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  1. It seems there hasnt been a post in this topic in about a year, but im trying to get back into the game. I cant remember for the life of me which mod or game function allows the placement of multiple parts on the same node. Can anyone help me out?
  2. @Columbia May I borrow(steal) your engines and put them on my 777?
  3. I'd like to know specifically what is causing a 40 - 50 fps drop when compared to other visual packs of similar content. In a stock game with graphics cranked i get between 50 and 70 FPS. With Astronomers Visual Pack loaded i get a fairly reasonable 35 - 45 fps. With StockVisualEnhancements loaded i get 35 - 45 fps. With this pack loaded i get 10 fps. Why
  4. This is very cool. I never thought stock props would be able to reach this level of speed!
  5. no...... I meant for whatever reason it started producing stupid thrust at high altitude.
  6. The engine was still making 6.7kn of thrust which was amazing. It was cruising along nicely at ~300m/s until i hit about 7,500 meters and thats when the turbo kicked in and sent it to Mach 2. I genuinely had no idea that it would do that. I imagine it was the Radial ramp intake that made the difference.
  7. I made this on accident today and thought id submit it. Note, check the altimeter. This was done at over 9000 meters. The intake i used generated the high performance at high altitude. Its also very pretty
  8. Installed mod, dependencies, and a set of configs for stock parts but i get no texture loading at space center. Parts load fine in hangar, but preview are nonexistent. Cannot launch a craft, black screen. no textures. I can here sounds and can move around (based on instruments) but no textures. Did i do something wrong or is the mod just not 1.4.4 compatible Note: Tried on DX11 and OpenGL. same result both times.
  9. I ran into the same problem with the landing gear. The only way i could make my plane support its own weight was to offset the gear far bellow the fuselage just so that it would clear the engines
  10. My Smallest Turbo to date. Fully stock, no aero modifications, 2 Blowers
  11. @Kronus_Aerospace Your a madman i tell you. Definitely the most impressive creation i've ever seen based on shear size alone, nevermind that it's a actual flying turboprop on top of that. @PaperAviator That B-2 is beautiful! I admire your work greatly.
  12. Haha, I assumed it'd be less obvious I love me a Volksjäger too
  13. The Model 100? Yeah now that you mention it it kinda does. I designed the tail so that it wouldnt impact the launch clamps when i released the aircraft but it also looks pretty sleek and sexc i guess
  14. Thank you lots my guy. I wish i didn't use as many Cubic Octagonal struts but I'll keep improving it as I go.
  15. Would you mind shooting me a link? I could be using a outdated version, as i haven't seen a dedicated 1.4.3 version show up yet.
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