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  1. I’m guessing you are trying to save RAM? what do yo mean by “The rest of the mod”? If you don’t want the example bases you can delete the Bases folder of instance config files. but that won’t save you any RAM. You will probably break model and texture paths by moving them out of the mod’s folder. You probably want to remove the Jerbinside continued bases also.
  2. If the upcoming release can manage to decrease the min spec a little bit I'll finally hit SPACE on buying the game. Not expecting a finished game, but would like to check it out if a 6-year-old rig can handle it.
  3. I love watching this mod develop @TV4Fun, but I couldn't see what happened in that video
  4. 1st thing would be to update ksp to the current version, otherwise you will have to do some mod archeology to figure out what version of the mod was compatible with your game.
  5. I was able to get the bases (runways) to appear in the map (in flight mode). I did adjust the visibility range setting in Kerbal Konstructs as well as some graphics setting so I'm not sure what fixed it. When you select the runway, or other symbol in the map a little KK window should pop up with a button to create a waypoint, and basic info about the site.
  6. So I'll admit that I hadn't actually loaded up this mod for a while (years?) until today. I'm happy that people are still finding and playing with it. I'll add some better instructions for activating and launching from these to the OP and maybe even the readme.txt. I'm getting the same issue on my basic RS install too (Not even running RO). The symbols for the airports actually do show up for a split second when you switch to map view in flight, and you can find them by moving your mouse around the globe, so they are there, just hidden somehow. I'm guessing its related to another mod interaction, but I'm not running EVE or Scatterer or any of the usual culprits for visual shenanigans. I'm just a config monkey and don't really understand how the game actually works, I don't have any special insight into the issue. I'll see if I can isolate the issue though. For now, if you know about where you where you need to go, you can find and click on bases to select and create waypoints. Runways should still appear in flight.
  7. You should be able to select from the Kerbal Konstructs menu in the hangar, but you may need to change the KK settings to open all airports. otherwise you’ll have to fly within range of the airport to open it.
  8. are you accepting contributions? I built the Mahia launch site back in the day and would like to try your modeling method to sharpen the terrain.
  9. Hey this is great! I’ve had a similar project in mind myself, but never quite got it off the ground. for scaling- 2.5x is challenging - I recommend scaling buildings and interactive features to the Kerbal and vessels, so about 5/8ths scale. That means stuff will look good when you get close. But you will have conflicts with aerial photography layers.
  10. only other thing i can think of is that you need to pay funds to open it, or that it has a different Type set, such as runway or something. Can you share the cfg file for the Instance?
  11. are you assigning it as a launchpad in the editor?
  12. Posted issue #585 to github, but reposting here in case anyone else has had/resolved this issue.
  13. I don’t own the game yet, but I’m curious what do part config files look like in ksp2?
  14. @Pkmniako what do you mean by smoother cliffs? are the 3rd and 4th comparison on the GitHub wiki showing the same terrain at different settings or is that a different location?
  15. Pqsmods is kopernicus, but you will have to dive in to the wiki to learn more. Not sure I would call it easier. KK has the advantage of being a GUI rather than config based.
  16. To follow up on what @HebaruSan said, yes it works, I installed it following the instructions above just yesterday. The primary functionality works great, but some little things, like hyperlinks don’t seem to work, and windows folder paths are hardcoded for some reason. big thanks to whoever wrote the instructions
  17. make sure they aren't upside down (hard to tell with some small wheels)
  18. You can try the Transmogrifier mod, which is an extension of SMURFf (in my sig). It’ll rescale basic rocket parts to real scale/volume. probably won’t work with procedural style parts though.
  19. sorry, I have no answer for the OP. Is there any existing master thread for KSP on steam deck?
  20. Exactly, it is exciting to see NASA working on pushing new technology forward, rather than stuck on SLS in perpetuity.
  21. Post-SLS NASA hype! https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-darpa-will-test-nuclear-engine-for-future-mars-missions
  22. There’s no config. You need to create a new blockmap.png with additional custom block outs
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