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  1. The Aziz's post in 4 questions: select probe with control, ladders, fuel transfer and mods. was marked as the answer   
    Press F to switch from one ladder to another.
    There's a separate resource manager in the app menu (where Kerbal manager, trip info and other stuff is)
  2. The Aziz's post in Docking and relative velocity was marked as the answer   
    Likely you've encountered one or more of these 
    It's best to not use RCS except for forward/backward movement. After initial encounter and velocity match, point at target, and crawl your way towards it. Stop close to it, set the docking ports to target each other, set SAS to target and finish the job.
    That's of course theory.
  3. The Aziz's post in VAB questions: iconography; rotate/transfer tool. was marked as the answer   
    Not quite - it marks the vessel that will be launched. The option is literally called "Launch assembly". You can work on anything in the workspace without having it changed (but you'd want to anyway since it then will show you all the stats and staging for the active assembly).
    It should, but it's kinda buggy now. Fairing will only open when hovering the mouse near the base. Kinda useless when you're working near the top of it.
    Did you notice that the side-mounted parts are being attached in specific places/orientations around a symmetry when this is on? Snap off gives you full freedom, and sometimes it's recommended when placing, say, wheels on the side of a Rovemax core.
  4. The Aziz's post in How to put downloaded ship into ksp2 was marked as the answer   
    Technically you can open the file with a notepad, copy the contents (all of it), open VAB and hit CTRL+V.
  5. The Aziz's post in Trip planner to Kerbin Low Orbit was marked as the answer   
    Select anything. You'll see the same value for low orbit every time. 
    Buut remember that you only need a tiny bit of fuel to get back thanks to the atmo. If you pack 4000 you'll have more than enough even with terrible launch profile.
  6. The Aziz's post in How to export saved spacecrafts? was marked as the answer   
    You can find the files in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Saves\SinglePlayer\savename\Workspaces
    Alternatively if you can open saved workspace you can pick a craft by root part, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in a text editor. Then just do the same but backwards in a new save.
  7. The Aziz's post in Scatterer bug makes Duna look terrible. was marked as the answer   
    That's exactly how Duna looks with scatterer (or at least how it always looked to me), and that's how the mod works, creating a haze around the planet. Think of it as dust clouds/fog. You can probably configure your way out of it but I can't help you more than I already have.
  8. The Aziz's post in How do I move a spacecraft on an orbit about 70 ° counterclockwise? was marked as the answer   
    Not possible without temporary changing the shape. If you want to get even more in front of something, you need to speed up. Which means you have to lower at least one part of your orbit.
    And so, burn retrograde a bit, only once, your orbital period will get shorter, you'll get ahead of the other craft even more, once you see the separation is good enough, head to Ap and circularize back into orginal orbit shape.
    For finetuning, you may want to set other craft as target and observe closest approach if you want but that's more work.
  9. The Aziz's post in Tiny unKerballed probe into LKO? Stability trouble over 25km. was marked as the answer   
    You mean spinning or flipping?
    If it's spinning (like, you know, a spinner) then it's probably something wrong with the fins, picture would be nice.
    If it's flipping, then I would blame your approach to gravity turn (or more like gravity slap really, looking at how you describe it). Low speed, late turn is a thing of the past, over five years now. It may still work while the rocket is long, with first stage still attached but then it often goes sideways, literally. It's now more like a 1.2twr on the pad, 28° at 5km, 45° at 10k, 70° at 20km and almost horizontally at 40km. Don't go too far from prograde marker, turn on aero overlay and don't let the red arrow (drag) appear anywhere else than at the bottom of the rocket.
  10. The Aziz's post in Any good external transfer window planners? was marked as the answer   
    Second result in google
  11. The Aziz's post in How to launch large asymmetric space ships was marked as the answer   
    That may not be the answer you want, but it's the only thing I can think of: send two. Put them on the both sides of your lifter, and you have the symmetry.
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