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  1. Version 1.3.1 ISRU Mining Station Calculator release A planner to verify mining base designs It shows warnings for typical issues you can expect based on the part selection list for the craft Support for savegames; changes are auto-saved. You can log in later and continue where you left off, or continue on a different device Support for mobile/tablet layouts Better part selector menu; uses collapsible sections to better display the 70+ available parts Improvements Delta-v panel minimize button; Mobile users get some more screen space Reorder checkpoints in the delta-v panel; Activate reorder mode, drag the checkpoint Reset button in the orange menu; It clears all changes on the page Moved FAQ to the orange menu Moved Tutorial option into the orange menu Moved light/dark theme toggle to Account Details screen General mobile layout fixes on screens that seemed a bit tight Tutorial visuals made clearer Better popup control; No more signup popups while you are busy dragging a craft For devs Main project code base refactored No changes should be visible to the user, as long as I did this correctly Reworked the structure of code modules; It is now simpler to build and improve with new features This initial app started out as just a tiny project, it was only concerned with CommNets. Recent feature additions have been straining the old structure with more complexity. It was time to fix this KSP Parts Detail Extractor app Converts the SFS format into JSON KSP uses this format in part files, savegames, craft files, etc. This let me easily extract all the Mining Station parts Added a new parser using PEGJS; This could potentially make it possible to read in real 'persistent.sfs' files into the app You can find this in the link if want to try it out I appreciate all feedback. Good and bad, please reach out with what you have found _____________________________________________________________________________
  2. I couldn't seem to make the flyby trajectory show up around the Mun: From LKO, setup a maneuver to intercept the Mun. Once it intercepts, the future trajectory deflects from the gravity assist like it always did. At this point I used to setup camera focus on the Mun, and closely investigate where my flyby actually goes (for aligning up with a Mun station, or preparing for some surface contracts). This usually looks like a disconnected trajectory, but it is all relative to the focused planet. In KSP2 i cannot get that to show up, even after changing planet focus
  3. Sorry I seemed to have missed the notification for this, for quite a while Yeah sure, buy-me-a-coffee works quite well and I have not found issues in the last 3 years. But no one should believe a stranger on the internet anyways, so it won't change by me vouching for them I appreciate the support without the coffee already, but if you really want to, DM me and we can figure out a good alternative instead The Commsat tool was built on a 2d foundation to simplify things, so unfortunately a polar orbit option would require quite a lot of upgrades to function correctly. I figured that even the bad inclination between Bop and Pol wasn't too much for a 2d model, so the rest of the Kerbol system would still be very accurate. Perhaps this is a good idea for the new smaller calculators feature. Can you tell me more about the issue being solved?
  4. Version 1.3.0 New Calculator - ISRU Heat & Power Calculator (beta) How many heat radiators do you need for this many drills and that ISRU again? Just add a few parts to the system, and see the outputs calculated to verify your ideas Outputs show the total production and consumption for each resource Adjust the engineer skill level, ore concentration, and planet to see the effects on outputs Turn ISRUs on/off for specific resources to test what your mining base will be capable of Get common warnings about potential issues (Forgot to add the ore tank, again?) The idea with this is for players to quickly test out ideas, before committing to launching motherships to orbit https://ksp-visual-calculator.blaarkies.com/pocket-calculators This is marked as a beta released, because all values have not been verified by in-game tests. The few tests I ran had the correct results, but I cannot in good conscience let your Kerbals become stranded from my mistakes. Please be careful Only desktop layout is supported at the moment, plans for mobile/tablet in the future Tested on chrome and firefox browsers Details won't carry over across sessions in user accounts yet (like how the dv/commnet calculator does), future plans to add this For devs - KSP part.cfg extractor app Typescript NodeJS app that reads game files and parses them into JSON objects This lets you quickly create asset lists (like the mining-parts.json list used by the above calculator) Easy to extract large amounts of information from part files Someday I might make this an npm library for parsing savegame files as well I appreciate every bit of feedback on this, good and bad, please keep them coming If you run into any issues, or have great ideas, please let me know _____________________________________________________________________________
  5. I can't wait to see how the new engine plumes look in-game!
  6. @tg626 Thanks, I hope it does As with the other tools for CommNet and Delta-v, i want to make this one accurate, or at the very least, trustworthy. I want to test it properly before release to ensure that players are not given bad info when building/launching a massive mining bases in-game, just to see it lack enough EC to function properly. I'm thinking of adding features like accounting for the daylight time on the selected planet, then predicting how long the base will run on batteries. How much does that atmosphere affect solar panels, and perhaps calculate static solar panels' output as less than 100% because of a bad light angle. Warn players about the mini-drills having a 2.5% ore limit, or the limitations on the mini-isru heat dissipation, and many more... Remember to have a look in the "Add part" drop down menu, it should contain the "Gigantor XL Solar Array" unless it is already in the selected list. I'm considering shortening that list, or making it easier to view. For the parts, i have a little parser that reads game part.cfg files, and output them in JSON format that is easy to use in websites, so i can list any parts of the vanilla game if needed. @Leganeski This is great, it is mostly what i have been gathering in playthroughs, wiki and this post. The detail in that is amazing I'll take a close look, I think i mistakenly added engineer level as a factor in the drills power draw. It is weird how the ISRUs have the heat cap limits (mini at 75W, senior at 500W), but I don't see the corresponding value sin the part files. I wonder if those are hard coded somewhere?
  7. I started making this online tool that can help players design mining bases. It adds up the total resources consumed, produced and stored, as well as a few other metrics about heat generation, and other things of consideration when building a mining base. This is beta, and still in progress, but the general idea can be seen here: ISRU Heat & Power Calculator Light-mode theme messes with the background, here is a workaround in the meanwhile: Use the green menu, go to Delta-v or CommNet planner, Click the Sun Icon right next to the menu. That switches to dark-theme. Use the green menu to go back to pocket calculators (this ISRU calculator) Fixed - Phew...glad I called it beta I need to confirm a lot of details about the calculations on how the engineer bonus level, ore concentration, and multiple resource processes affect the final outcome for how much heat was generated. Does anyone have some definitive details on this? I will need to verify this tool's results against in-game tests, but the forum posts have gotten me this far at least Anyway, have fun and see if it works well enough for you. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Once you reach low Kerbin orbit, move the map view over to Minmus and select it "As Target". This adds a bit of extra info, like these yellow tags on your orbit line. These yellow AN / DN tags are the Ascending Node, or Descending Node. They mark the point where the 2 orbital planes intercept. If you do the trans-Minmus injection burn at one of those nodes in low orbit, you will end up having your Apoapsis at an intercept point of Minmus' orbit. The trick is to time that so that the craft and Minmus reach that spot at the same time. This is where maneuver nodes help out a lot. You can click "add orbit" in the node, which tells it that you plan to do that burn 1 orbit later (or 10, or 15, .etc). Set the maneuver node until it intercepts Minmus itself, or gets a close approach (you can always set a correcting burn midway to fix that if you prefer)
  9. I was working on a stargate mod for a while...seems like that it is going stock already
  10. Whoah, chill out dude sorry i didn't realize you were so fixated on the 'habitability'. Kerbals don't have a concept of habitability, they only care if the atmosphere has oxygen or not, so I figured you would mostly get an answer around the tidally locked property. Have you checked if there are some mods already that show an example of this?
  11. So almost like Moho ? It used to be locked, but now has a very slow spin to it. 102 kerbin days to complete an orbit, and 123 kerbin days to spin around itself once
  12. Version 1.2.7 Maintenance Updated and upgraded dependency libraries; going forward will be smooth sailing now Some updates promise smaller network packet sizes that lead to faster web page load; time will tell Visuals changed slightly to fit the new updated library designs; confirmed that kerbals are still green Fixes Delta-v mission checkpoints overlapped with multiples on the same planet, leading to unreadable index numbers If you run into any issues, or have great ideas, please let me know and Happy Free KSP Week! Make sure to share it with friends and family, this festive season is a long one _____________________________________________________________________________
  13. Version 1.2.6 Performance optimizations Reworked the camera system to improve the speed of view reaction when zooming/panning around the universe; the browser's CSS engine does most of that heavy lifting now Replaced image assets with better compressed versions; this reduces the initial loading time Savegame compression; storing these as compressed bytes reduces the data size throughout the system, like less network transfer, and less storage costs If you run into any issues, or have great ideas, please let me know _____________________________________________________________________________
  14. You can also use lots of batteries instead. Look at the total EC drain on all the engines combined, use that to determine what the longest possible burn time is. How big are the burns you are planning compared to that? A single tiny solar panel can mostly charge up huge batterbanks on a probe since you generally timewarp days/months with it until the next burn. It is best to compare those by mass, because many solar panels will be able to extend your charge during the burn. Find the sweet spot between amount of batteries vs solar panels to get the job done
  15. Moar boosters is not always the right way to go ... * blocks flying debris with arms * ...nothing? phew, I thought that was taking this too far More often than not, it helps to simply delete the lower section that "needs boosters", and rebuilding that with bigger/wider LOX tanks. Big enough so that this section alone is heavier than the entire rocket above it
  16. There is a mod on the forums that fixes the tutorial. You can also complete these without installing mods In the top left of the screen is a filters button that shows more parts. In there, you should be able to find the "old" Swivel engine (which is the engine part that the tutorial refers to). When the engines got updated, the tutorials might have been forgotten, so they still reference the old engine parts (which remain in game for compatibility reasons) To be honest, you could skip the tutorials if you wanted to, it will only be slightly harder gameplay. Start an easy science game and muck around a bit to get the hang of things, use that as your "tutorial" playground
  17. That would be so cool, i didn't even think of on-hover mouse buttons. Currently in the video you might see a DHD button on the PAW menu, which dials the gate using a much faster method (without gate spinning)...it works great for quick debugging The idea i had in mind was that, if a DHD part is found on the same vessel, the stargate part's PAW menu will have the DHD option available, which when called, will trigger the lights on the DHD part. I had lots of trouble getting the actual teleportation to work though. It is easy over short distances, just set the the new location. Even teleporting to a gate in orbit right above the KSC worked, but when I teleport long distances the vessels starts to jitter (looks like the floating point precision issues that Squad faced in the early versions of KSP). The other issue is teleporting to a gate behind the planet (or mountain), it is like Unity still tries to do collision detection and "moves" the vessel to the new location really quickly. Have you ran into any of these?
  18. This could be the solution, thanks! Currently they all use the same material (the chevron light emissive) and i didn't think it was possible to "customize" the lighting color on each one (they are all separate objects, for the animation of course) I have been distracted with a separate project in the meanwhile, and last I was busy fixing the subject rotation/velocity as it passes the gate. I've been meaning to come back to this soon to make a beta release version Btw great job on the Blueshift: Kerbal FTL mod extension, that model looks excellent!
  19. Blender plugin for importing/exporting .mu files When adding it as a plugin, there is a tiny KSP reference you need to setup in blender to get access to the KSP/Unity concepts like colliders, shaders, ... You can learn a lot from youtube tutorials on how to use Blender, it just takes time and practice
  20. That would be awesome, more than welcome to contribute! You can have a look at the repo here, I have some readmes setup there to explain the plan. If you are not familiar with Git, I would be super happy to give you a walkthrough, just message me and we can setup something. Else you can always use the download as zip to get the project files
  21. @ColdJ Fixed the video. Sorry I know random links look sketchy Im not using the CFG modules to make this work, but i might try it as an alternative, maybe it's a workaround. How would I trigger any of the ModuleAnimateGeneric from c# code using this method? The animations in my model are part of a long running sequence where the user only clicks once to start it. (it does ring a bell for me as a property on Part Class Reference) But yes I do use a unique layer id (in c# code) for each animation on the model, it is the same system used for the other animations that function properly. In Blender all the animations work fine. I export using the .mu plugin, but I see some devs use Unity as the final export step. If i could find a way to make such lights turn on/off using only the ModuleColorChanger you mentioned, i wouldn't even need the movement animation, this would be great! I'll give that a shot soon and see if i can get it going.
  22. TL;DR The orange light on the far right should light up, but it does not. (in the video) In order to make independent lights, I used thin layers of orange emissive material hidden under those chevrons (the v-shape objects around the ring). To turn on the light, I simply animate that orange-light-object upwards out of the body to become visible. It works for the top(12 o'clock) chevron light, and also the first chevron on the right(2 o'clock), but not any others. The 2nd chevron on the right (3 o'clock) is supposed to light up after the 1st but just doesn't. They would all stay on as new lights turn on in sequence, going clockwise until everything is lit up. I had no issues with the previous animations (spinning ring; top moving chevron; event horizon; unstable vortex;), but these extra lights just don't function. The 2nd-6th lights are all the same as the 1st light(2 o'clock), and each one's animation has a unique name to reference it. Counting the amount of animations in Blender shows that the first 8 animations are fine...the 9th and onwards are not responding (unity does not limit the count of animators, does it? ) Github repo: https://github.com/Blaarkies/ksp-mod-stargate/blob/8866e6c052c9b13c936ad8ad95773ebe7c9657e8/Src/Utilities/StargateDialer.cs#L94 Please pay no attention to the horrendous textures...I learned blender through 3d printing, I never had to work with textures for that
  23. Even if agencies just use KSP2 for rendering their video feed, it would already be a huge step up from the low quality renders typically seen after the rocket leaves the camera's view. Such API idea would greatly simplify the process for them
  24. The harder the difficulty, the more important reusability becomes to save fund (or profit more from contracts). For each mission, funds are used/gained to accomplish a few contracts. In harder difficulties, the Funds Rewards multiplier is lowered. This makes the rocket launch cost become a significant part of the total cost. Recovering most of this cost via reusability makes a huge difference in harder difficulties, but less in easy difficulties. On max difficulty, you only receive 10% funds rewarded by contracts. This means that some contracts are needed just to break even on launch cost, paying to get a craft into orbit. This craft can then complete some more contracts for actual profit. Doing this is quite easy after the first few tries from the Desert Launchpad
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