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  1. Its not there yet, we just plan to have it there, we just jumped the gun a little. Any help would be greatly appreciated lol
  2. DART Range Background What should we do if we find a dangerous asteroid on course to hit Earth? There are a number of possible deflection techniques, ranging from extreme (a nuclear blast) to benign (a heavy spacecraft uses gravity to nudge the asteroid off-course). Somewhere in between is the kinetic impactor technique. The concept is simple: Slam one or more spacecraft into the asteroid at high speed to change its orbit and move Earth out of the crosshairs. This technique works particularly well if used far in advance, since small nudges can add up to big changes later on. DART, NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test, is the first space mission to test this or any other asteroid deflection technique. DART launches between November 2021 and February 2022 and will arrive at near-Earth asteroid Didymos in September 2022. The spacecraft won't slow down, intentionally crashing into the asteroid's small moon Dimorphos. The crash should change the time it takes Dimorphos to orbit Didymos, proving the kinetic impactor technique works. DART Range You can now take on the challenge of achieving the DART objectives for yourself using the DART Range mod for Kerbal Space Program. With the installation of DART Range, Didymos and Dimorphos are added to the Kerbal universe. Didymos is classified a “planet”. Like other planets and moons in KSP, you can orbit and land on Didymos, but you cannot alter its orbit. Dimorphos is classified a “part”. Like asteroids and comets in KSP, you cannot orbit or land on Dimorphos, but you can redirect its path and change its orbit. You can also grab Dimorphos using the grabber unit. Didymos and Dimorphos are tiny targets that offer a difficult navigational challenge, but if you are able to guide a spacecraft to an impact with Dimorphos, the resulting changes are real and immediately observable. Do you have the right stuff to save Kerbalkind from a deadly asteroid impact? Take to the DART Range and find out. Installation Download the DART.zip file, extract the DART folder, and copy it to the GameData folder of your KSP installation. Everything needed for it to work is self-contained; there are no required dependencies. DART Range will also be avalaible to be installed via CKAN soon. Download from GitHub Contributors Galileo JadeOfMaar OhioBob R-T-B Gameslinx AKA Linx Angel-125 theRagingIrishman License DART Range, Parallax - All Rights Reserved Kopernicus - GPL SpaceObjectSpawner - GPLV3 ModularFlightIntegrator - MIT Screenshots
  3. Yes this was intentional when I created the cfgs. At the the time, that effect was not functioning correctly. I have not gone back to check recent scattered releases.
  4. Your friends are not using the provided clouds in JNSQ if they have more than one layer of volumetric clouds. I did this for performance reasons, but I am aware there have been developments with EVE redux that increases performance, so maybe one day I will revisit it.
  5. @One eyed Smile the sun flares will need to be transitioned to a unity flare, which is something that @JadeOfMaar has been wanting to do for a long time.
  6. @Gordon Fecyk your videos are great! I only wish i could fix those seams for you lol
  7. @MashAndBangers thats just so ksp. Happens in stock too. It just looks more noticeable with visual mods installed.
  8. Got to give us married guys someone to look up to. Most guys don’t grow up and stop liking super heroes or wanting to be one, we like them and want to be them for different reasons as we get older for example, I was really into Spider-Man because he was a kid like me, and I could relate to him, but as I got older and married with kids, I find myself enjoying Batman and Ironman, for reasons beyond being super hero-ness. so basically, sometimes the single, unmarried, playboy lifestyle is what entices some fans and perhaps major superhero authors know this? Oh, but what about Mr. Incredible?
  9. Oh, don’t give me that! You know where you stand with me!
  10. It’s hard to know what we can do with 1.10. I don’t have the relationship I had with Thomas and Sigma with the devs of Kopernicus Continued, so I have no idea if they plan on making Kopernicus work with new features, or if they plan to just make it work with newer versions, sans new features. We shall see.
  11. Isn’t it great that we have the freedom of choice to play the mods and planet packs we want? If don’t like something, you aren’t forced to use it. Isn’t that just awesome!? I think it is.
  12. I was going to check out the “prospect” movie, but the site is a bit suspicious. It wants you to subscribe and there are a lot of ads for VPNs. Not sure if it’s the most reputable site. edit: there are a lot of bootleg movies on this site. I can confirm it’s not a legit site. That site should not be linked. this is a good idea for a thread, though.
  13. They do have collides. We are noble them in JNSQ. Most people find out the hard way. I suppose you haven’t yet @Morphisor you can disable them by deleted this node Delete lines 24 - 32
  14. You didn’t install it correctly. The folder you need should be named EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements without the -EVE.. It looks like you make have installed the master file, not the release.
  15. I just haven’t had time. It works fine, but I do need to go in and remove the version files.
  16. Don’t use scatterer in 1.9. It hasn’t been updated. There is a work around, but people have been reporting issues with that too. Read through the last 2 pages to find the workaround.
  17. This screenshot is nearly 4 years old Aside from the brightness, which was my doing, this “milky” look has always been there.
  18. This hasn’t been an issue with anyone else, so what do you propose is done? edit: I see your recommendation in the issue you linked.
  19. I appreciate you! To think the Kopernicus release is dependent on JNSQ @Thomas P. see that? Kopernicus depends on JNSQ. This needs to be changed in the CKAN metadata. Thanks.
  20. No stress here. I’m only slightly annoyed that the nyan cat is used both as a way to show a problem (version mismatch) and as cute joke during specific dates. It harmless, but 90% of users go nuts. I just tried to nip it in the bud this time around.
  21. I have no idea what you mean. Going to need screenshots. as for sinking in the terrain. I have also have not experienced that. What do your graphic settings look like?
  22. I haven’t looked into it. I do use a fallback texture, so this may be why I haven’t noticed
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