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  1. Just my 2 cents, but the ability of kct to 'hanger' craft is one of it's most useful and unique features. I would definitely make sure the still works in this version. Especially with reusable rockets being such a thing right now.
  2. This has been a problem in previous versions, here is a thread about it with a possible fix:
  3. @linuxgurugamer saves the ksp community again! We will never be able to thank you enough!
  4. The scout landing pod is from way back, I remember playing with it around ksp 1.0. I thought that part and the landing frame was depreciated.
  5. Thanks so much for the upgrade!! This is my favorite Tech Tree rework. I was wondering if you meant to remove the VAB/SPH switch custom barn kit? I was always of fan of switching those around, making your launchpad the restricting upgrade for the KSC. Thanks again for all the good work.
  6. Bluedog Design Bureau has a great recreation of the entire surveyor probe. I'm pretty sure the legs are their own part...btw this is a big mod with 'lots' of parts.
  7. Found a small bug in the latest version of KCT. I normally play with the default settings for KCT, however, in my latest save I disabled 'tech unlock times' and kept 'techtree unlock give points' enabled. Under these conditions in a new save with just KCT and dependencies unlocking new nodes on the tech tree does not actually give new points. The dialog will fire and tell you it is adding a point, but when you look at your upgrade point totals the totals do not increase. One small wrinkle to this bug. If you start a brand new save and give yourself some science points, and then use those points to buy tech nodes the mod works as expected. However, after flying one mission, unlocking further tech nodes and the bug will reappear. I am just going to re-enable 'tech unlock times' and continue playing, but wanted to report it for future playthroughs. Thanks so much for all your mod work it is greatly appreciated!
  8. Hello All, @severedsolo thx so much for all the work on this mod. I am about to start a new career with this mod and unkerbaled start mod. The Unkerbaled start mod has an optional custom barn kit config to trade the cost of the launch pad and the VAB. The idea is that the lauchpad max tonnage becomes your major restriction as opposed to the part count in the VAB. My guess is that this will conflict with the Bureaucracy barn kit configs. Anyone have any experience using these two mods in the same save with this option enabled?
  9. I don't have tweakscale installed in my save. Found a fix: If you reset the scale to 1,1,1 in the ReStock.cfg file for the community patches the battery size is now correct.
  10. Yep using restock, but not using restock+. Indicator lights and the patches mod are the only thing that chnged the error is most likely in the community patches mod.
  11. @Beetlecat thanks for the fix on the Science box. Just installed this mod in my save and that is exactly what I needed. I think there may be another bug, In my save all the z-100 batteries were shrunk down in size by about half. They are about the size of a pressure sensor now. I am looking through the code, but haven't found the error yet.
  12. @RoverDude that was a very worthwhile delay. Just downloaded the new DLC, kudos and great job to the whole team!
  13. With this new science mechanic I found myself not needing science alert or the xscience mod. Since the science will automatically start, no need to be alerted. If you want to know in real-time just pin your hard drive to the screen and you can watch the data flow in...
  14. Just fired up 1.7 for a few hours. I gotta say I'm really impressed with this update. Loving the new Kerbal engineers-esk display, but my happiest surprise so far was flying one of my early airplane designs. There was definitely a lot less 'jitteryness' and more stability in flight, and the runway bouncy was gone! Still early career and lots remains to be tested, but first impression is that this is a fine update.
  15. @gap I do that all the time. If you click the craft in the kct queue (next to the name is a button) select 'edit craft'. This will take you back into the VAB to make adjustments and recalculate your build time. Once your done with the adjustments, in the VAB you want to click 'save edits' button on the kct window rather then the launch button. This will place the craft back in the queue with the new build time, and return you to the space center view.
  16. Gotcha! I thought that might be the case and I just never noticed. Thanks for the great mods!
  17. Thx for the response, nope I don't have kopernicus installed, but that is good to know...some of my other saves do. Dynamic battery storage was my first thought, that's why I tried the clean installs without and still got the bug. So it is a thing, electrical charge catch-up, I didn't remember it wrong?
  18. Hello all, As always thank you so much for this mod, after KER and KIS/KAS the USI suite is always the next one added. I recently made a battery only craft to complete a one week orbit of Kerbin. It has been awhile since I made such a craft and I noticed that the electrics were not 'catching up' like the supplies were. I know that stock does not calculate electrical charge on an unloaded vessel, but I was sure that MKS did add some code to do this, just like the supplies do. Am I mis-remembering? To confirm it was not a mod conflict, I tested on a clean 1.4.4 install and a 1.3.1 install...I could be this was never a feature. It is rare that my craft do not have some form of electrical generation.
  19. This has happened to me before, I'm fairly certain that it is a mod conflict with one of the other mods I was running. The most likely ones I figured were the USI MKS mods or perhaps station science conflict.... Never did track it down, I would suggest doing mole on a clean install to see if it is actually a mole mod or a mod conflict problem.
  20. Going to start a new career save with monthly bugets mod and kct. For any players that have done that are there any suggestions for game settings/ kct settings? Is it pretty well balanced with the kct default settings? Thx for the input...
  21. I installed it yesterday and it seems to be working fine. I am getting more wobble then normal, but that is probably my aircraft design and not the fault of the mod.
  22. I'm sure this has been asked elsewhere, sorry for the double post. What is the preferred setup for remote tech with regard to comnet? Should you play with comnet selected on, or off? If you change the various settings like there dsn percentage, does that affect remote tech at all? Does remote tech use the comnet ground stations for kerbin? Thx for maintaining this great mod.
  23. Have u tried a 'prune' using janitors closet...that should do exactly what u need
  24. I generally have two ksp installs that I play, my stock-alike campaign and my heavily modded one. The big downside of the modded campaign is that it is more unstable then the stock one. I do encounter more slowdown, crashes, and save game corruption in those saves, but that is the price of having real fuels, awesome animated parts, and full fledged bases with life support. I am just happy to have a game stock or modded that I still enjoy playing for over two years still getting updates! As a lifetime gamer, I know how very rare that is. Games seldom last that long before the developers abandon them, and then the sad choice is modded or vaperware
  25. Pretty sure the devs bundled a rebalanced version of this mod with rp0 I'm sure those are balanced better for rss
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