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  1. 2 hours ago, riocrokite said:

    ok, I'll have a look at these.

    Meanwhile I (more or less) finished 2 new parts - gas centrifuge and volatiles separation tower. From left to right: long mixed gas/liquid container, short mixed gas/liquid container, gas centrifuge (for he3), volatiles separation unit:


    Looks nice. Is the tower on the right retractable? Because that would be difficult to transport.


  2. 3 hours ago, Red Iron Crown said:

    Open settings.cfg and look for the following lines:


    Set all three values to zero and save the file, the game will no longer block wheels (may result in some glitchy physics side effects though).

    Where can I find this settings.cfg file?

  3. 1 hour ago, riocrokite said:

    about that cleaning debris from ksc and other places - maybe some kind of front loader or tool combined with recycler container (based on @taniwha's recycle bin plugin) ?;)

    I guess farming simulator mod might be useful to determine which kind of tool is the best one for moving debris to the container:


    I think the Pinza Fasciati (top right) would be an excellent choice for removing old (round) parts. And a Forca Pallet Extra ( left middle, second collum) for cube alike-parts.

    Also I'm really pumped to hear that you're working again.:D

  4. 1 hour ago, DStaal said:

    Maybe it's just my take on it, but nothing in it's name or the main download links mention that's it's basically EL with different parts.  From a cursory inspection it'd look like it's a direct competitor to EL, when really it's an alternate parts pack.  I'm not even sure it's all that much lighter a mod - Simple Construction uses/requires InterstellarFuelSwitch, which EL doesn't, so there's an extra DLL vs. having a few very simple new parts with EL.

    But again - that bugs me, and I'm just some random KSP player.  The complaint is personal feeling, and I have no real stake in it either way.  I don't know why anyone should listen to me on the issue.  :wink:

    Well I respect your opinion. ( Those are some real rare words right there:wink:)

    On another topic, @valis, why did you post the same picture with the same quote twice?

  5. On 11 augustus 2016 at 3:51 AM, DStaal said:

    Actually, it is the same thing with less parts: It's a rebundling of the EL libraries with the parts removed and some configs added to give stock parts their functions.

    (I'll admit it kinda bugs me that it presents itself as a different/new mod.  But EL isn't my mod, so it's not my call to say anything about it.)

    I know it's the same, that's what I meant. I didn't know it represented itself as a different mod.

  6. You could also use Simple Construction, a more lightweight mod. It does the same thing but with less parts. You can use the docking port as a spawn and just build your base around it. However you will need to transfer resources between the KSC and your station to be able to build ships. Also the ships will still be designed in the hangar.

  7. Im always amazed at how few people know tweakscale. It is so handy. Need smaller RCS blocks? Tweakscale.

    Need bigger fins? Tweakscale. Think the adapters are too small? Tweakscale. Want to know the reason why we are alive? Tell me when you find it. No but seriously, use tweakscale.

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