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  1. Ah yeah as I said on GH it’s a community maintained patch, if you get it to a state that works well I can merge it in. Those packet fields look like they’re based on the stock antenna modules, the values of them should probably be set to the same as is on the stock part - interval .6 size 2, cost 1.5
  2. Best bet will be to report the error to KGEX, with the KSP.log file.
  3. It should be compatible as there are patches that require B9PS, it'll just be an error on More Hitchhikers side. Going to guess it mentions some missing resource definition for a tank type? And do you have SimpleConstruction installed?
  4. It's hard to help diagnose anything without a log. Upload your KSP.log file (found in the same folder as KSP, zipped if it's big) to google drive or something, and I can have a look. If you aren't using at least 1.11, the minimum supported version, it may be the cause. Also make sure you have ModuleManager installed.
  5. 1.11 up to current versions should be fine. None of that is happening for me, maybe try a clean download and install of the mod? It should run without any dependencies. Your KSP.log would be needed to diagnose anything if it persists.
  6. If you right-click save-link-as this: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/master/Gamedata/Bluedog_DB/Compatibility/TAC-LS/Command.cfg and replace the one in your GameData/Bluedog_DB/Compatibility/TAC-LS/ it should fix it
  7. Does that module only do stuff if activated? Ie, won't do anything unexpected if a craft happens to have it, without activating it? If so, and you're happy with it being used, I can probably include it in the default patches or optional extras. Edit: I've had a play, and have yet to get it to work well lol. Any examples of how to use it so it works correctly?
  8. If you can post your KSP.log (from the main KSP folder, post the whole thing to google drive or something, zip it to make it much smaller), I'll take a look. It's probably another mod changing the "ModuleResourceConverter" on the part though, causing the B9PS module to not find it and throw the error.
  9. Replace the config file in Bella_TU/AgenaUnlimited with this file, should fix it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1--AR6JqLVU1xZATKRuTJrO12Ww08WjTR/view?usp=sharing
  10. Hi, thanks for the report! It's an issue with MiniSampleReturnCapsule, at least in older versions of it. Make sure you have the latest version of that mod and see if it persists.
  11. Looks like there's a small bug where the patch "AngleCanMods/SIMPLEXTechTree/SIMPLEXTechTree-KerbalismConfig/@PART[FuelCell]:NEEDS[ProfileDefault]:FOR[KerbalismDefault]" is using FOR instead of NEEDS, causing other mods to trigger kerbalism patches. Just need to change it to NEEDS[ProfileDefault,KerbalismDefault], if that's the intended behavior at least
  12. Hmm well if you and @Falcon Aerospace can zip your ksp.log (from main install directory) and modulemanager.configcache (from gamedata) and post them here https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/issues/1378 (you can just drag the zip file into a github post), might be able to find some clues
  13. Running the current version in 1.12.5 is not a problem. Those kind of B9PS errors will be more to do with the part mods those parts are from, or some incompatibility between those part mods and some other mod trying to edit them. Not B9PS itself. So I'd probably try posting those errors in the relevant mod's thread, or their github issues page if they have one. The main log people will ask for for support will be the KSP.log in the main install folder, the same folder as the KSP exe. Zip it and upload it to a file sharing service like google drive to share it (it's way to big to just post it on the forum).
  14. Not really, all I can suggest is what I already posted above. I can't reproduce it at all, and the only clue is it's happened to someone else who also had very low fps. That person @Blufor878 also posted about how apparently they had some luck with assigning those engines to an action group for manual activation, so I'd say it's worth a try.
  15. If “SWE” in your gamedata is Solid Waterfall Effects, that’s likely the cause of the ullage motor plumes being bugged. As for the J2 issue, all I can say is the low fps is the only thing that seems likely to have broken the deployment and activation. The dev for the deployable engines mod has retired from ksp1 as well, so your best bet is fist trying the action group workaround posted above, or maybe removing graphical mods like scatterer and EVE/upgrading your PC to get a more stable frame rate.
  16. Yep, and I f you download the dev branch from github it’s available now, but I’m unsure when the next update will be released on space dock/ckan, could be a while. The temp fix I posted above you can just do in notepad, should be quite simple. Just delete the two lines I mentioned.
  17. Might need a KSP.log, and possibly ModuleManager.ConfigCache, to see if anything's changing something that would cause this. From looking at the base configs, it should be compatible with both the tantares parts. But going to test in-game. Edit: Looks like they aren't compatible due to the angle-snap docking feature the BDB port has, which the tantares ports don't use. If you want to edit a config to get it to work right now, you can go to GameData/Bluedog_DB/Parts/Apollo/bluedog_Apollo_APAS75.cfg, and comment out/delete the lines "snapRotation = true" and "snapOffset = 60", lines 61/62. Edit 2: We'll be removing the snapRotation and snapOffset lines in the next patch (it's on dev branch now), so the above is the suggested fix in the meantime
  18. So there's an interaction with Shaddy and KSPCF's new custom faster drag cube generation, where the translucent shaders cause drag cubes to generate incorrectly (the translucent parts will just be ignored). So if you have both Shaddy and KSPCF 1.28+ installed, you may get issues where translucent parachutes aren't slowing craft down enough. For now, you can disable the KSPCF drag cube generation feature if you want to keep using Shaddy, or just not use Shaddy until a fix is available.
  19. Come across an issue where this mod is using FOR[KerbalismDefault] instead of NEEDS[KerbalismDefault], so it's declaring the pass that other patches are looking for to enable kerbalism compat. FOR should only really be used by the mod itself. Should be a simple fix, I think it's only in Compatibility/Kerbalism.cfg
  20. Hmm yeah I can't reproduce it on my end, this may be the case. That may be an altitude when the planet changes how it renders in your visual setup which may cause lag, so that could be an explanation, though it's still odd that some lag would prevent the engine from firing. If you want to upload your KSP.log I can have a quick check, but not sure there'd be anything in particular that could cause this that would be visible in it.
  21. Are you getting the issue when just staging the engines, without using a custom action group? Staging them should deploy them then start them automatically once deployed, with the single press of spacebar. If that’s not happening, what exact version of the j2 are you experiencing it with?
  22. For a possible fix, you can try making a new text file anywhere in GameData, rename it to KSHBDBFix.cfg, and paste the following in there: @PART[bluedog_skylab_powerModule_radiator*]:NEEDS[Kerbalism,Bluedog_DB,SystemHeat,B9PartSwitch,zzzz_KerbalismSystemHeat]:AFTER[zzzz_KerbalismSystemHeat] { @MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]:HAS[#moduleID[meshSwitchSide]] { @SUBTYPE,* { @MODULE { @IDENTIFIER { @name = SystemHeatRadiatorKerbalism } } } } }
  23. Just from looking at what you have installed, for the first error I suspect Kerbalism / KerbalismSystemHeat may be causing issues for parts that switch radiator capacity. It's not something we test against or do compatibility for, but they may be able to add compatibility on their side. The 2nd error doesn't seem to be related to BDB, that's a Cryotanks tank type afaik. In the log, there's b9 tank type errors, but they mention "FBCM" instead of "LH2OCryo", and may be related to parts from the mod Flat-Bottom Shuttle Systems. In fact, it looks like that was fixed 9 hours ago, so try updating that mod.
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