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  1. They recently shared a video of the engine hotfiring from another test!
  2. Pictures, now that I can post from my laptop
  3. Stoke has hot-fired their first stage engine! About a 2 second burn, but looking to mature the engine, conduct longer tests, abd build flight stages throughout the year. https://x.com/stoke_space/status/1800498602361622906?t=kYqk_E6baBGvdZrehOpuUA&s=19 https://www.stokespace.com/stoke-space-completes-first-successful-hotfire-test-of-full-flow-staged-combustion-engine/ https://arstechnica.com/space/2024/06/stoke-space-ignites-its-ambitious-main-engine-for-the-first-time/
  4. 2 minutes, and mentioned a planned flip and burn!
  5. https://www.aerosociety.com/media/23637/efs-day-2-valere-girardin.pdf I don't think this has been shared here, but this is a study for space based solar, using fully reusable rockets developed by Ariane/RFA (page 5). May or may not be funded, but I suppose it's something that they have a concept? https://x.com/KenKirtland17/status/1792995308932063556
  6. https://x.com/SpaceX/status/1793998848584794574 https://www.spacex.com/updates/#flight-3-report Still jettisoning the hotstage ring. This has to be a temporary thing, right? Can't be fully reusable if you're intentionally discarding hardware. https://www.spacex.com/launches/mission/?missionId=starship-flight-4 S29 will be attempting a flip and burn (mentioned in the flight timeline), not just a splashdown. Higher confidence in reentry?
  7. Balanced out by how stressful said job would be
  8. Looks like this may have slipped under the radar here, too distracted by the pictures https://www.rocketlabusa.com/updates/rocket-lab-completes-archimedes-engine-build-begins-engine-test-campaign/ tl;dr They're planning to reuse each engine for at least 20 launches (can definitely be increased down the line) Each engine produces 733 kN or 165,000 lbf, for a combined thrust of 1,450,000 lbf, which with its payload capacity, makes it roughly equal to Falcon 9 v1.1 The engine campaign wasn't given details when it'll start or end, but they reiterated a mid-2025 launch date for Neutron. The Archimedes engine is supposed to be very close to a flight article, and they spent extra time to build up all the teams and infrastructure needed for operations, which contributed to a launch delay. Mentioned a completion of the carbon composite structures for the faring panels, stage 1/2 tanks, and stage 1 reusable structure. Arc-Vac is designed to be restarted up to 6 times in space for payload delivery. Mentioned intentionally developing the engine a couple times to be within medium-capability, to lower stress on the engine, extend its operational lifetime, and aid in "[meeting} the rapidly reusability requirements of Neutron." I wonder what kind of average turnaround times they're expecting to achieve, and what kind of record they can set for themselves.
  9. Yeah, and Musk did mention developing a 'jetpack' which is just going to be a fancier looking MMU so they could move around without tether length being an issue. The training for that alone will be interesting. Probably won't get many details or images for quite some time though.
  10. Yeah, the first missions to establish a base should have dedicated medical studies to see if it's even feasible. How long should such a thing take to work out? The first decade or two? Longer? And now that I think about it, if Polaris II goes ahead as a Hubble maintenance/boost mission, we'll have to see EVA upgrades, to allow longer spacewalks.
  11. I like that they went into designing this suit with the thought of how to scale up production. There's people on xitter wondering why SpaceX wants to make so many spacesuits, and some of them are the same people who decry SpaceX for not working on the items needed for human Mars missions. Yeah, I wonder. Anyway, apparently a PLSS is on the roadmap according to Isaacman, and Musk has tweeted the next-gen suit will be even better, so it looks like they're already working on the upgade. Might see some of those improvements during Polaris II.
  12. There's something prophetic about a guy who's last name is Baron able to invest $1 billion in anything (looking him up, he's apparently got $45 billion in assets). And he'd have that information too, wouldn't he?
  13. It's not. Life support comes from an umbilical with the tether. It's just kind of a bulkier IVA suit that can handle vacuum better.
  14. Spacesuit reveal! Full image on their human spaceflight page. https://www.spacex.com/updates https://www.spacex.com/humanspaceflight/ Imo, it looks better than the IVA suit. Maybe they'll update the design
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