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  1. Hi! I was just messing around orbiting a few bodies in sandbox and noticed that the sky dims when looking at the direction of Kerbol even when you are in LKO at the night side (meaning, there should not be any light from Kerbol to dim the sky). Is this a config issue on my part or is the code writen like that :p
  2. Hi! it seems that the "Internal unlimited" type of ignition is bugged. It only allows my orbital engines from NFspacecraft to function once, after that the ignition reads as the image shows ([-2/-1]) and it cant be ignited again. Has anyone had this problem before?
  3. I want to see all the new ways I can colonise and travel the different celestial bodys!
  4. hi! just wanted to report that some parts that use B9PS invoque a kraken event when using the stock EVA construction feature. I tested it first a pressurized tank from kerbalism, but apparently it happens with NFT parts as well. Anyone had this problem before?
  5. So, this is with 100% brightness: In the shadow: Looks good, you can see all the stars At sunlight looking at the sun: ( this one looks good too, sky is as dark as it gets) Looking slightly to one side: sky seems to brighten too soon. Im using the Poods Skybox (the milky way one :P)
  6. Yes that happens to me. Now that you mention it, it may be and effect more pronunce using graphic mods. I currently use a custom skybox with scatterer and planet shine. The specific issue I have is that, for the sky to be completaly dark when in sunlight, I have to dim the skybox with the provided slide. However, this ALSO dims the skybox when completaly and the shadow, loosing details fo the skybox. I guess what I am trying to say is that I cant have it both ways at the same time (a completaly dark skybox when in sunlight, and a fully bright skybox at shadow)
  7. yeah thats something I think is missing to give it the perfect effect. when behind a planned, if I dont change the dimmer, its always pitch black, when in reality you could see the stars, the galaxy and all the nebula since your eyes would adjust to the darkness. Maybe an aditional setting to adjust the range of dimming .
  8. Just tested this. Seems to work fine with scatterer and planet shine. Just a question about the new slides: what do they change? its seems that when you move them all the way to the right the first 2 make the skybox brighter and the last one darker, but im not sure what exatly changes :P.
  9. Nop. I asked a very similar question ( if a vessel attached by a tether to a counterweight started spinning, would the centrypetal force be counted as gravity ') and AFAIK, kerbalism doesnt have a way to read the aceleration the kerbals are under to know if they affected by gravity or not.
  10. something about the blend between the clouds and the ground is off. I belive the colour of the shadow doesnt correlate with whats under it. Seems like it has to be darker
  11. I been using this mod since 1.12.1 and it works fine with KAC. There is no integration with the stock alarm, but since I prefer KAC, is not a big issue for me :p
  12. Honestly this is an issue with early rockets that dont have enought EC. After the early game, it becomes kinda irrelevant. On a different note, would it be possible to add ingnitions based on ISP/trust/weight/fuel type instead of a fixed value? that way new patches would not be needed for all the engines and maintaining the mod would be easier. Kerbalism does something similar.
  13. happens from time to time to me. Usually I reload the scene and its back to normal. Dont know what it is.
  14. You need to attach them using radial symmetry, not mirror symmetry. I dont know why, but thats how it works for me.
  15. I created a Pull Request with some of the engines affected by the latest patch: the twin boar reliant swivel skipper mainsail https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/EngineIgnitor/pull/15
  16. It does, but you have to add a patch for the new parts added in the last update. You can find it in the kerbalism thread https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/190382-15-110-kerbalism-311/&do=findComment&comment=4061435
  17. Hi! Im having problems with CKAN. it says Scatterer contradicts with itselft and tells me to reinstall it, but it fails to reinstall (with no error mesange). I havent made a single change to my install.
  18. I made a patch for the new parts in SSPX a few weeks ago, replace your SSPX.cfg file in "...\GameData\KerbalismConfig\Support" with this and it should work (Do a back up first, just in case :P).
  19. I believe this was deemed unfixable, since the game renders first the atmosphere and then the decals.
  20. Question: Is it normal for this engine to have 2 different ignitors? they both are depleted equally when starting the engine, but they can be reloaded independantly with ignitions. Is this a bug on the code?
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