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  1. It seems you can no longer make craft that can eject other craft inside of something to make them rotate-able objects on a existing craft. I want to make a VTOL engine that can rotate downwards, but I'm not sure if this is possible in KSP-2.
  2. Indeed they do! I know about that quite a bit. Here's a WIP post for the first time in two years!
  3. I assumed after seeing who posted it that it would be quite an interesting creation but it's so well done I can't seem to see it. This is some really good work Triop.
  4. Someone should use the welding mod to make this beast into some sort of fan film prop. This could be really cool. (The craft already is amazing!)
  5. Fuselage seems a little longer in the nose, but other than that it's spot on! I love it.
  6. That's my Tesla Roadster replica! https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162-Tesla-Roadster I have a remodel I've been working on since the release of the thing, haven't gotten around to fixing the fenders and the headlights. Should look really nice when I'm done.
  7. Although I have no idea how yours works I'd like to propose the idea of custom controls opening one set of landing gears and then closing them only to open another set with another key in a certain firing order... like a set of pistons. Think that would be possible in KSP, just as a fun experiment? I can't see it being practical. Hard to put into words, I might try it myself.
  8. Not horrible, simply clunky in design. Make it your aesthetic and go for that look on purpose. You'll be more unique that way!
  9. I'm making a return. I will be working on a updated Tesla Roadster replica, and a DeLorean DMC-12. I will also want to develop a new record breaking heavy lift vehicle of some kind, probably looking at 200kT to LKO. Current setbacks include not currently having a PC, will be building one capable of running high part craft soon. Sold the old PC for a 1988 Toyota MR2 supercharged. Will be making a replica of that as well. I'll leave you all with a picture!
  10. I find all anime related things apalling to look at, but I commend you on how well you replicated this one. (I consider Ace Combat an anime - related video game)
  11. Look my name without the underscore up on google really quick
  12. Model 100p, yeah. Really cool aircraft. You can guess why it isn't my favorite though.
  13. I'd like to see a few kerbals fit in that cockpit! That would be cool, with an ejectable canopy and some ejection seats? The kerbals come with parachutes now so it will be easier to make those seats smaller than my old ones.
  14. I came expecting a car, I left with a nostalgic smile! Nice craft bro!
  15. I'd say it looks a lot like that blue aircraft made by Bugatti, but also twin engine! Of course its zippy! Well done!
  16. Another highly detailed and super smooth creation! I love every curve of it. I think it just isn't quite flattened out enough. The curvature is not perfect but constantly changing, it is not a function or a line, but rather a custom mold so it is impossible to model it perfectly. The outline of the cockpit where it connects to the fuselage however is a tad bit off, I think it isn't too long or short but rather not wide enough at dead center as it should be, but pretty dead on around the point and rear.
  17. I've never seen an A-10 replica look so on point but smooth looking. Use the drills for a gun barrel.
  18. Now extend the fuselage a bit and put a little cockpit in there for a kerbal!
  19. Middle distance. 600 / 800 / 1200 / 1600, although its mostly just 600 and 800 meter runs. If you wanna know more just PM me, I don't want to derail this thread. -On a side note, Prom was moved to Sunday due to weather so I have no time on Sunday either what with work today and track practice tomorrow.
  20. Gotta postpone that P1, I have a prom date. I also took third in a varsity track meet yesterday and have another one Saturday. Will be kind of busy until Sunday and one day isn't enough for my to finish a masterpiece.
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