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  1. As I understand it, the Appalachian mountains are among the oldest on earth - 1.2 billion years old. Formed when Gondwanaland was a thing. Supposedly taller in their day than the Himalayan range of today. Results of proto continent collisions. We only see the weathered remains of the mountains. Coal, as I understand it, is the remnants of forests formed during the carboniferous period - the biological arms race had produced lignin in plants that fungi and bacteria had yet learned to digest. Over millions of years the trees died, laying undigested and forming peat bogs and covered by water and sediments (shallow seas/lakes) eventually, coal. The bands were generally horizontal until the separation of the NA continent building process folded up the land and coal bands. Here is the problem I'm having: the mountain building predates the carboniferous. And yet the coal bands are in the Appalachian range. How? Sources appreciated!
  2. I'm hoping we can continue to interact here, but if not... Is there a good alternative Science and Spaceflight FORUM (not Discord - too old / no patience) that you might recommend? Would really enjoy being able to continue with you all should these forums implode!
  3. It's been an honor, Folks. Fingers twisted that we get to keep going! Best community on the interwebz
  4. One gallon of gasoline +oil kicked off by a quarter stick of TNT makes an impressive mushroom cloud. ...don't ask how I know this.
  5. And of course the guy who finally makes it... Makes it look easy. Yep. Good analogy
  6. Wine - Dinosaur link discovered https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2024/07/01/demise-of-dinosaurs-allowed-vines-to-thrive-find-scientists/
  7. Irradiated mutant bacteria from spaaaace being brought back to Earth? What could go wrong? Panik https://www.nasa.gov/centers-and-facilities/ames/ames-science/ames-space-biosciences/multi-drug-resistant-bacteria-found-on-iss-mutating-to-become-functionally-distinct/
  8. I enjoyed your story! I started reading a bunch of the work put out by a Canadian building scientist (can't remember name offhand) back 20 some odd years ago. Was fascinating to watch them try to figure out 'the perfect wall' and answer the insulation, vapor barrier and construction practices questions I was wrestling with. (At the time I was trying to help a client design and build a high efficiency addition using the latest practices) Looks like a. Cool field!
  9. Monday afternoon, several videos had been removed from Chinese social media platforms. Eyewitness accounts shared on social media described hearing a loud explosion upon impact, with one witness telling CNN they saw the rocket fall with their own eyes. They described experiencing a pungent odour and hearing the sound of the explosion afterwards ~MSN article with absurdly long link ~
  10. That is just... Not right. ... There was a Dinosaur show from about 10 years ago - one of the segments had these giant frogs That used to live back then - big enough to eat a small Dino in one bite. IIRC - one scene had a brontosaurus step on the frog If anyone remembers this - it's worth a look. Kinda horrible - but worth it
  11. Well... Isn't that fancy. I can get into S&Sf. Thank you for the tip.
  12. Just can't stop imagining the mutant frog that might need a Lilly Pad that big...
  13. The bad gateway thing is apparently affecting everyone - not just those who have been shadow banned / Kraken banned from the S&Sf sub. What make me sad is that I had a working email login with my temp Alt... But when they merged the accounts they merged the working one into the non working aaaaaaand I'm banned again. ... I'm pretty adept at the backdoor workaround - but really wish the forum software did not hate me.
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