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  1. Could you tell me how to do this? Or point me towards a set of instructions? I'm very new to CKAN, and I think this is the issue I'm running into. EDIT - Figured it out. It was right in front of me, sorry.
  2. Actually, I'm sorry about this, but I can't continue this thread. The bug I described is continuing to mess with my save, and so I'm starting again, this time with more knowlege, a more up-to-date version of KSP and better ideas of what kind of mess this is. All the Kerbals will be copied across, even including Bob, who died in a horrible Kraken attack/re-entry accident on Lonetrek 17, and I'll be taking suggestions for the new thread's name as of now.
  3. Good morning, evening or whatever, everyone. I am overjoyed to announce the imminent return of this thread! I'm going to slowly start getting back into the swing of it while I try to repair my gamedata folder, and solve a bug that's stopping me from recovering a craft with a Kerbal in it. If anyone's seen this bug before, it would be fantastic if you can give me some pointers as to how to deal with it.
  4. Good to see you back, @UnusualAttitude, and I'll join you in re-appearing. I shall resume regular service shortly, but until then I have a severly problematic bug to fix that stops me from recovering any craft with a Kerbal in it.
  5. Well, I'm currently on a three month cycle tour of Europe, and won't get back until October, but I do have some content I never uploaded. I switched to RSS because of a seriously unpleasant bug which reduced the thrust of all liquid fuelled rocket engines as I got higher in the atmosphere. Seeing as I've run into a problematic bug in RSS, I'll probably have to rebuild my GameData from scratch then, and might as well do that for this save too while I'm at it. I can't promise a permanent continuation of this thread, but I expect that uploading some more stuff once I'm home wouldn't be that great a hardship.
  6. Genesis - 11 Mission: Land on the Moon, again. Launch Vehicle: Tash-Murkon 2 Launch Site: LC - 4A, Cape Canaveral Date: 13/5/1957 Kador - 7 Mission: Begin testing a brand new capsule. Launch Site: LC - 2, Cape Canaveral Date: 31/5/1957 Kor-Azor - 1B Mission: Fly another orbital photography mission, this time for some shady dudes in suits. Launch Vehicle: Domain L Launch Site: SLC - 1, Kodiak Date: 6/6/1957 Okay then. To my little clutch of loyal fans, thank you, and though I won't promise anything, I'll try and at least post one mission of the thread's anniversary. Until then, I bid you adieu. Many thanks, NotAgain.
  7. I'm running a 1.1.3 RSS/RO/RP-0 install and I've just installed the Real Solar System Expanded mod. It worked perfectly, up until the point where I tried to recover a capsule. Eventually, I had the crew go EVA and got the capsule back, but I had to kill the crew with a whack-a-Kerbal and then edit them from 'dead' to 'available' in the persistence file. If there's no solution, I'll simply remove RSS Expanded, but I rather like it and had ambitious plans for it, so here's the output log in the hopes that someone smarter than me can help. https://drive.google.com/open?id=11DEp6oBrfB2lWSxMK0QYOv5mmQ9zXO7R Many thanks in advance.
  8. Right, I think I actually have a work-around, so I'll promise now to give you five three some missions before midnight British Summer Time on Thursday, but after that, I'm going to be cycling around Europe until mid-October, so there will be a long pause then.
  9. Update time: Until I figure out the new Imgur, y'all aren't getting anything.
  10. Not quite yet. We're going to wait until we have a more capable crewed spacecraft to do that, but don't worry, it's in the works.
  11. Lonetrek - 10 and 11 Mission: Test out our ability to fly two crewed missions simultaneously. Launch Vehicles: Domain 1A for both. Crew: E0 Linda Jordan (Lonetrek - 10), E0 David Bradley (Lonetrek 11). Launch Sites: LC - 3A (Lonetrek - 10), LC - 3B (Lonetrek - 11). Dates: 30/4/1957 (Both).
  12. Bleak Lands - 3 Mission: Launch a Lunar communications orbiter. Launch Vehicle: Tash-Murkon 2 Launch Site: LC - 4 Date: 4/4/1957
  13. Lonetrek - 9 Mission: Make an EVA. Launch Vehicle: Domain 1A Crew: S0 Bob Kerman (Commander) Launch Site: LC - 3A, Cape Canaveral Date: 29/2/1957
  14. I love the launch tower, @pTrevTrevs. Absolutely beautiful.
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