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  1. I, for one, will not be purchasing KSP 2. Or any other game from TTI. I have already shunted everything TTI related into my "ignore" folder, blacklisted the company so none of it's games show in my feeds, and everything that I *was* interested in has been removed from my wishlist. I feel bad for the devs at the bottom. It's not their fault. Then again, the few people that actually stick to a boycott are unlikely to make any difference to them 'cause it's not like greedy corporatist asshats would offer such lowly peons a profit share. As such, whatever boycott *does* happen is only likely to hit the bottom-line of TTI, and I'm fine with that. And yes... while I accept that we don't know everything about this, the simple fact that TTI tried to keep it buried, and tried passing the disruption off as Covid related instead (yeah... like using a global pandemic which has killed hundreds of thousands of people would've been a step *UP*?!? Retarded morons....), inclines me to believe that however this whole saga occured, TTI was at the heart of whatever loveed up, unethical repurposed bovine waste happened.
  2. Dear T2. Screw you. I will not be buying KSP 2, and it has been shifted from my Wishlist to my Ignore bin (which will shortly include everything else you publish). Well done. /facepalm
  3. I wrote a KSP fan-fiction book (listed in my sig) and "published" it in the Fan Works section of the forums. Never had any grief from Squad about it, so there's that....
  4. That's what most of us do, MDZhB. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your mission!
  5. Welcome to the best community on the internet, mate. Also, check out Scott Manley on YouTube. He's awesome and does great guides and stuff.
  6. Ditto. All the imgur albums are now widescreen, only show half the image, and the cogwheel-button-thingy doesn't work.
  7. I'm another one having trouble with embedded imgur albums. On the other hand, the imgur site itself seems to be working fine for me.
  8. Four left - Mun, Kerbin, Laythe and Moho. I'm kind of scared of Moho. But I'll certainly be going all the way, yes!
  9. I have just completed my Eve circumnavigation with a stock craft. Linky, as always, in sig.
  10. Updated. Eve Elcano Challenge is now complete.
  11. Episode 12 - A Big Bang on Mun! Another short-ish episode sees the start of our Scansat mapping project for Mun, a couple of science unlocks and two rescued Kerbals along with the start of our Minmus communications network and the final completion of our Munar seismic experiment.
  12. I'm no expert, and I couldn't design the badge myself, but what about something like this: Start with a base badge like Mun. Strip the planet out the centre and put the wheel in. Then steal the propeller from the water challenge and overlay that on the central wheel. Under the two arches, where the wheels used to be, put Kerbin and Eve one on each side, then arrange the remaining smaller bodies around the outside edge of each of the planets, grand-tour style. The top text could read "Elcano Grand Master" and the bottom would stay with "Circumnavigator". Keep the central wreathe. It looks cool. What do you think?
  13. Ah, ya barsteward. I suppose it was hoping too much to be able to beat you to the finish given how long you've been around working on these things!. Unfortunately, nobody remembers second place! [edit] Are you at least going to create some sort of "Elcano Grand Master" badge that I can have as a consolation prize?[/edit]
  14. I found Gilly quite tricky as well. I took my ionbike out there and you can rest easy knowing that engines merely present a different set of problems, rather than making things better. Congrats on another complete Elcano, Claw. You must be very nearly finished by now!
  15. Episode 11 - To Minmus! In this, somewhat shorter, episode, we discover a bunch of science, rescue a lost Kerbal, launch two satellites into Kerbin orbit, send an impactor to Mun and send our first probe to Minmus.
  16. Nice work, Ryan. Well done.
  17. Except that it doesn't actually USE them up in equal quantities, which means that you need to tweak O2, food and water separately to get them to roughly the same amount of time and, if you're in the position of doing recycling as well, you then have to match up your CO2, waste and waste water recycling rates as well. Sorry, Mastikator, but I think you're wrong.
  18. Personally, I found TAC LS to be overly complicated with too many variables to keep track of. I prefer USI's Life Support. You still have to LS, you just don't have to do it three times over.
  19. Congrats, Claw. Nice mission. I note you bring your Kerbals back too... nice touch!
  20. Episode 10 - Mun Landing! In this episode, we perform a system test on the Runway, rescue a lost Kerbal, upgrade three facilities, and just casually land on Mun! We also complete the Mun Relay Network and perform an unsuccessful science contract on Mun. [edit] Oooo! Hundredth post. Nice! [/edit]
  21. I have just completed the Elcano Challenge for Duna (linky in sig) with a stock craft.
  22. Updated. Duna Elcano Challenge is now complete.
  23. I don't know whether this will help you, but in my career, I haven't hired a single kerbonaut at all. I've just got all of them from doing rescue contracts.
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