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  1. 17 hours ago, zer0Kerbal said:

    this mod just cries out for a DeepFreeze part and waterfall configs... both well beyond me. :sad:

    plus Sandcastle.cfg, RemoteTech, and transparent pods (the .dll) as well.


    but I can add MoarKerbals, SimpleConstruction support.

    You never know I might have the drive to develop some more parts if the general management and coding are taken care of :wink:

  2. 22 minutes ago, zer0Kerbal said:

    shortlisted. just talking to CurseForge support to try and adopt the existing listing first.

    most part mods don't need much updating, so it should work. the .dll probably does need to be recompiled and updated.



    Issues - Projects - Discussion


    Pre-releases will be on CurseForge. Link when there is one.


    New thread coming soon™. News when there is news.


    Cheers, ill sort the transfers for this today for you. Thanks again for agreeing to get this back up and running.

  3. 1 hour ago, hendrack said:

    Have not tested it yet in 1.9, but the license of this mod is all rights reserved, would you mind someone updating the plugin @dboi88? This is one of the mods that are really missed from the 1.0-1.3 days :D

    I always intended to update it myself but I'm really not sure when I will find the time to get back playing. I'm happy for someone to take over management of the mod. If anyone wants to please let me know.

  4. 7 hours ago, DefenderX1 said:

    At first glance it appears to work with 1.4.3 ok. Though I haven't finished building my ship so I'll let ya know.

    Awesome job though, it's absolutely gorgeous!

    In the meantime however, could you include a version of the workshop (or maybe update the existing one) to include OSE's module so we can use OSE to build parts on the fly?
    Ground Konstruction & EPL seems to be integrated ok, just not OSE.

    Any plans on adding IVA's at some point? Or maybe use something other than the hitchhiker can interiors like some crew cabins or something.
    Also when you use the cockpit's IVA you can see the outline of the glass frame so looks a bit off.

    But loving the mod, hopefully development on it isn't dead!

    Cheers, thanx for testing that.

    The workshop already supports OSE but there is a bug, a few missing brackets, if you replace the file GameData/CoyoteSpaceIndustries/Freighter/OSE.cfg with the file below it should work for you.


    Development isn't dead per se but i'm not getting any time to work on it. I still hope to update this at some point :D 

  5. 5 hours ago, HLSA30 said:

    I wanted the ship to take it to the moon to land and a rover to explore, then return to the ship and go to another planet.
    This ship is very good but it does not reach the space and assemble it in orbit it is very difficult

    It does reach space if you fly it right. 

    if you're looking for a ship designed for landing on a moon I'd suggest you try the eagle mod.



  6. 4 minutes ago, HLSA30 said:

    hi please actualize to 1.31, the mod is very beautiful congratulation, I would like to try it

    Apologies, i haven't yet had the time to even download 1.3.1 . I will get around to it. But this does work fine with 1.3.1 as is. So you can download and use without causing any issues. It's just a warning on first load and that can be ignored safely.

  7. 26 minutes ago, Scaprod said:

    I'm having an issue with building. The Freighter parts on the other side of the hangar bay just like to wiggle out when I raise thrust. The main command module also likes to disconnect. Help would be useful. Also, I don't use CKAN.

    Sounds like an old bug. Are you using the latest ksp and mod version? And is this with a craft you built or one of the included examples?

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