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  1. Claw (former staff member afaik) did it on every planet and moon in the stock game. While I am not actively managing it you are more than welcome to try it out. Do it for your own enjoyment though, no prize other than bragging rights. Remember this will take a long time since you can basically only do rover speed/boat speed since flying isn't allowed.
  2. Cool, must be even harder with life support. He is back! I hope I have done a good job answering questions, although i haven't really updated the scoreboard. I also hope you brought enough snacks for your kerbals, in my experience they might get a bit hungry.
  3. This would be allowed as long as you tuch the ground, but if you end up flying you just have to turn off the engines Good luck with the circumnavigation
  4. @damerell is right: So no, you can't use hyperedit because getting there is part of the challange
  5. You can't use engines to gain speed while in the air. but if you are on the ground you can use engines however you want. Allowed if you always touch the water
  6. It is an old joke in the ksp community that the planet dres does not exist
  7. Well if you drive one of the rovers 100% manually it is definitely allowed, but remember the challenge is driving the rover Cool, but I still don't know how you drove all the way around something that doesn't exist Yep exatly Cool, maybe could be some inspiration for my (maybe) upcoming elcano
  8. Yes! Take all your badges, but might take a little while til you are on the leaderboard
  9. Yes but it may only use them when the rover is touching the ground. (Or in other words no planes)
  10. That's fine using it to hold w, but mechjeb also has autosteer functionality which is not allowed.
  11. Can I just remind you that any autopilot software is banned from the challenge. A challenge must be a challenge not just land a stock rover on the mum and use mechjeb to complete a circumnavigation.
  12. It has been a while scince i updated the scoreboard, submisions will come soontm Good luck, may i ask you why you are driving the stock rover, i find it really bad to drive compared to other rovers. Jumping is completly allowed i think it is impossibol to make a cirkumnavigation of Gilly without flying. What is not allowed is using your trusters to fly longer. Yup You know you didn't have to return, and WHY eve it is the worst planet to do a cirkumnavigation on after Dres because thats imposibol cus it dosn't exist. Oh and sorry for my horible spelling
  13. 1. Yes, me 2. All versions of the game accepted i will update the name to clarify 3. Using exploits are against the spirit of the challenge
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