used for years but of course using Sigma Dimensions. I'm kinda disappointed that 6.4x rescale has seemed to fallen out of favor over the years. 6.4x also enables the use of BDB since its built in Bluesmurff patch maxes out at 6.4x. Your excellent work on the stock planets in combination with the BDB parts pack would probably have me in tears of pure blissful joy...
  4. Just downgraded FAR to 16.0.5 and the main chute is deploying just fine. So has to be that commit on 16.1.0 you noted earlier.
  5. 1. Negative, I'm creating the capsule from scratch and am not loading a craft file 2. This have never came up in the past and is only a recent occurrence. Since JNSQ hasn't been updated in a year must be (guessing) it has to be something downstream from that. 3. Yes, nose and drogue cone are always popped off prior to attempting to releasing the main. I loaded the patch provided above and just conducted a test flight. It did not solve the problem. After jettisoning the drogue/nose cone and attempting to deploy the main, the parachute icon in the staging list turns a light blue/tealish color and the pod just burns in. Again, this is recent behavior and I can't figure out which mod updated and is potentially causing this. EDIT: Only additional thing I will add is that I am using Sigma Dimensions to rescale the JNSQ worlds to 6.4x size (resize/rescale at 2.4 in the settings). That has never made a difference before but maybe something isn't liking it now? EDIT 2: I just did a crude test with the Gemini main chute and nose cone with a solid booster, and that main chute deploys just fine.
  6. Log file located here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JzXLEkofZtlZKG8KfKjULw-dxYTcWwUt&authuser=thunder175%40gmail.com&usp=drive_fs My current installed mods:
  7. @Zorg Been away for a few days and was hoping to see if someone isolated the Hermes main parachute not deploying issue a few of have been having. I saw the Community Fixes post above... is that where the bug is?
  8. Hmm... didn't realize I was 'missing' things. I was so giddy just seeing the grass, flowers, and trees surrounding KSC. When I did a landing on the Mun the new presumably Parallax scatter looked fantastic. But yes, obviously a dedicated JNSQ Parallax patch would be best.
  9. Posting this here for general comment, suggestions, and anyone looking for something similar in the future. I'm completely enthralled with KSP again and am using JNSQ as my base. I'm getting excellent results running the current version of Parallax and even with Sigma Dimensions rescaling to 6.4x. I'm also using PSA's Toast mod for tilting the entire system to Earth-like values. Because of that I've relocated the KSC to a nice little piece of real estate at 28.58N latitude. I upscaled the system to 6.4x using SigmaDimensions. I only went to 6.4x since I simply cannot play without BDB, and their BlueSmurff patch only is effective to 6.4x. My KSC relocation MM patch. My Sigma Dimensions patch to get everything scaled up to 6.4x. Resize and rescale at 2.4 is due to JNSQ already being at 2.7x stock scale. RealAntennas MM patch to put ground stations at various points around Kerbin. I used KK base locations as the basis, but KK is not required.
  10. @Gameslinx Just wanted to pile on the admiration for the new version. I just did my first 'Surveyor' type landing on the Mun in a new career and its absolutely amazing. Bravo sir! I'm getting excellent results even running JNSQ rescaled to 6.4x with SD.
  11. No issues here with 1.12.3. Should work just fine, so go ahead and install it.
  12. Anyone else having an issue all the sudden with the Hermes (Mercury) main parachute never deploying? It will toggle between Deploy and disarm in the PAW but it will never actually deploy. The drogue chute works fine but the main never deploys. This is a recent change and I can't figure out for the life of me what's causing it. I'm using the latest pull from Github version of BDB on a JNSQ system rescaled to 6.4x with Sigma Dimensions. Realchute parameters in the VAB look correct. My mod list listed below.
  13. Problem Report: SOC doesn't seem to be honoring new time settings set by Kronometer on upscaled systems where the rotation periods are different.
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