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  1. Damn thats a shame I was hoping for some kind of cam system. I have an orbital cam no idea what mod its from LOL but i need to be out of atmosphere for it to work DOH.
  2. Hey all I am loveing this game so much right now I have a load of mods and damn its awesome :). I have a question if I may? Basically I want to fly a plane over lets say an island and take photos of some thing. I have ScanSat but thats for a different thing not that I can get that working right at the moment LOL. Basicaly is there a mod that has realy cool hi res cameras for plane attachments so I can send a plane over to take pics of stuff. It must be working with KSP 1.1 though. So yeah basicaly thats what I would like to know Thanks in advance
  3. Ok another question LOL. I have sent a rocket off into space and if you look at its path of flight its a long way from the earth but I will according to the flight path come back to earth. Is this right I mean surly the earthes gravity has no effect that far out?
  4. Yep my point exactly I should have spun forever I shall look into this more
  5. Ok all I need to ask you some thing. I have set up a simple rocket that looks like this Now as you can see the fins are angled so it spins it is very stable as one would expect ( just like a bullet from a gun). Any way for the actual problem I went through the Ozone and right out into space where there is no AIR/Resistance etc. After a while my craft stoped spinning but why? there is no resistance acting upon the fins to cause drag?. I know the earths gravity is acting upon the craft still but why did the ship slow down and stop spinning? EDIT Its like the rotation that I had from the earth did not carry through to space as if KSP resets the physics.
  6. Thanks for replying and DOH yeah my system specs are I5 760 OC to 3.4ghz AMD 280x vapour X 16GB ram So no my system aint bad . When the CPU is running at nearly 100% the FPS is still very very high about 80FPS so its not a major problem was just wondering. The main problem that realy does my nut in is the 5 second stutter that is well known about but we cant do nothing about it :(.
  7. Hi all just want to say I love this game :). I have a problem though I have a fair few mods lol Any way in the hanger CPU use is at 100% but on the runway etc it seems fine I am wondering if its a mod I am using but no idea to find out which one. I also get the stutter/freezes every 5 or so seconds but I have read this happens in a modded and none modded game (garbage collection?). Any way thanks and really hope some one can help find the problem
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