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  1. I thought you said he was a Californian? Surely he did not fly that across the Pacific!
  2. Military training just said to dig a small trench and lay down in it. Again - as said above - your biggest threat is the blast effects. So safest place is to live in a small town that isn't a target. Preference for towns with a thriving organic farming community (so that Monsanto single - generation seeds are not your hope for the future). Make sure you get along with the neighbors and have a useful skill, preferably something analog. Have canned foods in the basement. Survive the first year and you should enjoy getting to see your grandkids master living in a post-apocalyptic version of the 16th century. ... (No zombies or giant bugs, I'm sorry to say) There is a map floating around that shows the best places in America from a prevailing winds and likely target standpoint. Purpose is to identify places with the least amount of fallout. Southern Oregon and Northern California mountain region were particularly good.
  3. + death? Hm. Gravity and taxes are variable. Perhaps death is too?
  4. I think that's warranted. Realistically all they're trying to do is scale up from what they already know how to do. Yes, new engines and yes, different vehicle... But there is a whole difference between trying to do something for the first time ever and trying to do it again, but bigger. I'm guessing the October (fingers crossed) launch will succeed.
  5. Yeah - from what I hear that is not easy to do. ( SX makes it look easy.) So is Stoke the second to propulsively land something large?
  6. This is true. ... If we expected scientific inquiry into prophetic dreams - we'd similarly get nowhere. It's not just the lack of data, but the uniqueness of each event and the ephemeral quality of each. The only thing trying to get legit science to spend money and time on 'the issue' will result in is more confirmation bias. That Harvard 'researcher' is a genius - cynical genius. Rubes eager to part with their money, funding for field work that cannot be debunked by peer review and an almost limitless supply of media attention? Brilliant!
  7. @Gargamel One more weird thing to add: it only does it when I'm logged in (apparently). Firefox did not save my login and I found myself able to view S&S. Tried to login and the problem is back.
  8. okey dokey. Frustrating - but what can we do? <insert waiting patiently emoji>
  9. @Gargamel - This is a test post. I managed to get here by clicking on the notification that RCGothic liked my post. But if I click 'Science and Spaceflight' below or 'Go to topic listing' - I get the same, original error. Again, this is only a test to see if the subs to Science and Spaceflight will allow me to post anything. (Here goes nothing)
  10. Hey guys - I came here to post my own "Error 500"... to follow up on the previous report in 'Ask'. I can add something more to the mystery. Most subs work fine, but 'Science and Spaceflight' is refusing to play with my computer, but not my phone. I followed Dakota's suggestion of trying to clear the DNS cache to no avail. Also reinstalled (repaired) Edge b/c I thought it might be the problem and deleted cookies from Edge. Not finding a solution, I've now downloaded and tried this from Firefox. Guess what? Firefox doesn't work, either. I am currently logged in on Firefox and clearly can post in other subs - but even trying to get into Science and Spaceflight just times out. ... So here's what I can tell you: Science and Spaceflight - PC Does not work with Edge Does not work with Firefox CMD 'ipconfig /flushdns' does not resolve the issue Clearing cookies, etc (Edge) does not resolve the issue. Other subforums work as anticipated. Science and Spaceflight works normally on my Android phone using Chrome. So: There's something happening beyond just my machine, given magnemoe's similar problems. EDIT: One more weird thing to add: it only does it when I'm logged in (apparently). Firefox did not save my login and I found myself able to view S&S. Tried to login and the problem is back. Appreciate any fixes you guys can suggest/implement!
  11. What you are getting at is a feature of the human brain. Pattern finding. We constantly seek to find meaning in seemingly disparate things as a survival method. Seeing faces in a collection of inanimate objects is the usual example - because it's better to see a face and be wary of it than not see the face and get eaten. Combined with low intelligence and high credulity? See something you can't explain? God/magic/aliens depends on what you are predisposed to believe.
  12. I'm surprised your comment didn’t get more traction. I finally got to watch the video... Steampunk rocket.
  13. Ah, good. We should see them coming in time to head out to New Mexico and make the 'special' punch!
  14. So... Does that mean magnetic sails are the best way to speed up a ship to relativistic speeds?
  15. Then there's the guy who recently admitted suppressing data / conclusions just to be sure he got published in Nature. Lots of different types in the industry
  16. Lot of talk of ungulates on this board, lately
  17. Good joss! (Sorry, my Chinese idioms are largely drawn from reading Tai-Pan...)
  18. Maybe stay out of the water for a while? https://news.sky.com/story/china-dozens-of-crocodiles-escape-farm-as-officials-warn-residents-to-stay-indoors-12959838
  19. @Gargamel - that's cool! Will definitely be something to watch for future updates. I am, however, reminded of this: (Venus) After a team of scientists controversially announced that they had found phosphine gas in the clouds of Venus back in 2020, speculation about life in the clouds of Venus at temperate altitudes has run pretty rampant. But the idea is not a new one; indeed, biophysicist Harold Morowitz and astronomer Carl Sagan proposed the idea over 50 years ago, back in 1967. More recently, scientists have proposed that the chemistry could contain clues – and that life in the clouds of Venus may have developed sulfur-based metabolism, similar to what we have seen in microorganisms here on Earth. The signature of a compound of sulfur, sulfur dioxide (SO2), is very peculiar on Venus: abundant at lower altitudes, but really quite low at higher. https://www.sciencealert.com/it-s-official-we-can-detect-no-signs-of-sulfur-munching-life-on-venus ... https://www.space.com/venus-sulfur-clouds-mystery-computer-model
  20. I have a fairly high tolerance for bugs, but don't appreciate being tricked into a 'pay to Alpha'. I'm doubtful even next February that KSP2 will offer value for money. Shrug.
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