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  1. with a couple hundred meter long invisible cable And a jetpack for the camera.
  2. When you always bring a book to draw rockets on (to school or work or whatever) and then people ask what you are drawing. Ummm.... rockets.
  3. When my brother had some powder for training (as in the gym) and it said "Pure monohydrate" of course I first misread it as "Pure monopropellant".
  4. When I play ftl I use the space key to pause, so in ksp I end up reverting.
  5. I made a base on minmus, and the junk around that base is used to make a small rocket (with kis).
  6. Kerbocraft? Where you make robots with guns and kerbals control them
  7. Rule 40 of weeds: you kill them with weed killer. Xbox live
  8. Did I miss the hype train? If so, then I will try to dock a cabin on the back of the hype train (Yes i know that the hype train does not have brakes)
  9. When I did that I deducted some of my money to feel a little bit less "cheaty".
  10. I name them most of them about what it is for or what it is like: Plane 4 Fighter jet VTOL Microbase 1 Microbase 1 ISRU And some others have "normal" names like: Taco escape pod SharkSub 1 More crap (Yes even that) And last but not least: Untitled Space Craft
  11. Yea... This challenge is about building a mini KSC... Just build one. It must not be an exact copy of it, but build what you can. Some tips: R&D= science labs VAB= upwards Mk3 cargo bay Launchpad= four flags in a square Runway= ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ SPH= horizontal Mk3 cargo bay with ramp Tanks= fuel Tracking station= Relay antennas with remote control point. Astronaut complex= Mk3 crew cabin Mission control= I don't know. Administration building= ↑↑↑↑ And please post pics (not mandatory)
  12. In waht version? I have seen that too on a Twinboar in stock 1.1.3.
  13. Land a mothership! Just land one, on Gilly, Duna, Eeloo or whatever. Just land it! And post pics. (Not necessary, but please post pics) Will add a badge soon! (If I can) What counts as a mothership: Something bigger than a Jumbo 64 tank. Min. mass full: 30t.
  14. Septratrons too complex? Or annoying to attach? Thrust limit a Flea and rotate it! May cause a bit more drag, but works very well!
  15. Thanks All of the heatshields can be set to decouple in staging or decoupling with right click
  16. You can hold the ALT/CMD button while trying to attaching it to the node so it will only attach on a node while holding down the ALT/CMD button
  17. This will probably help you VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV PB-X750 Xenon Container Mk1 Liquid Fuel Fuselage Mk3 Liquid Fuel Fuselage LV-N "Nerv" Atomic Rocket Motor IX-6315 "Dawn" Electric Propulsion System BZ-52 Radial Attachment Point Z-4K Rechargeable Battery Bank Illuminator Mk1 Gigantor XL Solar Array You are welcome...
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